Mashup Mondays: Ghostbusters

This week’s mashup was suggested by Spotted Dragon!

Ghost StoryWho ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! Although, I’m not sure if I would want to capture Fiona in a box… But her scary, random voice appearing out of nowhere was not very nice, either…hmm… Anway, there have been a lot of ghost themes in Poptropica, and there’s some trivia, too!


The only direct fanart I could find was by Criaha, a well-known Poptropica artist, of all four Ghostbusters from the new movie!


I think this one more than makes up for the otherwise lack of Ghostbusters and Poptropica mashups. By the way, have you seen the new Ghostbusters? I loved Jillian Holtzmann’s character! Hilarious.

Also, as a bonus, here’s a cool artwork of Ghost Story Island (hey, it sticks to the ghost theme!) by elfmoon3:

Ghost Story

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Legendary Plans…

lego project

We all know that Poptropica’s Lego project got turned down back in 2013, which was depressing. However, we have something else to look forward to now! An awesome Poptropican has started a Legendary Swords Lego project! For a fan made idea, it looks really cool! Click here to go and help support it! 🙂

lego project 2

This Poptropican, known as TheFastComet on the site, is also working on a cool Astro-Knights Island idea. Specifically, Binary Bard’s Citadel. Click here to go check it out!

Of course those aren’t the only Poptropica-Lego ideas! There are many more cool projects out there that you might want to support. 😉