These eight tribes are what divides Poptropica from each other. They were originally created for Poptropolis Games so you could pick a team and battle against the other teams. You have to choose a tribe to complete Poptropolis Games, which you can find the guide to here. The “teams” evolved into “tribes,” which you can now be part of and be proud of; each tribe has their own Common Room that you can join and interact with other people in your tribe. These eight tribes are:

  • Black Flags
  • Flying Squid
  • Nanobots
  • Nightcrawlers
  • Pathfinders
  • Seraphim
  • Wildfire
  • Yellowjackets

Icons and Colors

Please note all tribes are based off of research and do not necessarily apply to you. You can still choose whichever tribe you want! This is just a bit of fun to see if you or your friends match.

Tribe Shirts

See if you can match the tribe to the shirt!

Black Flags Logo

Black Flags

Colors: Black & White

Black usually represents evil and death, whereas white symbolizes innocence and purity. Perhaps, with this tribe, the black and white are to symbolize balance between good and evil.




Flying Squid Logo

Flying Squid

Colors: Black & Green

Green is used to symbolize peace and safety, and black symbolizes evil and death. This logo can represent safety from evil (otherwise known as you being good), or safety from all things good (otherwise known as you being evil). It’s up to you to decide.




Nanobots Logo


Colors: Black & Red

Red symbolizes passion and energy, and in this case, black represents power and formality. Red and black are closely tied together, and when combined, they can symbolize courageousness and danger.




Nigthcrawlers Logo


Colors: Purplish-Blue and White

The purple-blue color represents loyalty, yet frustration and sadness, and white represents simplicity. The Nightcrawlers are unique with their simplicity and are trustworthy, but they can snap fairly easily, whether through anger or sadness, just like nature.




Pathfinders Logo


Colors: Yellowish-Brown and Blue

The yellow-brown compass can symbolize caution and carefulness, whereas the blue represents knowledge. This is perfect for a traveler and an adventurer; a Pathfinder is intelligent but is sometimes too cautious to go on an adventure.




Seraphim Logo


Colors: Black & Gold

Black, in this case, represents elegance and mysteriousness, and along with it, the gold symbolizes wisdom. The Seraphim is high quality, but not many people get to know much about them, for they keep things hidden and are secretive.




Wildfire Logo


Colors: Red & Orange

Red is a symbol for passion and power, and the orange adds a hint of determination. A Wildfire member is usually fast to react and determined at what they believe in, but they can occasionally become jealous for power.




Yellowjackets Logo


Colors: Black & Yellow

The yellow is highlighted with the black, which makes it very noticeable and attractive, but it also adds the sense of danger. Yellowjackets are usually popular and energetic, but they can become dangerous at times.



 Choosing Your Tribe

Choosing the tribe you want (or apply to) is easy and fast! Tribes were once just chosen to participate in Poptropolis Games, but they have evolved to be part of their own group, which includes having their own tribal room and tribe members. If you want your own tribe, make sure to follow these 3 simple steps:

1. If you don’t already have a Poptropica account, make one by creating a new player and creating a username. If you do, log in to your account and click the “Menu” button in the top-right corner of the screen. Next, click the Poptropican from the “Menu” tab. You will be brought to a page similar to this:

Friends Page

2. Click the “Tribes” button and select which tribe you want to be in! You can always change your tribe later, so no worries. Although, make sure to choose the tribe you want to be in for Poptropolis Games before you start the island!

Tribes Page

3. Your personalized page will be updated with the Tribe you chose, whether Flying Squid, Wildfire, Yellowjacket, Pathfinder, Black Flag, Nightcrawler, Seraphim, or Nanobot. Your page will now look like this:

Tribe Selection

Now you just have to visit your tribe’s room!

Visiting Your Common Room

Every tribe has their own customized tribe room, also known as Common Rooms or Headquarters (HQ). In your Common Room, you can find other players in your tribe to battle and friend. Every tribe’s room is unique and fun, and you can visit other tribes’ rooms by changing your tribe for a few seconds to just visit. Here’s how:

1. Revisit your Friend Page, and click the “Tribes” tab above your Poptropican.

Tribe Tab

2. Click the “Join the Common Room” button to join!

Tribe Common Room

3. Click players to friend them, battle them, or chat!

Tribe Friends


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