Easter Eggs!

Easter eggs are special items that you can find anywhere in Poptropica, or other online games, you just have to know where to look. We will keep adding to the list as we go along, so check back here often!

  • Hypnotic: This card is Members only, but Non-Members can get it, too! Here’s how. Go to Poptropica Towers on Early Poptropica Island. Then, find the green tower. Jump up on the windowsills of the green tower, until you see the second flower pot you come across when climbing this tower. On the window-tile-thing just above it, hover your mouse. Then, your mouse will turn from arrow to pointer. Now you can click. “Hypnotic” will be added to your inventory.
  • Skull Mask: Have you ever seen those sneak peaks with the two Poptropicans in it that have that weird animal skull mask thing on? Have you ever wondered where they got it? Here’s how! 1) Go to Legendary Swords. 2) Go in the  second part of the cave. 3) Look for the mask among the fossils. 4) Click on it. You now have the skull mask!
  • Viking Suit: Do you want a viking suit in your inventory so you don’t have to go to Time Tangled Island to customize a viking every time you want one, but don’t know how? Here’s your answer. 1) Go to time tangled Island. 2) Go to the time of the Vikings. 3) Jump up to the ledge the cave is on. 4) Go to the very edge of the ledge. (the right edge) 5) Put the glider from Leo’s workshop on. 6) Jump to the right. 7) If you did it right, you should land on another mountain. 8) You will see a pile of clothes. Walk over to it. You now have your very own viking suit.
  • Skin Pigments: Go to Early Poptropica and run to the right until you arrive at a road with a lot of towers. Keep running left until you arrive at a street vendor with colored balloons attached. Click one, and it will change you skin pigment to the color you clicked on the balloon! You can go back every once in awhile to see if they have new balloon colors out. 🙂 You can also visit another way to change your skin pigment by clicking here.

There will be more added soon!


28 thoughts on “Easter Eggs!

  1. Whee! Any more? Hey……. WHY are the trinkets called ”Easter Eggs”? Does it HAVE to do anything with Easter?

  2. Please can you guys figure out how to get no shirt ? I try putting herculesus costume at my closet but he has a shirt ! Which makes him look weird ……..Ok so can you guys get the glitch !!??!!?? …………………….

    • Androw, go to Mythology. Go to the right of Main Street. Enter a museum and get a reed pipe if you didn’t get one. Then, go to Main Street. Go to the left 2 times (minus the advertisements). Go COMPLETLY to the left. There is a door that has a music code. Get out the reed pipe from your inventory. Click the holes depending on the color. It has to match the color to open the door. Then, get in the door. Go to the left. There is a minotaur. Click the green shirt for customizing. Customize has his furry body. It is your skin color.
      Singed, Unknown.

      • Thanks for the suggestion! It really is a cool bonus to the things you can customize, but I don’t know if it would exactly be called an Easter Egg.

    • You need to customize as the minotaur to have no shirt. You can also have no clothes by customizing as the minotaur.

  3. In early poptropica,the was a glitch to change your skin color by pressing on the balloons in the poptropica towers.

  4. Hey, this does not really give you anything but it is a kind of find it- on Hammerhead’s island on Shark Tooth, you can see Wilson from Cast Away sitting in a barrel with a bunch of sticks. Wilson also appears in Night Watch on the top shelf of Slugger’s.

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