This is the Glitch page, where we have all the glitches you will ever need! From handheld items to changing genders, there’s bound to be one you’ll want to try. The glitches are split into categories for your convenience (Costumes, Eyes and Facial Hair, Handheld Items, Useful Glitches, and Miscellaneous)!

We appreciate all of the glitches suggested in the comments, but the glitch must follow one of three conditions for it to be put on the page:

  1. The glitch must be something useful for Poptropica,
  2. The glitch must be something customizable, or
  3. The glitch must be given special permission.

Notice: If any glitch no longer works, please say so in the comments! 🙂 Thanks!

Make sure to visit similar pages, such as Easter Eggs and Cheat Codes.

Special thanks to Sam’s Poptropica Cheat Blog (TIB) and Adventure Time Pop (ATP). Other glitches will be given credit.


Baby, Bowling Ball, and Chicken

Mr. Yoshi is a robot on Game Show Island, that makes you wear weird costumes in his Game Show. And here’s how to keep those costumes!

While in Mr. Yoshi’s Game Show, wearing the costume you want (Baby, Chicken, Bowling Ball), press Ctrl + Shift + S and continue with the Game Show. When you’re done you should be able to keep the costume you chose!

poptropica gsi 15 poptropica gsi 14 poptropica gsi 13 2

Costume Closet

This glitch is useful for Poptropicans who used to have a membership and now it’s expired so they can’t access their closet. Enjoy!

1. Friend “0” (no quotations).
2. Go to his closet.
3. He has your outfits!
~Bendy Flyer

Factory Men

There are two places in the Elf Queen’s Hide-out. They are circled below. Click on the customizer icon, and click on one of the spots! You’ll get a sweet surprise that was never supposed to be there! You’ll get a rare light-up helmet!

Factory Men Glitch


Back Lot Island glitch: While you’re still acting the scene where you’re The Navigator, do the Ctrl + Shift + S to change your skin and it will let you keep the navigator costume!
~Michael A.K.A. Curious Grape

Pixel Pig

You will need the ‘8-Bit Birthday Pixel Pig Power’ gold card to be able to perform this glitch.

  1. Go to Home Island.
  2. Equip the 8-Bit Birthday Pixel Pig Power gold card from your Inventory.
  3. Press spacebar at a distance that lets you turn other Poptropicans into pigs.
  4. Go to your inventory and click on the ‘Customize’ button on a card.
  5. When customizing the costume, there are two buttons. Click the button with the Poptropican and arrow.
  6. Pick the character you turned into a pig to customize them (usually uncustomizable).


Go to Spy Island, then go to the Docks, and customize the spy in the trash can. Then you can customize the lid of the trash can!

poptropica glitch trash can

Eyes and Facial Hair

Afro Eyes

  1. Do the “Navigator” glitch for Back Lot, as seen above.
  2. Then, go to your most recent picture in your Photo Album, and customize all of it.
  3. You will then have Afro Eyes (AKA amazing eyes that switch eye expressions)!

Beard (24 Carrot)

Start the mini-quest of Dr. Hare’s Evil Lair in the Poptropica Store. Go right and jump up to the platform. Jump left and hide behind the carrot crates. Then customize the pointy beard from the minion on the platform above you, when he walks by!

Beard (Lunar Colony)

poptropica glitch beard dogOutside of Mission Control on Lunar Colony Island, click the guard dog and then immediately click your Friends Profile. Click your first friend and scroll right, so you can’t see them. Then click the customize button and customize your “Dog Beard.”

Beard (Wild West)

Use the Beard Brew on Wild West Island, press Ctrl + Shift + S and go into a new room. Then you should have a nice short beard!

Eye Gender Hack

You know all those accounts where you can have cool eyes you want, but they are boy accounts and you’re a girl (and you wanna stay one)? Well…for instance, if you wanted angry eyes (with eyelashes) do this:

  1. Log into your Poptropican account.
  2. Open the Avatar Studio.
  3. Type in jcwarw49 or any other ASG username (Avatar Studio Glitch; most of them work).
  4. Go to the Poptropica page and click refresh.
  5. Without clicking save, go to a SUI (like Home Island, Monster Carnival, etc.).
  6. Change something your Poptropican is wearing.
  7. Go to your friends.
  8. Get out of your friends, then go to the map and go to a non-SUI (like Early Poptropica).

