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Hello, fellow art-loving spiders! I am Spotted Dragon, president of the Black Widow Fan Club (Enthusiast Club), or the BWFC for short. This page is about Black Widow and the club! πŸ™‚

We even have a club icon!

Fan Clubs - Black Widow

The Widow Always Wins!

Table of Contents

  • Artists – The club members of the BWFC.
  • Artistic Ranks – How the club member ranks work for BWFC.
  • Black Widow’s Artwork – Official Poptropica artwork that relates to Black Widow.
  • Spider Safety – Facts, trivia, an outfit description, and general info about Black Widow.


Here are all the club members of BWFC! They are listed in rank, then alphabetically.

  1. Spotted Dragon – President
  2. Silver Wolf – Vice President
  3. Hungry Feather – Master Thief
  4. Perfect Coyote – Master Thief
  5. Zippy Penguin – Thief
  6. Bulldog – Guard
  7. Brave Sky – Member
  8. Cool Smarticle – Member
  9. Cuddly Knuckle – Member
  10. Orange Shell – Member
  11. Samwow5 – Member
  12. Silver Biker – Member
  13. Sleepy Feather – Member
  14. Slippery Icicle – Member
  15. Spotted Dragon 2 (Owl) – Member
  16. Speedy Lizard – Member
  17. StarWolf – Member
  18. Young Flame – Member

Artistic Ranks

Here is how all the BWFC ranks work (what they do) and how many people each rank can have. They are listed by how high the rank is.

  1. President – Creates the club page, is in charge of the club, adds things to the page, hosts club parties, etc. (Only 1)
  2. Vice President – Helps the president, adds things to the page WITH PERMISSION from the president, co-hosts parties, etc. (Only 1)
  3. Master Thief – Is the head of the thieves, steals information, gives suggestions, Vice President’s backup, informs club about new BW news, etc. (Only 2)
  4. Thief – Steals information, gives small suggestions to Master Thief, tells Master Thief about new BW news when Master Thief hasn’t said it, etc. (Only 3)
  5. Guard – Makes sure people only talk about BW on club page (Unless exception. Ex: “BW is better than other villain”), controls fans, informs President of important talk from fans if President hasn’t seen it yet, etc. (Only 3)
  6. Member – Normal BW fan that is in club. (More than 1)

Now here is how you earn all the ranks. If the rank name is crossed out, then it has been filled. And remember to show proof of your accomplishments! πŸ˜‰

  1. President – You can’t earn President, sorry.
  2. Vice President – Show contribution to the BWFC, beat Counterfeit and Super Villain Island at least once (The more the better), and do not ask for the rank. The President picks a certain person.
  3. Master Thief – Complete Counterfeit Island 5 times, complete Super Villain Island 2 times, and say anything that will possibly help you win the rank. The President will decide if you qualify.
  4. Thief – Complete Counterfeit Island 4 times, complete Super Villain Island 1 time, and say anything that will possibly help you win the rank. The President will decide if you qualify.
  5. Guard – Complete Counterfeit Island 3 times, complete Super Villain Island 1 time, and say anything that will possibly help you win the rank. The President will decide if you qualify.
  6. Member – Just ask to join in the comments!

Black Widow’s Artwork

Here is all the official Poptropica artwork that relates to Black Widow. This doesn’t include fan art or art that she has stolen. Everything is listed alphabetically.

Counterfeit Island’s Release

BWFC - Art - Counterfeit Island Now Online

Counterfeit Island Wallpaper

BWFC - Art - Counterfeit Island Wallpaper

Black Widow

BWFC - Art - Black Widow

Black Widow’s Icon

BWFC - Art - Black Widow Icon

Black Widow – Inspector

BWFC - Art - Black Widow Inspector

Black Widow’s Portrait

BWFC - Art - Black Widow Portrait

Black Widow’s Profile

BWFC - Art - Black Widow Profile

Super Villain Island Poster – Black Widow

BWFC - Art - Super Villain Island Poster

Spider Safety

The Black Widow/Black Widow/BW is the main villain on Counterfeit Island. She is one of the best known villains and a Poptropica Creator! Her real name is Jennifer Wood, she is a Managing Editor with Poptropica, she lives in the United States, and her username is BlackWidowCreator.

