Director D.

Hello fellow hair loving spies! I am Spotted Dragon, president of the Director D. Fan Club (Enthusiast Club), or the DDFC for short. This page is about Director D. and the club! πŸ™‚

We even have a club icon and slogan!

Fan Clubs - Director D

The D stands for Dangerous!

Table of Contents

  • Double Agents – The club members of the DDFC.
  • Agent Ranks – How the club member ranks work for DDFC.
  • Hidden Messages In Pictures – Official Poptropica artwork that relates to Director D.
  • Spy Safety – Facts, trivia, an outfit description, and general info about Director D.

Double Agents

Here are all the club members of DDFC! They are listed in rank, then alphabetically.

  1. Spotted Dragon – President
  2. Samwow5 – Vice President
  3. Tough Spider – Secret Agent Commander
  4. Magic MonsterΒ – Secret Agent Commander
  5. Trusty Biker – Secret Agent
  6. Bulldog – Member
  7. Cuddly Knuckle – Member
  8. Fearless Owl – Member
  9. Lucky Wing – Member
  10. Perfect Dolphin/Shy Singer – Member
  11. Strange Cat – Member
  12. Young Flame – Member

Agent Ranks

Here is how all the DDFC ranks work (what they do) and how many people each rank can have. They are listed by how high the rank is.

  1. President – Creates the club page, is in charge of the club, adds things to the page, hosts club parties, etc. (Only 1)
  2. Vice President – Helps the president, adds things to the page WITH PERMISSION from the president, co-hosts parties, etc. (Only 1)
  3. Secret Agent Commander – Is the head of the secret agents, steals information/spies on other clubs, gives suggestions, Vice President’s backup, informs club about new DD news, etc. (Only 2)
  4. Secret Agent – Steals information/spies on other clubs, gives small suggestions to Secret Agent Commander, tells Agent Commander about new DD news when Commander hasn’t said it, etc. (Only 3)
  5. Spy – Makes sure people only talk about DD on club page (Unless exception. Ex: β€œDD is better than other villain”), controls fans, informs President of important talk from fans if President hasn’t seen it yet, etc. (Only 3)
  6. Member – Normal DD fan that is in club. (More than 1)

Now here is how you earn all the ranks. If the rank name is crossed out, then it has been filled. And remember to show proof of your accomplishments! πŸ˜‰

  1. President – You can’t earn President, sorry.
  2. Vice President – Show contribution to the DDFC, beat Spy Island at least once (The more the better), and do not ask for the rank. The President picks a certain person.
  3. Secret Agent Commander – Complete Spy Island 5 times and say anything that will possibly help you win the rank. The President will decide if you qualify.
  4. Secret Agent – Complete Spy Island 4 times and say anything that will possibly help you win the rank. The President will decide if you qualify.
  5. Spy – Complete Spy Island 3 times and say anything that will possibly help you win the rank. The President will decide if you qualify.
  6. Member – Just ask to join in the comments!

Hidden Messages In Pictures

Here is all the official Poptropica artwork that relates to Director D. This doesn’t include fan art or actual hidden spy messages disguised as pictures. Everything is listed alphabetically.

Bald Director D.

DDFC - Art - Director D Bald

Director D.

DDFC - Art - Director D

Director D’s Icon

DDFC - Art - Director D Icon

Director D.’s Pose

DDFC - Art - Director D Pose

Director D’s Profile

DDFC - Art - Director D Profile

Spy Safety

Director D. is the main villain on Spy Island. He is also a Poptropica Creator, but doesn’t post on the Creators’ Blog anymore. His real name is James Lema, he is the Director (Lol, Director!) of Product Development with Poptropica, and his username is DirectorDcreator1.

Trivia & Facts

  1. Director D. is the main villain on Spy Island, but reappears as a contestant on Reality TV Island.
  2. Director D. is one of the few villains that didn’t appear on Super Villain Island.
  3. Director D. is the 1st villain to pose as a good guy in the beginning of an island. Black Widow is 2nd.
  4. Director D. wears a toupee throughout the beginning and middle of Spy Island, only to reveal that he is bald at the end.
  5. B.A.D. (Bald and Dangerous) is the association of bad guys that Director D. is a part of.


Director D/The Director/DD, like all other villains, has a unique outfit that shows his personality.

DDFC - Art - Director D Outfit

More Club Stuff Coming Soon!


45 thoughts on “Director D.

  1. Can I be a secret Agent commander? I’ve completed spy island 5 times but in different accounts.
    P.s. Spy Island is my favourite island. After I finish playing spy island I always pretend to be a spy in poptropica.
    Please allow me to be a Secret agent commander. Thanks!

  2. Hi! I LOVE Director D.! The first time I played it I was like Wha-wha-what! DD is a bad guy? That’s totally awesome!
    I’ve completed Spy Island twice on my Trusty Biker account, but AT LEAST five times overall…. I really want to be a Secret Agent!
    FUN FACT: Every time I complete Spy Island, for the rest of the day I run around acting like I’m a real spy with my sister, but at the end of the game, I turn out to be the bad guy and I’m bald, haha…
    Please allow me to be a Secret Agent!

  3. DD is my second favorite male villain after Zeus and my fourth favorite villain after GG, Zeus, and BW. Between all of my accounts, I have completed Spy about 4 or 5 times. I like how DD goes to extreme measures to get you to trust him. I’d like to join, please.

  4. I’ve completed Spy Island 4 times, and I could easily make it 5! I know I’m the head of the Binary Bard club, but I also love Director D and have always thought that he would have made a much better super villain than Captain Crawfish (no offense to CC fans). Could I be a Thief? πŸ˜€
    (and for everyone who gets the reference to Thinknoodles and ToySoldierCP)
    First! BALD!

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