Header and Background Halloweenified

Halloween Header - PTFP - 2014

PTFP Halloween Header for 2014

Hiya! We have been hard at work creating, adding, and editing pages for you to enjoy! Here’s some updates we’ve done to the PTFP. Trick or treat, we have all the tips you can eat! A bit cheesy, but you know, it rhymes and it has to do with Halloween and the blog. Who doesn’t love rhyming? I decided to do a different style header for this Halloween than I usually do, and I hope you guys like it! Any suggestions are highly appreciated. After all, we want you to like it.


Next up is our background. It’s basically the same as our other background except a bit darker. I think it adds more of a “spooky” feel to it when added with the header. Again, suggestions are appreciated, and I’ll include a contact form at the end of the post if you want to send in your own header or background!

There’s a Halloween theme, too, that the PTFP used last year, and I was wondering if you wanted to use it. Here’s a photo:

Halloween Theme - Monster

The photo of Frankenstein can be replaced with a Spider, Vampire, Jack-O-Lantern, and Skull, or it can stay the same. Comment what you think of the theme! Should it change to the Monster theme or stay the same?

Also, I will be hiring a new author soon that will mainly be posting updates from the Creators’ Blog. She is new to the Poptropica community; well, actually, she’s creating a WordPress account tomorrow. XD I hope you guys like her! She’s played Poptropica before, but she’s just now starting to really play it often again. 😉 Anyway, here’s a contact form if you want to send in a header or background, and you can fill that out or email us directly at poptropicatip@gmail.com:

~SW out!

P.S. You may notice some missing pages. That’s because we’re either editing them or they’re being deleted. We are also working on some new pages and activities for you to enjoy! The 10 TFP may — not definitely — be deleted soon, but if it is, it will be replaced in a much more organized fashion. :mrgreen: And sorry about my inactivity! Let’s just say my homework this weekend consisted of 66 math problems, and I have 3 other projects to due by the end of the month!