Our Discovery Island, the Orange Poptropica

Hiya, Silver Wolf here, with a little more information on Our Discovery Island than I’ve seen so far. If you don’t know what Our Discovery Island is, it’s basically a website made by Pearson (the previous owners of Poptropica), that has clones of Poptropica Islands, just on different subjects. The format is exactly the same, except Our Discovery Island has voice acting and is, well, orange! Keep reading to find out some of the islands and more. And thanks to HPuterpop for finding this!

Our Discovery IslandAs you can see to the right, Our Discovery Island looks exactly like the home screen of Poptropica, except it’s orange. Ironically, orange is the opposite of blue, so it should be the opposite of Poptropica…but it’s not. In fact, it’s the exact same platform. However, to create an account, you would need an access code, which you can only obtain by buying a textbook. Even though it’s a bit frustrating that Pearson would create this, it seems like it was made all the way back in 2011, seen from the About page, which means it was actually created when Pearson owned Poptropica! Even if you can’t access an account, here are two videos that show the voice acting and preview of the website, along with some information on islands:

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