Popiviews: Popping in With…

This page features all of the PTFP’s “Popiviews,” or interviews related to Poptropica (Poptropica + Interviews)! We will interview our blog authors, other blog authors, of Poptropica Creators themselves! So far we only have one ‘Popiview’ due to complications, but we may have some more soon. Anyway, here it is:

 Popping in With…Slanted Fish!

We’ll be popping in with Slanted Fish, the famous Poptropica blogger who owns the Poptropica Help Blog, also known as the PHB. Here are the questions and and answers we’ve received from Fishy, both Poptropica related and general information:

  1. What inspired you to start the PHB?
    “Believe it or not, I was actually inspired to start a blog from the many kid-run Club Penguin blogs I saw around the internet back in 2008. However, as I tried to think of a name for the WordPress site I was about to create, I tested poptropica.wordpress.com (Poptropica being a game I’d started playing only recently at the time) – and found the URL to be untaken. Not wanting to waste such a great opportunity, I created it, thus beginning the PHB.”
  2. What has been your biggest obstacle on your blog?
    “Sometimes, it’s just finding time to blog that can be hindering, especially with other obligations in life! Fortunately, Poptropicans time and time again have been willing to help out with the PHB, and it is the work of many that have made it what it is today, which is why I believe community and collaboration are key to big projects – it would certainly be a lot more enervating having to do it all on my own.”
  3. Do you miss anything about having a small community within your blog?
    “A great thing about having a smaller community is being more familiar with the people, which can be somewhat lost on larger communities as you may only know a handful of people well. However, I’m happy that the PHB has grown as much as it did, as it means a wider audience has been able to enjoy the blog over the years.”
  4. What’s your favorite aspect about blogging?
    “There are plenty of great aspects to blogging, but it’s always great to hear from your readers, which was something I hadn’t really given much thought to when the blog first started. It’s good to know that the work you put in is being viewed and appreciated by people out there.”
  5. Do you have a favorite color?
    “My favorite color is green, although I’m also fond of blue – especially Poptropica blue and Prussian blue. 🙂
  6. What’s your favorite island?
    “My favorite island is Counterfeit Island – I really like the island as a whole, from the European scenery to the art museum, the Balloon Boy running gag that started with this island, the island-hopping to Early Poptropica, and the change from daytime to night.”
  7. Have you ever became bored or uninterested with Poptropica?
    “Sometimes it does get uninteresting, especially when there’s nothing new going on in the world of Poptropica; when no new island quests have come out for a while. However, when there is something new, it’s cool to see what the Creators come up with.”
  8. If you had to choose, where’s the number one place you would want to visit?
    “I’d like to visit America, the home country of many PHBers, and even the place where Poptropica started! I’ve been there once, but was too young to remember much. 😛
  9. If you lived in Poptropica, where would you live and what would you do?
    “I might settle in a nice peaceful cottage on Counterfeit Island and spend my time enjoying the surrounding nature and, of course, the internet. c:”
  10. Any advice to fellow Poptropicans?
    “If it’s advice for Poptropica blogging: enjoy it! There’s no fun in doing something if you aren’t doing it because you like it, so don’t make popularity your main goal. And to all Poptropicans: explore, collect, compete! 😀

Time to talk with other Poptropicans, Poptropican! :)

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