The Snapshot Champion Is… Plus, a Sneak Peek!

EDIT: The page is now up for the Snapshot, too! It is called “Snapshot Extras” and is under the “Snapshot” page.

Snapshot Champion!

The Snapshot champion of the month is – wow, this is hard! Hmm… It is…. Spotted Dragon! Congrats!

Spotted D.

Spotted Dragon is the Snapshot champion because not only has she guessed 21 Snapshots, she has also constantly shown good sportsmanship and she even did some Snapshots when I was gone! Good job, Spotted Dragon. :mrgreen:

Sneak Peek! Guess!

Here is the sneak peek for…which announcement? Try to guess which announcement this sneak peek is for, and what this sneak peek means (SD and PD cannot guess!):

TFP Sneak Peek