The Snapshot Champion Is… Plus, a Sneak Peek!

EDIT: The page is now up for the Snapshot, too! It is called “Snapshot Extras” and is under the “Snapshot” page.

Snapshot Champion!

The Snapshot champion of the month is – wow, this is hard! Hmm… It is…. Spotted Dragon! Congrats!

Spotted D.

Spotted Dragon is the Snapshot champion because not only has she guessed 21 Snapshots, she has also constantly shown good sportsmanship and she even did some Snapshots when I was gone! Good job, Spotted Dragon. :mrgreen:

Sneak Peek! Guess!

Here is the sneak peek for…which announcement? Try to guess which announcement this sneak peek is for, and what this sneak peek means (SD and PD cannot guess!):

TFP Sneak Peek

The 1st TFP Is…………

Snapshot Stuff!

New additions to the Snapshot are…..

  • Hall of Fame page – Inspired from Magic Star. (I bet you didn’t think it would be in the TFP!)
  • Every 10th correct guess sends in their own Snapshot – Inspired from SD and TS. (Same as above!)
  • Snapshot Champion of the Month – Inspired from SD. (Again, same as above!)

Now you know why I haven’t updated the Snapshot yet. The Hall of Fame page and Snapshot Champion of the Month are going to be on the same page, but the Snapshot Winner of the Month will be posted as well. The Hall of Fame page AKA High Scores page will feature the highest number of guesses people guessed correctly from the highest guessing person to the 5th highest guessing person. Here is an example: Strange Cat guessed ** number of Snapshots correct, so he is number 1! Spotted Dragon guessed ** number of Snapshots correct, so she is number 2! The Snapshot Champion of the Month is based on the number of Snapshots the person has guessed, good sportsmanship to the people who didn’t get it, and how fast they got the answer/how many times it took them to get the answer. The champion will be announced every month, and people may be the champion more than once.  Awesome right? Every 10th Snapshot someone guesses correctly will get to send in their Snapshot to the official PTFP email! Make sure to make the subject “Snapshot Suggestion,” and that authors/editors/admin cannot look at the Snapshot. Take a picture of an island item, and then, in the text box, put “Snapshot 10th correct picture. The island is……………………………………………………………………………………………….(Insert Island here:)______. ”  Sorry, authors! It’s just that all of you guess the most, so I don’t want to ruin it for you! If you’re confused, tell me in the comments, and I will try to clear the confusion. By the way, the Snapshot Hall of Fame/Snapshot Champion will be updated the last day of every month. That means the pages will be released June 30th! Make sure to guess announcement 2! The sneak peek will come soon!