The Early Days of Dr. Hare

~Sticky Clown~

Dr. Harvey Hare was born on Dec. 6th, 1982, on Shark Tooth Island. He had an extraordinary intelligence of all sciences, especially in chemistry. He was #1 in his school and #1 in the entire island! The National Institutes of Silly Sciences, or N.I.S.S., admired him, and when he was 21, they made him a member of them, thus making him the youngest Poptropican to be a N.I.S.S. member.

He loved experimenting on animals, especially bunnies. Other members of N.I.S.S. were Dr. Spyglass, Dr. Romero, etc. He loved eating carrots, and so he shifted to 24 Carrot Island. There, people called him the “Funny Bunny” because he made funny jokes, and he was very similar to bunnies. His nickname was used for the Funny Bunny Carrot Farm, then the greatest carrot farm in the world.

One day, in his lab, in his home, when he was making an experiment with a bunny, he saw that the carrot it was holding was about to fall. He rushed to catch it. The experiment was supposed to combine the bunny and the carrot. It would combine it in 5 seconds. He rushed farther. 4 seconds. He was getting closer. 3 seconds. Almost there. 2 seconds. He bent down to take it. 1 second. But he did something careless-he leaned a bit on the platform while picking it up. That second of his life was the last time he ever was good.

Meanwhile, a delivery man from the Great Carrot Hotel had come. Dr. Romero also came, because he hadn’t seen Harvey the whole day. They both rang the doorbell a numerous number of times, but he didn’t answer. They broke open it—and then they would never forget what they saw.

The Funny Bunny was now known as the Evil Bunny-the first ever super-villain of all Poptropica. They both screamed. They called emergency, but by the time they came, he had disappeared. Ever since, 24 carrot has been in ruins, and citizens have been reported missing.

The End.


32 thoughts on “The Early Days of Dr. Hare

  1. great story and I am a super fan of THE EVIL DR.HARE!!! 🙂 from hyper bee from poptropica user: isaac4christ 🙂

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