Trivia & Facts

  1. Black Widow is the main villain on Counterfeit Island, but reappears as a contestant on Reality TV Island, and as a villain on Super Villain Island.
  2. Black Widow is also (lesser) known as… the White Widow, the Sand Spider, the Twilight Tarantula, Creepy Crawly Canvas Criminal, the Evil Eight-Legger, the Art Appropriating Arachnid, and the Thief With a Thousand Names.
  3. On Counterfeit Island Black Widow is disguised as The Inspector throughout the beginning of the quest.
  4. At The Inspector’s (BW) cabin on Counterfeit Island, there is a sign that says Black Widow in French. It says Veuvre Niore, however “Noire” is misspelled.
  5. Black Widow is the 2nd villain to pose as a good guy in the beginning of an island. After Director D. (Spy Island) and before Zeus (Super Villain Island).


The Black Widow, like all the other villains, has a unique outfit that shows her personality.

BWFC - Art - Black Widow Outfit

More Club Stuff Coming Soon!


81 thoughts on “Black Widow

  1. Hi. I would like to earn the rank of master thief. I have completed Counterfeit Island more than five times, and Super Villain Island once (on my various accounts).
    Black Widow is my favorite super villain because:
    1. On Counterfeit Island, she was really clever and dressed up as the chief inspector of police.
    2. On super villain island, she and her army of mini spiders are FIERCE.
    3. I love all her nicknames. ^-^


  2. Please can I join? I have completed Counterfeit at least 5 times and Super Villain 4 times. I love art and Black Widow πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  3. Hey, can I join? I finished Super Villain Island 5 times and Counterfeit Island 4 times. Black Widow is my 1st favorite villain because she shows herself in the beginning and fools everyone! Even her partner, which is so smart. I also like how she is the only villain that holds things for ransom. It’s cool that actual art is talked about on Counterfeit Island, and on Super Villain Island, I like how she is the only Villain that really puts up a fight. Dr. Hare wants you to help him, Crawfish just sleeps, and Mordred uses the clock to fight instead of actually being a Villain and fighting himself.

  4. Can I be apart of the fan club? Throughout my various accounts, I have completed Counterfit about 5 times and Super Villain 2. The Black Widow minigame (where you have to save the stolen art) is my favorite minigame of Poptropica so far, and I love how she disguises herself as the chief investigator. I also like how you have to go into the paintings to erase the words in SV. She is my third villain after Gretchen and Zeus.

  5. Hey, SD, I’m making a BW fan club on Nameless’s new blog and I was wondering if I could use the ones you have here?

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  7. Hey, can I join?
    Black Widow is DEFINITELY my favorite villain!
    Why? Well, an art thief sounds just SO EPIC!!! Plus, I’ve been to France, and I love artwork. A Poptropican thief who steals artwork from French museums? Definitely awesome.
    I also like her because she is sneaky and stealthy.

    Can I join? I’ve completed all 34 islands. I’m not counting Beta 24 Carrot because it’s only for members, and I’m not a member. *angry snort*

    -Spotted Dragon (but not you…I guess it’s just a coincidence that our names are the same! I’m not trying to copy you, promise! Proof: my user is hermionegranger8989. Yes, I’m a HUGE Potter fan!)

  8. Can I join? Black Widow is my 1st favorite villain,I have 9 islands complete,Black Widow rocks because she is super sneaky and has a good disguise! First time i played counterfeit
    I actually thought she was a good guy!

  9. Can i join?She’s my second favorite villian.I’ve commpleted 18 islands.I like black widow because her name is the name of a very dangerous spider the black widow(it makes her sound dangerous).

  10. Black Widow is tied with Gretchen Grimlock for my favourite villain, with Binary Bard in second. Black Widow is the second villain to appear as a good guy, after Director D and before Zeus (in Super Villain). Black Widow was third in the Poptropica Villain showdown, after Captain Crawfish (2nd) and Binary Bard (1st). My blog is . I have completed 33 islands.

    • Hmm… I do like how you noticed she was the 2nd villain to appear as a good guy. However how was BW in 3rd for the villain showdown? El Mustachio Grande beat her in Round 2 (Which I don’t see how that’s possible). But it is impressive that you have gotten 33 medals, so…

      You’re in! πŸ˜€
      Right now as a member, but you have a good chance of getting a higher rank. πŸ˜‰

  11. To join the BWFC just comment:
    why you’re a big fan of BW, how much of a fan you are (If she is your 1st 2nd or 3rd favorite villain), anything you know about BW that isn’t already on the page, the link of your blog if you have one (optional), and how many islands you’ve completed (optional). πŸ™‚
    I would like people to do this for me to see if they should have a higher rank and stuff. πŸ˜‰

    I would also like to know what I should add to the club’s page next! πŸ™‚

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