Current Snapshot – #125

[image being updated]

Can you guess it? …Or is it too tricky?

How to Participate

Participating in the “Snapshot” competitions is super easy! An image of an item in an island, multiverse, or even a Mini-Quest will be put up regularly on this page. At the bottom of the comments, you can guess where the Snapshot is from (make sure to include the Snapshot number), and whoever guesses correctly first wins that Snapshot! 😀  If after 5 guesses no one gets it correct, a hint will be put up on the page to help with the search. May the odds be ever in your favor!


For the first Snapshot you guess correctly before anyone else, you will be emailed Silver Wolf’s username through the PTFP email for you to Friend. Make sure not to share it, though, because this is the only way to get the username. 😉

Another reward is that after 5 correct guesses on different Snapshots, you will be able to send your own Snapshot for other people to guess! Every 5 correct guesses, you’ll be able to do this. For example, if you’ve guessed correctly 15 times, you can send in 3 Snapshots in total.

Finally, on the Previous Snapshots page, you will be given credit for finding that Snapshot, along where it was found. Plus, how many Snapshots you’ve guessed correctly will be featured on the Hall of Fame page. If you get discouraged from seeing anyone else’s guesses, don’t worry! It’s really easy to catch back up.

1,907 thoughts on “Snapshot!

  1. I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s been months since the last snapshot. :/ And every time someone asks when will the next one be, the reply is usually, “soon” but how soon is soon, because we waited months and it still hasn’t been updated. :/ Sorry if I sounded rude… 😳

  2. This hasn’t been updated for a month…I’m sorry if I sound a little impatient, but this is my favorite page, so I kind of like it when everyone’s guessing. I know it’s the 100th snapshot, and it has to be good, but I’m just saying…

  3. Good job Nameless! i would have NEVER guessed that. I thought it was wimpy wonderland because it says “mom”

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