Yesh, it’s finally summer!

Hilo, everyone! This is Tough Spider! I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I know I haven’t worked on PopU in a while, and I know that nowadays I’m starting my posts like this every time I post. But now that school’s out for summer, hopefully I’ll be more active. The thing is, I’m going out of town next weekend, and I have no idea if there will be wifi or not.

Anyway, the creators have put another costume in the store! This one’s a fishing suit in honor of Episode 2 of Survival Island.


Why they didn’t put this in earlier I really don’t know. Oh well. 😛

Somehow, we missed posting about one CYODIC runner-up! Laura S. of Virginia submitted “Stormchaser Island,” where “your poptropican travels alongside one of Poptropica’s most famous meteorologists and tracks a dangerous series of storms.”

Blue Horse

And lastly, we’re so close to 100,000 views! The fact that we’ll probably be getting 100,000 views a bit after our 1 1/2 birthday (which was last Tuesday, by the way) is absolutely incredible. I’ll try to convince SW to throw a party sometime soon because of it. 😛


But that little widget in the side bar is right. The whole reason we have 96,824 hits at the time of this post is because of you guys. We wouldn’t be anywhere without you guys. I know it sounds really cheesy, but it’s because of you guys that we are the first thing that comes up on Google when you search “Poptropica Tips.” And get this: we are above the official Poptropica Tricks and Tips app! 


So thank you, all of you! Let’s keep making this blog rock!

~Tough Spider


Popular People of March and Surprises!

Hey guys! Firstly, we need votes for Author Extraordinaire, Poptropica Explorer, and Ultimate Poptropican in by April 5th, 2014! Don’t know what they are? Here’s a little info:

  • Author Extraordinaire – Nominations from the viewers are sent in to the PTFP email, and whoever wins is the “Author Extraordinaire,” which is the top author between the first day of the month and the last day if the month. To be an AE, you have to be an Author/Editor/Admin, and you have to be friendly, active, spell/grammatically speak well, and you have to contribute.
  • Poptropica Explorer – Nominations from the viewers are sent in to the PTFP email, and whoever wins is the “Poptropica Explorer,” which is the top Snapshot guesser between the first day of the month and the last day if the month. To be a PE, you have to be active with the Snapshot (guess often), have good sportsmanship, and try.
  • Ultimate Poptropican – Nominations from the viewers are sent in to the PTFP email, and whoever wins is the “Ultimate Poptropican,” which is the top Poptropican between the first day of the month and the last day if the month. To be an UP, you have to be active on the blog, friendly, and you have to contribute.

Send in your votes through this contact form, and remember you do NOT need an email to send in a vote!

 Now for the surprise! PTFP will be starting…….

*drum roll*

interviews!! Wanna know more about your favourite Poptropica bloggers or friends? We’ll be interviewing them! These interviews will be coming frequently, so suggest your idol or friend in the comments, and we’ll interrogate interview them! These “discussions” will be unique, too, so you’ll have to wait and see them! *cough cough* Don’t forget the 10 TFP *cough cough* Bai!

Updates for Creators and PTFP


First, if you need a more detailed guide, the Creators have just released a Mocktropica Island Guide for the Poptropica Tips and Tricks app! Want it? You can download it from the App Store for Apple devices here, or you can download it from the Google Play store here for Android devices.

Have a Twitter account? Hopefully you do! If you don’t, ask your parents’ permission if you can make one, because the PTFP now has official tweets! Just click this button to follow our Twitter page:  You can also see our tweets through the “Twitter Timeline” widget to the right. Not only is there a widget, but there’s also a button at the top of the site for both an RSS Feed and a Twitter page. I’m new to Twitter, so I’ll be testing it out, and there may be a few bugs with posting to both WordPress and Twitter. Lastly, there will most likely be a logo for both Google+ and Twitter that are separate from the other logos. Don’t forget there’s a Google+ page for the PTFP, too, called “ThePTFP TeamMembers.” Please tell us your opinion on these big expansions!

ptfp-background-valentine.pngNext, thanks to Cool Smarticle, it came to my attention that most Poptropica blogs are doing Monster Carnival themes. I thought, “Why couldn’t I do something else that’s original?” Therefore, we now have a Valentine-ified header and background! The header states, “Love our Poptropica tips? Follow as for all the love!” The background is of the Poptropica “Big Hearted” gold card costume, the “Love Potion” bottle in my hand, and the Love Potion’s heart effects. Like them? Don’t like them? Tell us what you think in the comments.

New Updates – Please Read!


Hey guys! Most of you have probably noticed the new background to add spookiness for Monster Carnival, but did you notice the text in the header? “We’ll be your light in the dark with all the Poptropica tips you need!” You’ve probably noticed that the authors change in the header according to authors leaving or joining. The background is an old Monster Carnival sneak peek with some editing to make it original. If you have another background that may “flow” better, please send it to the PTFP email through the contact form at the bottom. Remember an email to send a message is NOT required. 🙂

Not only is it time for a new background, but it’s also time for the PTFP paper, Poptropica At A Glance! To send in your article (any article related to Poptropica), just send a message through the contact form! Along with a newspaper, there’s also the 10 TFP! I’ve been quite busy with my school Science Fair, but now it’s over, it’s time to get back to work. There may also be some other surprises this month (which means most likely)! Now, let’s see what we’ve got…10 TFP, newspaper, new header, new background, and some surprises. One more thing…time for Author Extraordinaire, Poptropica Explorer, and Ultimate Poptropican! I know, I know. There haven’t been many Snapshots. That’s why we’re combining January AND February together for the Poptropica Explorer (and there will be more snapshots to come). Send your votes by February 15th at 11:59 PM PST through the contact form at the bottom. Recap time!

  • New background (send in one in the contact form if you think your background “flows” better)
  • New header
  • Send in your article for Poptropica At A Glance!
  • 10 TFP is being worked on
  • Surprises!!
  • Send in your vote for Author Extraordinaire and Ultimate Poptropican


Header: We got a new header, which has PTFP’s traditional colors: green, yellow, and blue! SD created this header, so giver her a round of applause! Here it is:


Background: This background is from Counterfeit Island, and I thought it went well with the header. 🙂 Here’s the background:


TFP Logo: HP made a TFP logo! You can see it here:

TFP Logo

Guides: Nameless is constantly making new guides for the blog, so if you need help, ask her to make one! I’m sure she will accept. 🙂 Thanks, Nameless!

There will be minor and some major changes to the blog throughout the month (mostly minor), so look forward to those. Snapshot is also getting updated more frequently than it has in the last few months, so guess, guess, and don’t forget to…..guess! I’d like to thank all the viewers and authors for being such wonderful friends. Without you, this blog would be nothing. :mrgreen: Also, tell us what you think of the updates in the comments. Bai! ~SW out