Header: We got a new header, which has PTFP’s traditional colors: green, yellow, and blue! SD created this header, so giver her a round of applause! Here it is:


Background: This background is from Counterfeit Island, and I thought it went well with the header. 🙂 Here’s the background:


TFP Logo: HP made a TFP logo! You can see it here:

TFP Logo

Guides: Nameless is constantly making new guides for the blog, so if you need help, ask her to make one! I’m sure she will accept. 🙂 Thanks, Nameless!

There will be minor and some major changes to the blog throughout the month (mostly minor), so look forward to those. Snapshot is also getting updated more frequently than it has in the last few months, so guess, guess, and don’t forget to…..guess! I’d like to thank all the viewers and authors for being such wonderful friends. Without you, this blog would be nothing. :mrgreen: Also, tell us what you think of the updates in the comments. Bai! ~SW out


The 2nd TFP…Comes With A Sneak Peek!

EDIT 2: The page is now up!

EDIT: I forgot to add that if you don’t want someone to know it is you who created the artwork, put ~Anonymous at the bottom of the email/comment, and I will delete the email/comment as soon as possible. 


It is…an artwork page! Yep! All you have to do is send your artwork to the PTFP email (poptropicatip@gmail.com), or give a link on the page. Of course, we will give you credit. :mrgreen: Do NOT plagiarise!!! Which means don’t copy someone else’s artwork. The page will be up after we get our first piece of artwork, so send it soon! Authors cannot delete the artwork in the email. Sorry, I just need to see it to put it on the page. If it is something inappropriate, we will not accept it and we will throw it in the trash bin. It has to somehow be related to Poptropica. It could even be a picture of a Poptropican in real life! 😀 Also, it can’t have blood. Okay, maybe a little blood like in this picture, but nothing more:


Also, don’t put violence in the artwork. Maybe something like this, but again, nothing more:


Basically, don’t put anything bad in the artwork. It can even be an artwork for a new logo on the PTFP! If it is a logo, we will make a poll and ask the viewers which logo they like better. 🙂

Sneak Peek!

Guess which announcement this is for, and what it means: