Back Lot Photos

Here are the Back Lot Island Photos:

Back Lot

Looks familiar, doesn’t it?

Back Lot 2

Huh… Nice background… Fuzzy, taped, torn, and absolutely fake. 😉

Back Lot 3

How in Poptropica is this movie great?!?! Tell me in the comments! What do you rate? 1 star, 2, 3, 4, or 5?

Make sure to rate the movie you made in the comments! Only 3 photos this time. Sorry! I can’t control Poptropica. 😉 Anyway, I hope you like Back Lot’s photos!

7 thoughts on “Back Lot Photos

  1. guess it’s just like how some times people have different captions on their pictures, to make it more interesting…..
    ps i’m thinking of deleting it because kirk is a jerk. ooh, kirk the jerk……catchy

  2. They did briefly have a “photo with Kirk Strayer” booth around Pop. In the picture it said “Wow! A photo with Kirk Strayer!” and you would have your arm on his shoulder and he’s be checking his smartphone. Awkward…

      • No, but your costume in the photo is the costume you were wearing at the time the photo was taken. You can access your photos by logging into Poptropica and looking at your account page (quiz answers, tribe, etc). You’ll see a box with a photo in it that says “Photos.” From there, you can see your photos from each island (taken randomly and automatically) by clicking the island name you want to view in the drop-down. However, if you’re not a Member, you can only see a limited amount of photos!

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