Arabian Nights Ep. 3 Out Now!

Yep, the title says it all… Arabian Nights Episode 3: Careful What You Wish For is now available for everyone to play!

Be sure to check out the World Champion Map to see who has already finished the quest.

I won’t spoil anything yet, but I have to say that this island has some awesome twists and turns!

Artwork - Small Packages

My Arabian Nights inspired artwork


Good luck for those of you getting ready to complete the adventure! 😀



Popstorm 19, and PCon Dates Changed

Hey everyone! It’s Trusty Biker. There’s not that much to post about, but we don’t want to get behind, so I’m posting now!

First off, we have Popstorm 19, which features two cute beaver brothers 🙂


And, just to let you know, the PoptropiCon Episode 3 dates have changed. I don’t remember the exact date or Tweet, but I’m pretty sure that it’s March 26 for members and April 16 for non-members. If any of the other authors want to back me up on that…

Speaking of episode 3, let’s talk about Arabian Nights Episode 3 for just a second. Here’s a picture that was tweeted, but that’s not all…

arabian nights sneak peak 3So you see a princess with her father right? Over on the PHB, author Brave Tomato made an excellent theory of Arabian Nights. And guess what? The creators said that  it was spot on! Click here if you want to know about Arabian Nights. Or don’t click there if you want to be surprised 🙂

Well, that’s really all there is for today. In a couple of days I’m going to be starting something called Tip Of The Week, where I give you some tips to beat the toughest things… It’s coming soon, don’t worry!

So anyway, I’m glad I got to give you that short tidbit of news 🙂 Hopefully I’ll do the Tip of the Week thing soon it’s up now! Click here! 😀

Trusty Biker

Episodic Islands Gone? Release Dates, Daily Pops, & More

Hiya, Silver Wolf here! So, I decided to focus a little on Poptropica Help Blog’s post about the episodic islands and release dates, but I’m also including some other info on Daily Pops and some of our own updates. 😉 So let’s get started!

Is Poptropica reverting back to whole islands instead of episodic ones? Poptropica says so! Apparently after all the releases of PoptropiCon and Arabian Nights, Poptropica plans on going back to whole islands in March. Of course, this could be because of Galactic Hot Dog Island and some other islands based on books/comics, but Poptropica “never says never.”

Episodes Gone

Thanks to the PHB.

So, if you were expecting Arabian Nights: Lair of Thieves to come out for Non-Members December 30th, it looks like you’re out of luck. Apparently Poptropica had a scheduling problem and are releasing it on January 8th instead.

A little bit farther away, Poptropica will release Arabian Nights: Episode 3 on February 26th (set your calendars!) for Members only, according to Zeus (hopefully this date doesn’t change, either!).

I’ve been seeing some interesting Daily Pops recently, and there are few I really find interesting…

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PoptropiCon+ Arabian Nights Daily Pops!

Hey guys. Sorry for the title, couldn’t think of anything better and it’s just straight out explaining the post. 😛 And sorry for not posting for a long time, I was on vacation. I hope you can forgive me. *holds out tray of muffins*  Oh well. I decided to look throw the Daily Pops and just thought maybe, hey why don’t I make a post about these? So yeah, we’re just gonna look at some Daily Pop that will (possibly) be for PoptropiCon and Arabian Nights… ok so yeah.

Whatayya Buyin: Got some good things on sale, stranger

Whatayya Buyin: Got some good things on sale, stranger

So this looks like a market, or called in the Middle East, a Bazaar. So, in the first episode, we probably come here and then the thieves steal the genie lamp from there. Idk.

Shuttered: This place looks deserted.

Shuttered: This place looks deserted.

Now, I really like this Daily Pop. :3 I like the colors and the designs, just that Middle East palace style. 😀 But the caption confuses me. Why is the place deserted? Wait, it says it looks deserted, not that it actually is. XD Eh, all giant huge palaces do. :3

Palace Intrigue: Don't let your guard down - or better yet, do.

Palace Intrigue: Don’t let your guard down – or better yet, do.

So we’re invading the palace? And what does the description mean? Will we have to defeat these guards or what? Only time will tell… 😮

How Bazaar: Everytime I look around.

How Bazaar: Everytime I look around.

Probably just the Bazaar shop from the first pic. But what’s so “bizarre,” about this?

Slipping Standard: Ninja? More like a non-ja.

Slipping Standard: Ninja? More like a non-ja.

Yeah, idk what to say about this one… I posted one of those pointless costume Daily Pops. 😛

Shuttle Service: Blast off to the world imagination.

Shuttle Service: Blast off to the world of imagination.

Er, yeah, we’re taking a bus to the Convention? XD

Crafty: Don't bottle up your creativity.

Crafty: Don’t bottle up your creativity.

Once again, a Mocktropica feel. o_o Anyways, since I’m pretty sure the first episode is about getting inside, we’ll probably have to make a costume to get in using some stuff inside the trash can.

Line Forms Here: But it may be awhile.

Line Forms Here: But it may be awhile.

Are they implying the bathroom line…

Tree Topped: You won't be-leaf where this tree is growing.

Tree Topped: You won’t be-leaf where this tree is growing.

Yeh, why is there a plant on the roof. Anyways, you can make out the words, “Convention Center,” at the bottom.

Yeah, so that was the post. Sorry guys if I sounded weird or it was boring or anything, I’m just really tired and need to get some sleep probabl- *falls asleep* *wakes up* Ya see? >.> Oh well.

~Miss Muffin