Night Watch Photos

Here are Night Watch’s photos:

Night Watch

… They let a cat burglar become an employee?!?! Seriously???

Night Watch 2

Um… No comment…. -_-

Night Watch 3

Next up: Katniss Everdeen VS. The Burglar! I wonder how this will turn out…

Night Watch 4

Just chilling and letting the snake do my job…

So, what do you think of Night Watch’s photos? Tell me in the comments! :mrgreen:

28 thoughts on “Night Watch Photos

  1. We’re did you get dat epic Sephardim hat I must know! Is it a a member on,y item or is it like a glitch Easter eggs thing? Plz tell me

  2. I sent in some but i mightve sent it to the wrong email….. 0___0 what if a complete stranger got them?!

  3. in nw, at first it was a real mannequin, so what happened to that?? and besides, robbers don’t always have that stupid bag with the$ sign, and they don’t always wear ski masks. that’s a prototype
    ~formerly known as super mosquito

    • Take pictures (screenshots) of your Poptropican photos and attach them to an email 😉

      ~~ I like milkshakes… 🍦🍨


      • You can download a software called “Snipping Tool” (it’s already installed on your computer if you are using an HP brand; try other softwares if you don’t have it installed), or you can push the ‘prt sc’ button on your keyboard (if available).


    • S ure! I’ll email you my username. You didn’t have to give me your email in the comment, because you had to fill it out to comment anyway. P.S. The Snapshot is up if you want to guess!

      Sent from Silver Wolf on Poptropica!!!

  4. Oh im sorry! you could have contests for people who want their photos on the blog and have them send them in and whoever sends in the photos you like best (depending on their costumes) wins.

  5. These pages arent very popular at all but i have an idea that will make them oh so much better… (h)

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