You will now have the eyes of jcwarw69, but with eyelashes and you’re still a girl!
~Spotted Monster


Go to Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab. Go to the guard underneath the one with the pointy hair. You can customize his stubble!
~Cuddly Lion

Scar and Stubble

Zombie Eyes

  1. Log into your Poptropica account.
  2. Open the Avatar Studio.
  3. Enter the username ihavesunscreem and then click ‘Load.’
  4. Refresh Poptropica and you’ll have zombie eyes and sunscreen!

Handheld Items

Customize Handhelds

  1. Go to someone that has costumes in their closet.
  2. Customize a handheld that is available.
  3. Click on the available handheld item and nothing else.
  4. Press the (X) button on the closet.
  5. You can now see anyone’s handheld in your Friends list if you wish.


Go to Game Show Island, turn on the fan, press Ctrl + Shift + S, then go into a room and you should be holding the fan!

Fire Iron and Candle

Go to the Great Hall in Bram’s Castle on Vampire’s Curse Island. Click on either the candle or fire iron and press Ctrl + Shift + S (or turn on a Gold Card effect item, like Torch or Electrifier). Then exit the Great Hall and you will have either the candle or fire iron (if you used a Gold Card effect item from the store, turn it off before exiting)!


poptropica glitch glow stickGo to Early Poptropica, Poptropica Towers, put on your jet pack, and go down into The Dark Room. Go down the rope (you’re automatically holding a glowstick), take off your jetpack, go back up, and you’ll have a glow stick!


Go to New Jersey on Cryptids Island. Ride the motorcycle and get off at the first place you can. Press Ctrl + Shift + S and ride back to the start. Now you should have the lantern!

Ninja Items

Finish your ninja training on Red Dragon Island. While holding your ninja item of choice (Bo staff, Shuriken, Smoke Bomb), press Ctrl + Shift + S, and you should be able to keep the ninja item you chose!


Go into Dr. Hare’s dream on Super Villain Island, press Ctrl + Shift + S while holding the pickaxe, wake up, and you should still have the pickaxe!

Pitcher of Milk

When on Mystery Train and about to pour the cup of prune juice for Tesla, change your hair (Ctrl + Shift + H). Even though you put it back on the shelf in the game, when you walk out of the room you will be holding a pitcher of milk!
~Cuddly Lion


Go to the Vikings on Time Tangled Island. Put on the hang glider, go into the cave, take off the hang glider, exit the cave and you should have a torch!


  1. Log into your Poptropica account.
  2. Open the Avatar Studio.
  3. Enter the username ihavesunscreem and then click ‘Load.’
  4. Refresh Poptropica and you’ll have zombie eyes and sunscreen!

Useful Glitches

24 Carrot Keycards

  1. Complete Super Power Island.
  2. Open Doctor Hare’s Secret Lab (while on Super Power Island).
  3. You can fly and easily collect all three keycards!
    ~Small Fire

Changing Gender

  1. Log into a boy Poptropica account.
  2. Open the Avatar Studio.
  3. Type in either rare9 or metalgirl.
  4. Go to the Poptropica page and click refresh.
  5. Your boy will now look exactly like rare9 or metalgirl and will be a girl now!
    ~Spotted Monster
  1. Log into a girl Poptropica account.
  2. Open a new tab and go to the Avatar Studio.
  3. Type in the username Kaithsammut1,5, Keithsammut8, or Keithsammut19.
  4. Go to Poptropica page and refresh the page. If something comes up, click continue.
    ~Spotted Monster


First, you need the Back Lot Island Clapboard. Put it on. Next, jump, while keeping the cursor above your Poptropican and don’t let go of the left mouse button. Keep doing it, but use your other hand to press the spacebar while still in midair, and you will jump while in midair! This may take a few tries, but it works! If you keep pushing the spacebar, you’ll eventually reach the sky! Apparently, in Poptropica, the sky has a limit. 😉
~Michael A.K.A. Curious Grape

Flying on SUI’s

First, buy either the Fierce Lion costume or the Baseball Fielder costume. Equip the baseball or mouse from either costume, then go to an SUI island. Use the ability by pressing spacebar just before running off a building and you will fly until the ability is over. To fly upward, jump in a way where you will spin in the air on an SUI island, then press spacebar rapidly after you fall on the ground. It should look like you are somersaulting. Eventually, you will fly up fast, and you will stay up there until you stop pressing spacebar.

