I Don’t Mean To Steal SC’s Thunder / Poptropolis Games


No, I don’t, I just have an announcement considering our (PTFP) partnering blog, Poptropican Awesomeness.

Poptropican Awesomeness released issue 3 of The PAw Print (Thank you for the inspiration of name change TS xD ) yesterday, and you can check that out HERE.

PAw also has a new theme, two new Authors, an Ongoing Story (Ongoing Awesomeness), their own version of Snapshot (Where In Poptropica), a Duplicator (For duplicating Poptropicans), glitches, two new guides, and so much more!! (Sorry for not including all of it, my fingers are killing me!! ) Oh, and Blog Of The Week!

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed, Silver Wolf, Young Flame, and the P.A.w.s~~


Poptroplis Games is returning! This week! In a matter of moments or days, we will be able to play Poptropolis Games again, but this time with a bigger screen, noise, and all that new stuff in the new Poptropica Format! We may even have our customizer tool back this time…

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Sorry for the pic instead of quote, my mouse is kinda broken, and I’m still digging for my Dad’s spare

~~Nameless UnDEFined