It’s been a year!

Hi everyone, I’ve been a bit inactive lately, so I thought I’d make a post commemorating something.

It was on this day in 2013, February 3, 2013, that I joined the blog “Poptropica for Dummies.” Dr. Magic Onion, the owner of the blog, had a contest in which the participants were to submit a story. That was when I wrote “The Adventures of Young Jumper.” My entry got 3rd place and I became an author.

The blog no longer exists, but it was there I first met Silver Wolf, Spotted Dragon, and Sticky Clown. Here I am today, one year later, blogging on a blog with nearly 75,000 hits. You guys really have changed my life.

I’m celebrating it by… BEING SICK!  Yeah, I’m home from school with a really bad cold. *cough*

But I totally mean it when I say that you guys have changed my life and things things would be completely different without you guys. It’s been a wild ride here on the PTFP, and I hope to keep blogging about one of my favorite topics – Poptropica!

Thank you guys SO MUCH! ^_^

~Tough Spider

We Have a Lot to Catch Up On!

Hello, everybody! My Internet finally renewed, so I’ll be able to be a lot more active. Well, there have been a LOT of Creators’ posts since I left, so here they are from oldest to newest:

Galactic Hot Dogs

  1. Have you checked out FunBrain, another cool site made by Jeff Kinney? Well, check it out here if you haven’t! There’s a graphic novel that has been released, called Galactic Hot Dogsand it’s about “he wildest food truck cook-off in the galaxy! Well, and also about evil queens, gigantic space battles, and an unlikely hero.” It will be released every Monday.
  2. What a difference a screen makes

    Poptropolis Games had some of the best designs we’ve ever done. There was only one problem: they were too big for the screen! What you saw on the original Poptropolis Games ended up being cropped, like so:

    But when the Games re-emerge (you are doing your part, right?), you’ll finally be able to appreciate the amazing scenery we’ve created for you. Just like this!

    There’s more where that came from. So keep an eye out for more news about Poptropolis Games 2013 — and keep on digging!

    avatar image

    Wow, I can’t wait to see that! What about you? Tell me in the comments!
  3. Five years ago, our Creators brought forth the Creators’ Blog (Lincoln reference). Anyway, that’s right! It’s the Creators’ Blog’s 5th year anniversary! :mrgreen: The first post ever made was by Vlad the Viking, which was a sneak peek of an unknown island, which we know now as Astro-Knights. Congrats, CB!
  4. Now, for the BIG finale! Poptropolis Games is rising next week! Yep, it’s getting close. You can see the official Poptropolis Games 2013 video here:
  5. Now, everybody, start digging for Seraphim! No, just kidding. 😉 Dig for your own tribe, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

That’s about it. I’m sorry if you weren’t updated because of us. 😦 Authors, could you please be a little more active? I know all of you are trying hard, and thank you for that! Anyway, tell me what you think in the comments. Bai! ~SW out