Shrink Ray SUI For All – Stressed Out Sea Life

shrink ray 1

shrink ray 2Hey guys just a quick post to let everyone know that Shrink Ray (SUI) will be out for everyone on December 4, which is this Thursday! And remember that the Shrink Ray Gun is free in the Poptropica Store!

In other news, since the release of the Poptropica App on Android, the amount of downloads has been amazing! Nearly at a rate of 6,000 per day! Now that’s pretty cool.

The Creators have also released yet another sneak peek on Twitter. Click to enlarge the image

sneak peek

It’s a bit more difficult to tell what this sneak peek is for. Along with the image, the Creators said “We too get that busy, overwhelmed, confusing feeling.” That also doesn’t give anything away, at least not for me. However, the font used in “AHHHHHHH!” looks like it may be for Galactic Hot Dogs. What do you guys think? Comment below!

Well, that’s all for now! Stay popping Poptropicans! 🙂



Behind The Scenes Photos & More

Hey guys! This post is gonna be full of behind the scenes (BTS) images, info, etc. However, these aren’t really spoilers. Click to enlarge any images.

First off, don’t forget that Arabian Nights Island is coming out this Thrusday! For those of you who just can’t wait, the Poptropica Creators recently tweeted a picture of their Arabian Nights logo drafts.

bts island 6

I probably like the final logo the best, but the others seem pretty cool too. The Creators also shared some drafts of the actual island.


That’s it for Arabian Nights, but we do have another set of logo drafts! This time, for Mission Atlantis Island.

bts island 3

Some of those fonts are really cool. XD Anyway, those were all the logo drafts we found, but we do have other drafts. What would you say about island drafts? Well, apparently Water Thrill Island was going to come out, but it eventually got rejected.

Of course, many Poptropicans were wondering why this awesome idea was trashed and the Creators responded by saying…

Let’s change our wording from “rejected” to “rejected for now.” Got hundreds of ideas. Tough to choose. A juggling act.

Therefore, this island might have a chance. 😉 While on the topic of unreleased islands, we should expect another Wimpy Kid Island and/or a Galactic Hot Dog Island (after PoptropiCon and Arabian Nights of course)!

bts island 7

I’m up for another Wimpy Kid. What about you guys?

bts island 8

Anyway, in conclusion to the 50th anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Creators have made their final post on the Roald Dahl website. Find the first post here, the second post here, and the third/final post here.

That’s all for now, hopefully we will have more BTS stuff up soon. 😛


PoptropiCon+ Arabian Nights Daily Pops!

Hey guys. Sorry for the title, couldn’t think of anything better and it’s just straight out explaining the post. 😛 And sorry for not posting for a long time, I was on vacation. I hope you can forgive me. *holds out tray of muffins*  Oh well. I decided to look throw the Daily Pops and just thought maybe, hey why don’t I make a post about these? So yeah, we’re just gonna look at some Daily Pop that will (possibly) be for PoptropiCon and Arabian Nights… ok so yeah.

Whatayya Buyin: Got some good things on sale, stranger

Whatayya Buyin: Got some good things on sale, stranger

So this looks like a market, or called in the Middle East, a Bazaar. So, in the first episode, we probably come here and then the thieves steal the genie lamp from there. Idk.

Shuttered: This place looks deserted.

Shuttered: This place looks deserted.

Now, I really like this Daily Pop. :3 I like the colors and the designs, just that Middle East palace style. 😀 But the caption confuses me. Why is the place deserted? Wait, it says it looks deserted, not that it actually is. XD Eh, all giant huge palaces do. :3

Palace Intrigue: Don't let your guard down - or better yet, do.

Palace Intrigue: Don’t let your guard down – or better yet, do.

So we’re invading the palace? And what does the description mean? Will we have to defeat these guards or what? Only time will tell… 😮

How Bazaar: Everytime I look around.

How Bazaar: Everytime I look around.

Probably just the Bazaar shop from the first pic. But what’s so “bizarre,” about this?

Slipping Standard: Ninja? More like a non-ja.

Slipping Standard: Ninja? More like a non-ja.

Yeah, idk what to say about this one… I posted one of those pointless costume Daily Pops. 😛

Shuttle Service: Blast off to the world imagination.