Reality T.V. Votes

If you press reload before the game on Reality T.V., or in between the games in Reality T.V., then you will go straight away to the voting and will not have to play the games and challenges.
~Rohit Jaiswal

Twisted Thicket Amulet

After you finish the island, Twisted Thicket, keep the amulet on. Restart the island and you get to use the amulet throughout the island!
~Cuddly Lion


This only works on non-updated islands. To zoom in, scroll with your mouse and push Ctrl at the same time. It helps you see farther than normal! Also, you can scroll out (for those computers that have a wide screen). You could also push Ctrl and the + sign to zoom in or the Ctrl and – sign to zoom out.



Friend a Clone

You need a sibling or a friend with you. You and the other person log on to the same user (on different computers) and then go to the same island (such as Home Island) and both go to the Common Room at the same time. You can chat, battle, and friend your exact clone! Once you or the other one exits the game, you will no longer have the clone.
~Bendy Flyer

Friend an NPC

On Spy Island, once you have gotten the Invisible Suit, go to the rooftops with the suit on. Get close to the B.A.D agent once he has stopped, without overlapping. Click on him and the Friend, Battle, and Chat bubbles will pop up. Click on a friend and you will friend someone called “Maroon Rider.” It says she has no photos, but she actually has all of your photos.
~Tall Whale


703 thoughts on “Glitches

  1. hey guys i found a invisible platform : in counterfeit island in black*s house underneath the light wherever the light is shining theres an invisible platform

  2. I have a glitch…after you finish the island, keep the amulet on. Restart the island and you get to use the amulet throughout the island!

  3. In twisted thicket island, while being chased by the dryads, save your game and refresh.log in again and you’ll see that the dryads are gone.

  4. When you are in a multiverse and enter a new one, after you exit the 2nd multiverse, you will go into another one ! If you exit that one, you will go again into a random one. This keeps happening until you refresh the page.
    ~ :mrgreen:

  5. i have a glitch here it is if u wear a tribe hat (can’t be the flying squids hat) and go to a new colored island on the map u hat will change to the flying squid hat

  6. Name: I Thought These People Were Fake!
    Go to Time Tangled Island and then, using the time machine, go to Timbuktu. You know those shadows in the windows on the buildings? Click costumize and you can customize the generic glitch outfit-black pants, black afro, white tank top.

  7. if you look at the cryptdidspicture that says having a devil of a time and you click the shirt, you can hold a lantern (not really a glitch and you could do this with the early poptropica photo to hold a glow stick)

    • When I left a multiverse (on purple glove not nice monster) I randomly showed up on 24 carrot with no mouth! When I jumped I got a big smile and it stayed but when I left I had my normal mouth

      • I have something related to that.

        Sometimes when I’m on a colored island and I x-out of the page when I log back on I’m on survival island. My eyes are wide when usually they’re half open.

    • Yeah, but that’s actually pretty cool! However, we do have another way of getting the lantern, so Wolfy may or may not put it up.

  8. i have a bunch of glitches!!!! 1: where’d they go? if you’re about to finish twisted thicket, and the queenperson gave you the necklace, then you exit, you won’t be able to do the final stage where you defeat the truck or whatever and you keep the necklace. 2: How am I a ninja? if you are on one account that’s on red dragon, and you’re in that stage that you’re being a ninja, and you open another page and log in to another account that hasn’t gotten there yet, go to the other page and the second poptropican will be there instead. 3:what?sometimes on monster carnival, it won’t let you get the black lightbulb.. 4:no helmet,stuck behind box: i was about to get the “ludicrous” helmet, but i switched to another page and back, and then i was stuck behind this Huge box and couldn’t get out. i had to start mocktropica again.

    • Oh- and when 24 carrot just got music and sound and stuff, when u drank the hair drink, your eyes would be stuck close. this happened to me, till it got fixed.
      username for spotted monster: emilizzle
      username for happy monster: fumiofusion
      username for icy sky: lalasagi

    • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i was standing in one place without electricitty, i was holding the trident, pressed space four or five times, and i was a floating head!

