Fortune Cookie Quotes

This page is chock full of funny, sincere, and just plain crazy Fortune Cookie quotes from the Poptropica Store.

“If life hands you a lemon, add sugar, cold water, and sell it at a lemonade stand.”

“Smile! Even an evil genius like Dr. Hare smiles.”

“Someone secretly admires you and you will never know who.”

“When life gives you a punch in the face, duck!”

“The Black Widow stole your fortune.”

“Have a nice day!:)”

“Beware of ninjas on bicycles.”

“Captain Crawfish will return.”

“Don’t take advice from someone in a clown suit.”

“When times are difficult, you will find strength.”

“Someone misses you.”

“You will succeed in achieving your goals!”

“Smile at someone and see what happens!”

“Zeus is watching, so be nice.”

“Helping others is its own reward.”

“Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.”

“Love is on the rise!”

“Help I am a prisoner in a fortune cookie factory!”

“The answers to all your questions are found within…or on the internet.”

“Open more cookie, get more fortunes!”

“This fortune cookie is inhabited by a family of ants.”

“Someone is thinking about you.”

“Why would you trust your future to a fortune cookie?”

“Life is like a raisin. You shrivel up and get old.”

“You will discover a hidden talent.”

“You will see a friend soon.”

“Will you choose to be famous or infamous?”

“Hazmat Hermit was here!”

“You will find lots of chewing gum in your future…under your desk.”

“Phew! It was getting hot in there.”

“Save the planet, recycle this fortune.”

“Creativity is the path to success.”

“Help someone when they are low and it will make you feel high.”

“Time will tell you everything.”

“Make like a banana and split!”‘

“A tough choice lies in your future.”

“You shouldn’t believe everything you read!”

“A bad start doesn’t dictate a bad ending.”

“If you throw dirt at others, you will have no ground left to stand on!”


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