Fantastic Friends

Welcome to the Fantastic Friends page, where you can find nearly 100 Poptropicans’ usernames to friend! We have plenty of usernames, including Poptropica Creators, PTFP authors, viewers of the blog, and a couple of popular Poptropicans.

Just go to your Poptropican’s profile on Poptropica, click the ‘+’ button to the right of the screen from your Poptropican, and enter the username of another Poptropican to add them as a friend!

If you want your username put up on the page, please say so in the comments!

The Creators

Please note that the PTFP are not the creators of Poptropica, nor are we associated with them.

Binary Bard: BinaryBard
Black Widow: BlackWidowCreator
Captain Crawfish: CaptainCrawfishCreator
Director D: DirectorDcreator1
Dr. Hare: JordanLeary
Hades: HadesCreator1
Hazmat Hermit: JustinLacy
Shark Guy: SharkGuyCreator
Thirsty Whale: ThirstyWhaleCreator
Triton: TritonCreator

The Authors

Silver Wolf: Win her Snapshots!
Spotted Dragon: ooolala13

The Viewers

2awesome4u75: 2awesome4u75
Bendy Flyer: testingmom2014
Blue Penguin: GingerNinja468
Brave Dolphin: salma26557
Brave Dolphin: sunjam10
Brave Sky: wimpykid2675
Bulldog: Dude38764
CM-Punky: cmpunkybestintheworld
Clean Stomper: dr.soda2
Clean Storm: isaiah17723
Coder, The: Catsaredefinitelymuffins and Gogum4
Comical Berry: ag4803
Cool Dragon:
Cool: coolpixels
Creepy Hamburger: cancangirl29
Creepy Hamburger: frysmakemefat
Creepy Hawk: dobbieranger
Cuddly Knuckle: hesnothappy
Cuddly Lion: dinosaur1075
Dizzy Fox: keithsammut
DJVampiGamer: DJScratchStep
Fearless Fox: jobob26
Fierce Sky: mapfinder654
Golden Fire: SilverSunrise
Graser: Graser8
Hal Marie: inthetree5
Happy Dragon: chriszaz123
Happy Fire: Sparx15
Hungry Burger: meowziepie
Icy Spinner: *cloud*
Incredible Onion: sassychick1050
Jack: jphilbin
Joe Musso: jmjmjmjm360
Laila Anane: Lailagirl14
Lone Axe: Zer0x4
Lucky Shell: badyu
Lucky Snowball: ross1dog
Lula4shmidt: lula4schmidt
Magic Gamer: Demolish7
Michael: sean27191
Mighty Fang: mememe7592
Mighty Gamer: MightyGamer126
Nameless UnDEFiNed: Win her Snapshots!
Nice Star: nicestarmeili, happyicickemeili, smartcrumbmeili, luckycrumbmeili, happyaxemeili.
Orange Eel: punisher1623
Orange Shell: makcat219
Pasteliacupcakes: $cupcakeluv$
Perfect Coyote: abbotcostello
Perfect Dolphin: perfect1490
Perfect Kid: tessmariahgio10
Pinky Loo :3: Pinklove95
Purple Claw: donatloul
Qweasdzxc: HappyPandaBear18
Rohit Jaiswal: pragstar
Shaky Skunk: BigYummyCandyApple
Shy Singer: tooshy2seal
Silly Jumper: runran
Silly Skull: dountless8
Silly Tiger: sumyisawesome
Silver Fish:
Silver Pear the Elder: eeerdee
Silverwolf22203: hayleighrulz
Simeon: Cpetsnaz8100
Skinny Snowball: didyouknow472
Sleepy Pear: tabitha200012
Slippery Icicle: Icicle189
Small Sponge: SmallSponge61
Speedy Eagle: higuysitsme
Speedy Lizard: RAHR52
Spotted Monster: emilizzle
Spotted Sword: taylalia
Squeezy Onion: Cammeron59
StarWolf (AKA StarCat): Her main username is classified, but her minor usernames are Katpuppy1824 and StarfireRaven5.
Sticky Clown/Strange Cat: xplus1; others include keerthu3, hestia11429, lostwinds2 and escablo
Sticky Walker: maxwell3507
Strange Cactus: Kath7645
Super Runner: Clumbee
Tall Cactus: macandcheese520
Tough Fox: maxkitty6
Tough Icicle: Samwow5
Tough Spider: monney30P
Trusty Biker: ihg0119
Trusty Tomato: nana1954
Trusty Tomato: skybluedude
Vlad the Ocean: RadarToo
White Shadow: petchthegamer
Yellow Lizard: puter84 or yellowlizard119
Yellow Lobster: fa3145

Popular Poptropicans

Please note none of these names listed below are the Poptropica Creators.

Hijuyo/Slanted Fish: hi.juyo and slantedfish
Thinknoodles: thinknoodles

235 thoughts on “Fantastic Friends

  1. can you add me? I have almost all the medilians, I was a member for some time, and I have rare stuff! I’ve been at poptropica for 7 years! I am Brave Dolphin, username sunjam10!

      • Hello Silver Wolf! My character name is Icy Spinner (as mentioned) and my username is: *cloud*
        I would appreciate if you could add it to the list and friend me. I do have current membership and a closet with a lot of “hand items” and cool outfits. ☺ I am new to this website and just found it on Google search today. Thank you for your time and effort.♥

      • There are a few of them. I own some actually.. Dacloner1 is one of them. There’s everything173 and I think maybe fsdummy, but I’d have to check.

        ~~ I like milkshakes… 🍦🍨


  2. hi! this is for you doctor who fans the 11th doctor on poptropica! Can you please put these 2 on there( the 11th doctor and his look alike?)
    11th doctor:
    name: blue tiger username :drwhomsmith
    name: nice monster username: frogwizard3
    tell me what doctor who chracters you want made!

      • put blue tiger as 11th doctor and nice monster as nice monster is that what you meant?

      • well if u get the colorizer u can use it for the hair and for the bowtie get it from the april fools outfit in the store the fez u can get from an island in the skullduggery island and finally to get the pants and coat get the snake wrangler outfit and where the pants and coat and where to get it from is the girl who was asking about catching the cow and once u do it complete a second task that she asks and u will get the snake wrangling outfit on wild west island and just customize to get the top of the hair and the screwdriver u need to get on ur own

  3. thank you also you don’t have to put these on, but also there’s nardberries, and fumiofusion. (i have another one, but i’m giving it to my friend who lost her account)

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  5. can you put my 2 usernames? I have 3,but only SW knows my main one.So don’t put Grey Wolf. Here are the others: Katpuppy1824 and StarfireRaven5. thanks!

  6. 1. Will you please fix my username? It’s actually ooolala13. Thanks!
    2. Can you add my friend’s username? It’s frysmakemefat. My friend is weird so don’t ask why. Just put Creepy Hamburger as the name. Oh Hamburger Boy is based off of him. (He helps me write the comic) 😛

  7. What,no ‘Fantastic ex-authors that we sincerely regret firing but ity’s too late now’ category? You may find my usernames in the ‘About the Authors’ page.And what’s this about the 2nd TS?

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