  9. I have one. It may not work with everyone, though. Also it’s only for members, but here goes. Open the Poptropica Store.Buy the Wind Power if you don’t have it already. Click the backpack icon in the corner. The Store should be a loading sign on a blue background. Use the Wind Power.The wind and snow will blow across the loading screen and the Blimp will be gray. Bye for now, Creepy.

    • I’m gonna speak for SW when I say I don’t think that’s really the kind of thing she puts up, but it’s her blog. She does what she wants.

  10. Dr Hare Glitch: There is a rare chance you will turn into Dr. Hare if you complete 24 Carrot Island.
    (You turn into a boy if U are a girl)
    ~Friendly Leaf

  11. Go to Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab. Go to the guard underneath the one with the pointy hair. You can customize his stubble and scar!

  12. Go to Tesla while he is chained on Mystery Train. Costumize him. He will still have chains on, but unfortunately, there is no way to costumize them. Not that I know for sure.

  13. ok i have 2 AWSOME glitches/hacks for one
    press: ctrl-shift then H and your hair COLOR is changed!!
    next just
    press: ctrl-shift s and your skin color is changed!!

  14. ok, found another one!

    Title: It Was Just A Big Light Show!
    Go to Zeus’s lab in Super Villain after beating the bonus quest and put on the helmet. It will show the big dramatic light show, and after it stops loading, you will just be standing next to the dream machine. Oooohhh…shiny. XD

      • So? Does it work? Be awesome if I had found a glitch and you put it up here. Btw, did you know that if you are climbing a rope in Poptropica Labs and there is an air vent underneath and you jump off you will still be in a climbing rope pose and if you go underground, you will get stuck there and will have to either explore more demo lands (explore) leave Labs entirely (leave demo) or to simply sign off and sign in again. Hey, that counts as a glitch! And sometimes you will get stuck underground in an island and you can’t get back out so you have to sign off and sign in again. However, there is no known intentional way to cause this.

      • No,you can do it after the bonus quest is done. Go ahead and try! Cuz you do it for Zeus’s dream…you have membership, right?

      • Here:
        Go to the cafe in counterfeit. Jump onto he windowsill DIRECTLY above the laptop the guy was playing. Walk to the right (towards the TV) and you will still be on an invisible platform.

      • Go to Grandpa’s apartment while you are playing the island. Don’t bother pressing the first or second speech bubble, immediately press the third one and he will talk but still have the sleeping face and the Zs in the air. He will not during the watercress salad mini game, but he will afterwards. The Sleeptalking Old Man. XD

      • Cool enough to add to the page? No offense, SW, but I’ve found a lot of glitches and don’t know whether you’re approving them or not. That last one’s a little iffy, so I might have to try it again, but still…

      • It’s now how “cool” it is, per se. The “Glitches” page is very strict on what is used in it. I do think the glitch IS really cool; however, the page is more for glitches that can help the player in future events. 🙂

      • Alright, you can’t tell me Jump While Jumping helps players during future events. A lot of these don’t help players during future events-like customizing a dog beard, or making a dog sleep-stand or any of that. It just looks cool. Like a sleeptalking grandpa or a computer controlled player who does chat or just a big dramatic light sequence. Okay, maybe not that last one, but still.

      • “Jump While Jumping” does help people… And we also look for things to customize, such as the dog beard. Making a dog sleep-stand doesn’t help, which is why I started editing the page 30 minutes ago or so to take away and add glitches. 😦

      • Okay, fine. But did you take off the Dr. Hare’s Lair flying glitch? Cuz that definitely helped. And dummy customizer doesn’t work. The only thing I was able to get from alfiebro9 was the metal face, and I manually customized that.

      • Also, after you use talkingmouth and go to wherever you where, the mouth will be gone and replaced with that cheesy smile.

      • Do you have any friends with cell phone handhelds? I want to outfit CL with one of those so badly.

      • Yeah, I have him friended too. I was exploring the blog and found it. But you can’t customize anything from PK.

      • Because it’s noncustomizable… You’d need a CEG or a dummy…..