Shuttle Service: Blast off to the world of imagination.

Er, yeah, we’re taking a bus to the Convention? XD

Crafty: Don't bottle up your creativity.

Crafty: Don’t bottle up your creativity.

Once again, a Mocktropica feel. o_o Anyways, since I’m pretty sure the first episode is about getting inside, we’ll probably have to make a costume to get in using some stuff inside the trash can.

Line Forms Here: But it may be awhile.

Line Forms Here: But it may be awhile.

Are they implying the bathroom line…

Tree Topped: You won't be-leaf where this tree is growing.

Tree Topped: You won’t be-leaf where this tree is growing.

Yeh, why is there a plant on the roof. Anyways, you can make out the words, “Convention Center,” at the bottom.

Yeah, so that was the post. Sorry guys if I sounded weird or it was boring or anything, I’m just really tired and need to get some sleep probabl- *falls asleep* *wakes up* Ya see? >.> Oh well.

~Miss Muffin 

Poptropica Universe Episode 13 – Déja Vu!

Hilo, Tough Spider here with episode 13 of Poptropica Universe! This one’s mostly that sneak peek we posted a long time ago, with names filled in. Enjoy!


“WHAT?!” we screamed.

Fearless Fox stared Fearless Owl straight in the eye.

“It makes me sick to think I’m related to you…!” Fearless Fox said slowly in a wobbly voice.

“It makes me sick to think I’m related to someone…so…good,” said Fearless Owl as she grabbed Fearless Fox’s neck, threw him over her shoulder, and smashed him to the ground. Fearless Fox screamed in agony, and Fearless Owl kicked him against the wall. Realizing what she was about to do, I stepped in front of him and probably saved his life.

“Not you again,” Fearless Owl growled. She rolled her eyes, lifted her right hand, and I was thrown like a rag doll across the room.

I hit the wall. Hard.

That was when I went unconscious.

When I finally regained consciousness, my eyesight was very blurry. I heard voices. It must have been Fearless Owl and Fearless Fox talking to each other.

“Oh, that was too easy,” Fearless Owl said. “Our company may be evil, but your company is pathetically weak. You have no hope, no chance, of beating us.”

“Tough Spider! Tough Icicle! Where are they? You might have them, but I’ll have one thing; I will have my revenge!” On the word, “revenge,” Fearless Fox jumped up and attacked, only to be kicked back onto the ground by Fearless Owl.

“No, brother,” she said. “You won’t have your revenge. You’re pathetic because you have no hate. You are worthless because you use the useless power of good. Good is worthless – it provides no emotion. Being evil, however, is very different. If you’re evil, you know that you hate everything and everyone good, and that hate drives you to do what you do.”

“Stop,” Fearless Fox sobbed. “Please, stop.”

“Ah! Another point. Good brings about no emotional defense. If you’re good, you’re a crybaby because you can’t stand anything. But, anyway, that’s besides the point. You asked about Tough Spider and Tough Icicle. Well, there’s not much to tell. You killed them.”

“WHAT?!” Fearless Fox screamed.

“Yes,” replied Fearless Owl. “You should know that electricity and water don’t mix. They died, and you killed them.”

“No…” he replied. “Those were robots. Those were fake.”

“I’ve figured out how to turn people into machine,” she said, “with a little help from the Binary Bard, who I met long ago. The Tough Spider you knew and the Tough Icicle you knew were the same as the cyborgs you knew.”

The Binary Bard? I remember thinking I’d have to remember that name.

“But they obeyed you…” Fearless Fox replied weakly.

“Because you can program machines,” Fearless Owl  replied, “and we programmed them to try to lure you guys in. And it worked. After all, Tough Spider convinced Tough Icicle.”

“But they were nice. Tough Spider never attacked you; only when you attacked him did he retaliate. But, I’m not as nice. So, I’m giving you only two choices: join or die.”

“‘WHAT ABOUT ‘FIGHT’?!” screamed Fearless Fox as he sprang up. He was about to get a hit on Fearless Owl when Incredible Carrot came flying out of nowhere. She punched him and he flew across the room and smashed through the temple ceiling. He landed outside.

“He’s probably dead,” shouted Incredible Carrot. “Does anyone else want to fight us, and in the process, join Fearless Fox?”