Send in your art soon!

PTFP Winter Art Contest

Hey everyone. The art for the winter art contest was due on the 13th, but only one person sent in some art (Unless I missed something or another author accidentally deleted one?). So, I’m extending the due date to the end of January. I encourage everyone to enter! And if you’re afraid to be judged on your drawing skill, don’t worry. Even if you aren’t the best artist, you could still win because of just plain hard work! 🙂

Thanks guys.



Art, Reviews, or Both?

Hey, guys and gals! Thanks to the PHB’s new Behind The Scenes page, I got to give a review of a few songs. Make sure to give your review in the comments! From hating a song to a “PERFECT!” song ( 😆 ), I’m gonna tell you guys what I think of these new additions. Now, I was replying to Brave Tomato, so you may see some references of “I agree.”

Dismal Future: Creepy, but honestly, I love it. I could listen to this all day.You can hear the Poptropica style and rhythm to it; it’s a beautiful song. Also, I love how the regular Poptropica main theme is overcome and slowly fades into the “creepy” part of the song. Very unique. It shows that the future does have hope by you saving it, which is why the Poptropica theme is established into the end.

Bright Future: Too much bright. Too much. >.< It’s not gonna be a utopian society!!! TOO BRIGHT. O.O

Time Tangled Main Theme: I agree. Whimsical. What would have been astounding is if they somehow incorporated songs from different time periods.

24 Carrot Main Theme: I LOVE this theme!!!!! LOVE IT. It’s amazing! It goes with the circumstances well, and is just PERFECT!

Train Finale B: Why do I love all the songs from 24 Carrot? I don’t know. They’re just…amazing. The instruments… The beat, the rhythm. You can tell they spent a lot of time on this. ❤ Unique.

Spy Main Theme: They add their own touch, I’ll admit that. It’s just….the same classic spy theme. I wish they would have created a…fresh, unique song.

Poptropolis Main theme (first half): c: It has that Olympic feel, but it has that hint of Poptropica. It reminds me of a song from a Wii game…

 *intermission* Time to listen to the beautiful sound of silence… Take a few moments to rest and gather yourself, and look at this picture of Poptropica:

Peace Medal

So peaceful. Unless you’re like me and never can escape noise. In that case, I’m terribly sorry. Now, let’s get back to music.

Virus Hunter Main: I don’t like this one. I just don’t. Science is my favorite subject; I want to be a doctor. This island just doesn’t feel right, nor does the music. :/ It gets quite annoying, also.

Techno Jam: Meh. Good beat, but my ears hurt from the high-pitched noises.

Mocktropica Theme: Too peppy, even for the glitched one. The Creators are lost and working as hard as they can, and the island is glitchy.

Night Theme: Could have been made glitchy. :/

MFB Battle: Fell in love. Perfect for an intense, final battle.

MFB Battle Intro: I hate it. </3 I’m a rock lover, and this song makes it seem like they’re making fun of rock.The cut scene is great, though.


What time is it? Art time! I have some art ready for you; from Binary Bard to Spotted Dragon, and much more to come!

SD Drawing 1 By Me

ATP’s owner and PTFP author, Spotted Dragon (in crayon form)!

Mad Tornado's Drawing

I’m watching you with my one good eye. <.<

Fishy Drawing 1 By Me

Surely you recognize her. …or perhaps you live under a rock. Who knows.

And if you love Adventure Time, here’s the drawing for you:

BMO Drawing By Meh

Isn’t it the cutest thing ever?? 😀

Much more to come! If you want your Poptropican drawn, ask in the comments! That’s it!  Bai! ~SW out

Wondrous Winter Art Contest!

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EDIT: The contest is also Valentine’s Day themed! Remember, you can enter more than once!

Contest is now over.

Hey everyone! I haven’t posted in a while, so I just wanted to let you know I’m still breathing.

Anyway, let’s get to the point. To help myself become more active, I wanted to hold an awesome contest! So, here’s what it’s going to be about. Oh, and thank you, Silver Wolf, for letting me have this contest. 😉

PTFP Winter Art Contest

Okay, so this contest is basically a winter-themed art contest, as implied by the title. Viewers will send in their own artwork to the PTFP email and I’ll pick which one I think deserves to be the winner! Simple enough, right? Well, here are some ground rules you’ll have to follow to be qualified…

  • Email: You have to send your artwork to the PTFP email (, please don’t comment your artwork. In your email, make the subject Winter Art Contest, or something similar to that. Authors that use the PTFP email: Please don’t look at the entries!!!
  • Art: Do not copy other pictures. Your entry has to be made by you. A name for your picture would be helpful, but it is not mandatory. You can enter as many times as you want, but your drawing has to be related to winter, Christmas, Hanukkah, or some holiday like those (Valentine’s Day pics are not allowed too!). You get the idea. It has to be Poptropica related, too. Also, it can be a regular drawing or computer art. It doesn’t matter. 😉
  • Be Nice: Don’t brag, don’t criticize, etc. Try to congratulate people if they win. I won’t have favorites; everything will be fair. My apologies if you don’t win.
  • Time: All art has to be sent in by February 14, 2014. I’m hoping the winners will be posted sometime in February.

Okay, so here are the prizes! Oh, and thank you, Nameless UnDEFiNed, for helping with the prizes!

PTFP prize 1 PTFP prize 2 PTFP prize 3

Whoever wins 1st place gets to pick the account they want first, then 2nd place picks after that, and 3rd place gets the final account. To choose, the winners just have to comment the account name (Fast Shadow, Jumpy Owl, or Crazy Fire) on the post that announces the winners. 🙂

Well, I think that’s it! Good luck to everyone! 😀


P.S. Just to be clear, I’m the only “judge.” SW is not judging with me. 😉