        Sent from my iPhone


      • There are a lot of those. And I own some. I can get the phone for you though if you would like SW.


        Sent from my iPhone


      • Could you, NU? I’ve been stuck with the same look for two years and it’s time to tweak it a little bit.

      • It doesn’t really have to be that complicated. Is your computer on? Cuz if it is, you could meet me in the Astro Knights common room with it.

      • You can’t customize it from someone. That’s why I asked you to email me because I can’t explain it on the comments….


        Sent from my iPhone


      • I only got the one email, and I replied…If it went through that is 😛 ~~Nameless Sent from iCloud

      • I’m going to try this again, hold on, cuz I think it went from my computer, not Google.

      • What kind of phone? Like, the smartphone or the little one? Either one would be awesome.

      • I think it’s like an iPhone. The one Lance has on mocktropica.


        Sent from my iPhone


  15. hey people, found a glitch!
    1. go to the dream room on super villain island after you have finished the bonus quest.
    2. click on the police woman in the back
    3. a chat battle friend thing will pop up
    4. If you click battle, all the games will pop up, but you can not play any of them, even if you click on them
    5.if you friend them, the bubble will appear and fly up to your friends page but she will not appear among your friends, and if you try again, it will say “you are already friends with this person”
    6. if you hit chat, it will give you questions, and the moment you finish speaking, she will have a ready answer!

    Hope you can use this, thx!

  16. Hey! Okay, I have a few glitches.

    1. In Twisted Thicket’s construction site, go to the toilet, click on it, and a bunch of water will come up. Jump up and hit the water and you will instantly go back to the beginning of the construction site.

    2. In Mystery Train, go to the bathroom (the one that says WS). Click on the stall. The door will fly open. Jump on the toilet. Click on the stall door again. The door will shut, and you will come falling from the ceiling and land right in front of the stall!

    3.If you have completed Mythology Island, use the Hades crown anywhere to become big and the Poseidon trident to become sparkly.

    4. If you restart Twisted Thicket wearing the medallion, you will get to use it throughout the island.

      • K, I understand. I will tell u if I see any more!!!!! 🙂

        But BTW, I sent a letter to Poptropica, with pictures of every creator ever (drawn by me) and u know what? They actually listened to my ideas to reraise Poptropolis Games AND to bring back Monster Carnival, and listen to this. They actually gave me a job offer. I quote: “Drop us a letter when you’re out of college. We’re serious. You have lots of creativity we could use here! Hoping you’re still interested and Poptropica is still around.” It’ll be around. Come on people! THIS IS POPTROPICA! TIME MAGAZINE’S TOP 40 MOST INFLUENTIAL! So I plan to go to MIT bc I can learn to work computers and it is 5 min from Pop HQ.

        In case anyone wants to write to them:
        c/o Family Education Network
        501 Boylston St
        Suite 900
        Boston, MA 02116

        In case anyone wants to friend me on Poptropica, I am dinosaur1075. Cut me some slack, I made it when I was 8.

    • 2 isn’t much of a glitch… Neither is 3……. I use 3 all the time, and 2 is one of those boredom busters.


      Sent from my iPhone


      • Jeez Silver Wolf, you’re like a greyhound, quick to the chase. Uh, I mean that in a good way. Wow now I’m blushing. 😉

      • And SW, what is ur username? I want to friend u. Anybody else who wants me to friend them, pls leave username.

      • 1 more thing: what is everyone’s favorite island? It’s nice to have people to talk to about Pop. The only other person who liked it was my best friend Haaris (Serious Boa) and he moved back to TX last year.

      • Well, the words above the picture of “Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans” are pages. Some pages have sub-pages, and “Snapshot” is a page up there. The “Snapshot” page has the rules and information on it. It has’t been updated, yet, though. 😛 Please feel free to look at the rules and all the other pages! Also, this website is a blog, which means I have multiple authors to write articles about Poptropica and the blog. Click the “Home” page to see all of the posts the authors have made; however, I wouldn’t advise reading all of them. There are over 100 articles (all in chronological order; newest at the top, and oldest at the bottom). xD You can also comment on the articles. The article at the top of the “Home” page is “sticky,” which means that it’s stuck up at the top, even though it’s older than the older posts (articles). I didn’t exactly know how much you knew, so I decided to tell all about the blog. 😆

      • Mocktropica is mine too!!!! Course, my favorite is normally the latest one, but to be honest, I am getting sick of the new Poptropica. I liked the old way.

