Poppy Fonts

Title Font: GhostKid AOE

Poptropica Fonts Page - GhostKid AOE Header

The font, “GhostKid AOE,” is very eye-pleasing and a perfect font for a game that specializes in kids. If you look carefully at Poptropica’s title’s font and this font, Poptropica’s looks more closely packed and arced; this is most likely to make it seem unique.

Price: $19.95 (US) on MyFonts.

Similar Fonts: Luckiest Guy Extra Bold and Crocante.

Commonly Used Font: Creative Block BB

Poptropica Fonts Page - Creative Block BB Header

Creative Block BB (“BB” stands for Blambot, a website “proudly providing comic fonts and lettering” that created the font) is used for many things in Poptropica, such as the dialogue, the “RETURNING PLAYER” and “NEW PLAYER” buttons on the Home screen of Poptropica, the font for the Backpack, etc. This font only comes uppercase, hence the dialogue only being uppercase as well.

Price: Free on Blambot

Similar Fonts: A lot of the fonts on Blambot are similar to Creative Block BB.

Item Cards & Login: Billy Serif

Poptropica Fonts Page - Billy Serif Header

Billy Serif (serifs are the lines on the ends of letters for some fonts; the “tails” of letters) is mostly seen on the Gold Cards as descriptions and/or names, but it is also featured on several other things.

Price: $19 per font weight (thin, normal, & bold) on MyFonts, and $38 dollars for all the weights on SparkyType.

Similar Fonts: FF Karbid Slab (the differences are: Billy Serif has more curved-like letters, the Q in Billy Serif is more fancy/curved, the Y is much more circular-shaped, and the 4 in Billy Serif font is completely open).

Any other fonts? Tell us in the comments! Know how to make a font? Tell us! Find it somewhere cheaper (make sure the site is safe)? Tell us this, too! Found more similar fonts than what we have? Suggest them! We appreciate your help.

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