Black Friday, Poptropica Style!

Hiya, Tough Spider here with a new creator’s post!

Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is on sale for three days only!

For the next three days, Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is on sale in the App Store. From today through November 29, you can get Poptropica: Forgotten Islands for only $2.99 — a savings of two dollars off the regular price!

Imagine, an entire adventure with hours of gameplay, plus the Halloween costume pack, plus the all-new Thanksgiving costume pack, all for one low price! There are no in-app purchases inPoptropica: Forgotten Islands, which is something your parents will be thankful for.

Find out more about Poptropica: Forgotten Islands on our info page. Don’t delay — this sale ends Friday!

Ooh, boy, a Turkey! I love that costume featured on the picture. ❤

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, or as I like to say, happy Turkey Day! 😛

~Tough Spider