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Hello, Gods and/or Goddesses. I’m StarWolf and I am the Master Goddess here! On this page you will learn all about Zeus!

Table of contents:

  1. Gods and Goddesses – The Club Members of the ZVEC (Zeus Villain Enthusiast Club)
  2. Powerful Ranks – How powerful the Gods/Goddesses are (what the member ranks of ZTEC are)
  3. Museum Of Olympus -Photos of Zeus I found on Google and Basic Zeus Info

Gods and Goddesses:

  • Master Goddess – StarWolf
  • Mythological Hero – Not filled yet
  • Ultimate Guard – Sticky Clown/Strange Cat
  • God/Goddess – Themadfeather

Powerful Ranks:

  • Master Goddess – Sorry, nobody but StarWolf can have this position.
  • Mythological Hero – Visit this page and comment often, complete Mythology Island and Super Villain Island at least 3 times (the more times, the better the chances), play Poptropica very often, be nice, and give me some kind of info that’s not on the page. Note: Username required (only 1).
  • Ultimate Guard – Complete Mythology Island and Super Villain at least 2 times, play Poptropica often, be nice, and give me some kind of info that’s not on the page. Note: Username required (3 or less).
  • God/Goddess – Just ask if you can join (there can be way more than 1 person)!

Museum Of Olympus:

Photos – Just pics of Zeus Google provided me with. 🙂

Zeus’ Villain Profile:

Zeus's Villain Profile


 Zeus - Mythology Island

Zeus and the Mythology gang:

 Zeus and the Mythology Gang

Mad Zeus:

 Angry Zeus

Zeus Info:

Basic Zeus info 🙂

Zeus is the main villain in Mythology Island. He is the leader of the Gods on this island. After you pick the Golden Apple, Zeus will come and send you on a quest to get him five items. After you get the items, he’ll take them and a message will suddenly reveal that the items will give him control over Poptropica! You’ll have to go to Hercules and then go to Hades and Poseidon. Then you’ll fight Zeus on Mount Olympus. His special weapon is a handheld lightning bolt, while Poseidon took the trident and Hades took the crown. They used these items to fight and took the skies to rule. Zeus is known as selfish and not very trustworthy. His family will constantly tell you that. There will also be rumors that he is jealous of his brothers Poseidon and Hades and that he had put graffiti on their temples. You will first see him when you pick the Golden Apple. He will tell you to get five sacred items for him: 1. A flower from the garden of the Sphinx. 2. A ring from the minotaur. 3. A pearl from Poseidon’s realm. 4. A scale from the Hydra. 5. A whisker from Cerberus. Once you give those items to him, he will betray you and take the items for himself so he can rule Poptropica. Then, he goes to his home and you will have to fight him with Hades’s Crown and Poseidon’s Trident. You will have to use floating clouds to stay upright and he will use attacks like lightning bolts, energy balls, and a slamming wind attack. An easy way to beat him is to shoot him the whole time and when he starts the energy ball attacks to go around collecting clouds. When he releases the energy balls, go around in circles. The wind slam attack will happen around when you get him to his last half of health, and all you can really do is move really quickly to avoid the attack. When you beat him, you get the Mythology Island Medallion from Athena. Zeus’s Powers include:

  • Lightning Strikes
  • Energy Balls
  • Flight With Clouds

Zeus appears again in Super Villain Island, disguised as a man named Dr. Jupiter, because “Zeus” means “Jupiter” in Roman Mythology.

Well, that’s all I could find about Zeus! Stay Tuned for more!


25 thoughts on “Zeus

  1. has it already been three years? i remember the exact day i wrote this post-thingy. i’m kind of surprised it’s still here! (i was starwolf/starcat/whatever i called myself)

  2. Hi!! can I be a godess? My username : cancangirl29 if you need it!! ( PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS IS THE BEST SERIES IN EXISTANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  3. Could I be an Ultimate Guard? I have beat both of those Islands multiple times, but not all on one account… I have several. And, please? I have certain boundaries that have to do with my Religion, and I’d prefer not to be called “God / Goddess”

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  5. I am a Percy Jackson addict. My username is Puppylover50416, but I have, like 20 accounts. I only remember the usernames for 7 of them…. I’ve completed Super Villain about 2 or 3 times and Mythology about 5 times. I know just about EVERYTHING on Zues (note I know a lot, not everything. I know a lot about other things mythology also)
    Zues is the god of the skies, son of Kronos and Rhea who are both titans. He is the grandson of Gaia, goddess of the earth and killer of Leo’s mother (Percy Jackson-Heros of Olympus). and husband of Hera. He is the youngest of all his siblings. All of his other brothers and sisters were consumed by his father, but his mom saved him and hid him in a cave on Mount Ida. She gave Kronos a rock and a goat to eat instead. He was then raised by three different people, Gaia, a goat named Amalthea, and a nymph named Cynosura. In return, Zeus made the goat immortal, put the nymph in the stars as a constellation and did nothing for his grandmother. Then Zeus went and made his dad, well, ‘give’ his sons and daughters back. There was a big fight between the gods and the Titans, and the gods won. Zeus did some mean things to his dad, killed him, and threw him into the deepest pits of Tartarus. He released all the other prisoners which included the cyclopses and in return, they gave him his thunder bolt, the symbol of his power. He married Hera and had kids. Yeah. The abridged version.

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