Hap, Hap…


Yes,it has finally come! :P

Yes,it has finally come! 😛

So, how did you enjoy 2013? It sped up too fast, if you ask me, but extremely enjoyable. This is also unfortunately the last day of my winter holidays. 😦 But enough of it! What are your resolutions? I would have made some, but last year, or the year before that, I made a resolution not to make any more. 😛 And what did you like about 2013? Your favourite day, event, island, what-not, tell us in the commentz (it was a typo,but it lookz cool 😀 )!


-New Year Party Goofer Clown

P.S. Please  do not confuse this with HPuterpop’s post. This has a different title and is slightly different in its own ways.

P.P.S. I’ll be needing your decision on something important soon. Stay tuned for it! 😀

P.P.P.S. This is my 20th total post on this blog! Thank you! 😀

P.P.P.P.S. Wait a minute, the Island Creation Contest is closed! I just realized that now! 😮 Oh well. 😦 Did you submit an entry for it? Well, tell us that, too. in the comments. Well, that’s about it. Bai! Don’t wait for moi! Au revoir! Adios, amigos! Довиждане! Arrivederci! Vale! Αντίο! குட்பை!Slán!अलविदा! Auf Wiedersehen! You get the idea!

*cheesy music plays*

Stop that!

*music ends*