Tough Spider’s Biased Post

Warning: This is a very opinionated post. Politics ahead. Absolutely no offence is intended.

Edit: A petition is now up! You can sign it here:

Hi everyone, Tough Spider here with what potentially would be good news, but ends up being really sad for most of us on the PTFP.

The Creators have announced a contest in which kids submit entries to the creators. Sounds awesome, right?

Announcing the “Create Your Dream Island” contest on Poptropica!

You already knew that we have four new Poptropica books arriving on August 1. You knew that one of those books, the Island Creator Kit, takes you through the step-by-step process of making an Island. Here’s what you didn’t know:

We’re actually going to make one of your Islands a reality!

With the “Create Your Dream Island” contest, one lucky Poptropica fan is going to have their Island chosen to be produced by the Poptropica Creators, and released on the Poptropica map alongside our existing Islands. You create the story, the setting, the characters — and we’ll take it from there. The winning entry will be judged by Poptropica’s creative team.

The contest will begin on August 1. For an entry form and to read the official rules, visit And for the inside scoop on how to design a winning Island, check out the Island Creator Kit, coming on August 1!

Well guess what? Take a look at those rules and you’ll find that they’re very limiting. You have to be 8-12 years old and you have to live in the U.S.
The age group makes sense. I just got unlucky, since I’m 13. Boo hoo. 😥
But even though it doesn’t apply to me, I’m far more upset about the U.S. thing. Why can’t people in the U.K. participate? Australia? Canada? South Africa? People who live in loads of other countries but play Poptropica and speak English well enough to understand it? This is just going to discourage people from playing Poptropica.
If anyone can come up with a reason why the creators would do this, I’d be happy to hear it.
~Tough Spider