      • Did anyone else enter the Create Your Own Island? I submitted Jurassic Island (and I have watched every Jurassic Park movie, they won’t get in trouble for copyright, mine is totally different- except that they both have dinosaurs 😉 )

  17. Awesome glitch, I discovered it by accident and it helped me complete Dr Hare’s secret lab easily!

    1- Complete super power island
    2- Open doctor hare’s secret lab (while on super power island)
    3- You can fly and easily collect all three keycards!

    -small fire

  18. SW pls put this on your glitchs

    “Hand Held Item Glitch” –
    Step 1: Go to someone that has costumes in there closet
    Step 2: Costumise a handheld that is available
    Step 3: Just click on the available handheld item nothing else
    Step 4: Don’t do anything else just press the (X) button on the closet
    Step 5: You can now see anyones handheld in your friends list if you wish!

    I use this glitch for costumizing people’s handheld item’s on poptropica island’s
    Step 1: If you already did the glitch I told you it still works if you exit your Friends
    Step 2: Go to any person on a island and just click on them
    Step 3: Quickly go to your friends
    Step 4: Click on your first friend and pass atleast 8-9 friends
    Step 5: Click the costumise button on the right
    Step 6: You get a “Rare” handheld item! ;D

    Found by: Perfect Kid

  19. Did you know that in Super Villain Island, if you try to jump on top of the helicopter like in RTV, you get whacked away??

    And, the Dummytron has been PATCHED!!! Don’t request there anymore, you’re just wasting time…

  20. Anyone know how to Duplicate Accounts!?? I do!!! I’m trading a Dupliactor glitch for dummy account(s)! Please reply if you have any!??

    The Dummytron has been patched, and that means the number of Dummies will dwindle. We can save that, if you let me duplicate your dummy. If you would rather trade dummy account(s) for HOW to do the Duplicator, let me know.

  21. If you guys don’t believe I can duplicate heres a sample ;D user: tessmariahgio13 pass: poops you can change the password I don’t care….

  22. SW can I get on your account to duplicate??? because you have a lot of rares I really want to get the robot! ;D pls

  23. Hey guys I found a new glitch! if you have a rare or dummy account give it to me you can trust me…wanna know why because I can Duplicate accounts! look my real account: tessmariahgio10 is Perfect Kid but if you add: gioishere100 it will make a exact duplicate of your real account but too another! ;D

  24. I dont know if this is happening to anyone else but…when ever I go to the new maps: Virus hunter, Poptropolis, 24 Carrot Island I always either get Mad, happy eyes 😀 but if I go to the normal Islands I have normal eyes 😦

  25. I may have discovered a glitch. I have been able to do the following on multiple accounts, but someone should still verify this.

    Access your photo album and find the photos from Early Poptropica. Select the costumize option on the photo in which your Poptropican is in the dark area holding a glow stick. When the costumizer loads, you should be able to costumize the glow stick!

  26. I have more rare glitchs that no one knows! but can’t tell you yet because I told you enough well the lame glitchs

      • haha thanks c; I promise not to tell anyone and plus Ill try to help your blog y posting glitchs! and im trying to hack poptropica membership getting close…

      • also if you want my hair I just kept on us the hand held fork and keep on pressing Ctrl Shift + S and keep on jumping and doing it (takes a few times but totally worth it!

  27. And in the ad Spirit animals as soon as you drink the cup press Ctrl Shift + S and you get a big cup…” makes you look gangsta “! ~PK

  28. Hey this is my Tessmariahgio10! um…can I join your team? also I have a glitch! 😀 you know the mermaid ad go to it when you have the mermaid tail go to the store click on the backpack then go to your items and turn on and off your bubble gum(Free) and click on haunted place(Free) then you have the mermaid tail! Hurry up before the Ad goes away! (possibly in 2 to 3 days the ad wil be gone)

  29. I have alot more glitchs if you want me to tell you add me on poptropica and talk to me user: tessmariahgio10 I have a rare account!

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