It’s been a year!

Hi everyone, I’ve been a bit inactive lately, so I thought I’d make a post commemorating something.

It was on this day in 2013, February 3, 2013, that I joined the blog “Poptropica for Dummies.” Dr. Magic Onion, the owner of the blog, had a contest in which the participants were to submit a story. That was when I wrote “The Adventures of Young Jumper.” My entry got 3rd place and I became an author.

The blog no longer exists, but it was there I first met Silver Wolf, Spotted Dragon, and Sticky Clown. Here I am today, one year later, blogging on a blog with nearly 75,000 hits. You guys really have changed my life.

I’m celebrating it by… BEING SICK!  Yeah, I’m home from school with a really bad cold. *cough*

But I totally mean it when I say that you guys have changed my life and things things would be completely different without you guys. It’s been a wild ride here on the PTFP, and I hope to keep blogging about one of my favorite topics – Poptropica!

Thank you guys SO MUCH! ^_^

~Tough Spider