Mashup Mondays: Steven Universe

This post was written by Noveen, a Poptropica community member.


Over the course of 3 years, Steven Universe has taken the world by storm! Of course, this means it’s worked its way into the Poptropica community. Many of our fellow Poptropicans are great Steven Universe fans and have incorporated it into the game’s media. It also has various LGBT characters, inspiring many. Here’s a compilation of some of their works!


Master Pinpey has drawn several works connecting Steven Universe and Poptropica. The first of these is a short animation redrawing of a Peridot quote in Poptropica style. The second work, to the right, is a gorgeous Poptropica rendition of Steven Universe’s very own Rose Quartz!

While there are several Poptropica/Steven Universe mashups, there’s also Steven Universe fanart drawn by well-known Poptropica artists. Here’s a stunning painting of Amethyst drawn by Criaha. The coloring is just breathtaking:


imageBonus shoutout to Tall Cactus for this hilarious Pearl edit!

(Silver Wolf: TC has been wanting this post for awhile. Well, here it is! I thought the drawing was still worth a mention since you love SU so much. 😉 )

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Cookies, Cookie Books, Books, Newspapers?????? O_o

I know that there are a lot of things in the title, but that’s because there is a lot to cover… So, I’ll go in order:


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Snack Attack!

There’s a new game on Poptropica. Try it out, but beware. Getting snacks for a friend has never been so dangerous!

Hint: To find it look for the kid with a star on his shirt.

Go give it a try on Zomberry Island!

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UPDATE: You won’t see THIS kid’s star shirt! The cookies are in the Steven Universe Ad! Thanks SD for letting everyone know!

Cookie Books:

This really doesn’t have anything to do with Poptropica, nor the blog… I’m working on a Christmas Cookie Cook Book! And I’m the one that has to type everything… O_o My fingers went numb earlier…


Make sure to enter the Dream Island Contest if you’re eligible! You can enter by getting the book, or by picking up a form, which the link is below. And there is a typo in this next Creator’s Post, comment me if you can find it?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where’s your Island idea?

You thought we were joking when we said the fall would get away from you. Who’s joking now?

October is almost over. Then November passes in a jiffy (only 30 days!) and we all know how December goes. But for some reason, we still haven’t gotten your entry in the Create Your Dream Island contest!

Grab your official entry from from our friends at Penguin, or in your copy of the Island Creator Kit. One lucky winner will have their Island produced on Poptropica in 2014!

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I remember there being a newspaper on this blog once… Poptropica Press?? Catchy title… Check out the Shy Singer inspired newspaper for Poptropican Awesomeness HERE. Let me know if you like it, I’ll ask SW if I can start putting it here 😀

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed