This page has all of the costumes that don’t really fit into a category. Here they are:

Elf QueenBy: Silver Wolf

Elf Queen:

  1. Get the wand from the Fairy Queen.
  2. Get the hair and the bangs from the Rock Star 2.
  3. Get the mouth, wings, shirt, skirt, belt, and neck piece from the Elf Queen on Twisted Thicket Island.
  4. Get the ears from the Elf Costume.

Singer of LoveBy: Sticky Clown

The Singer of Love:

  1. Shirt: Well, it was the shirt from the Drac Costume in the Hotel Transylvania ad, tryusing the Ad Transporter.
  2. Glasses: From the Disco King costume
  3. Smile: From Prom King
  4. Glow: From the Phantom gold card
  5. Jacket and mic: From the Singer Boy costume
  6. Pants: Random black pants
  7. Skin: Fair
  8. Hair: Counterfeit Island Museum security guard (male).
  9. Hair Color: Black

VikingBy: Silver Wolf


  1. Helmet – Time Tangled Easter Egg that you can find directions for here.
  2. Axe – Time Tangled Easter Egg that you can find directions for here.
  3. Shirt – Time Tangled Easter Egg that you can find directions for here.
  4. Sash/shoulder pads – From the Minotaur at Mythology Island.
  5. Scratches – From the woman on Super Villain Island that is on the submarine-type-machine.
  6. Hair – From the Gamer Dude from the Poptropica Store.
  7. Mouth/goatee From the Rock Star 2 from the Poptropica Store.

Blue BardBy: Sleepy Feather

The Blue Bard:

  1. Hair: Woman on Main Street, Counterfeit Island
  2. Shirt: Boy in blue, Astro-Knights Island
  3. Jacket: I’m not entirely sure where you get that…ask Spotted Dragon
  4. Belt, pants: Woman on Main Street, Red Dragon Island
  5. Quill: Handheld item (friend everything173)
  6. Lips: Woman in Blue with Fruit on Her Head, Mythology Island
  7. Bangs: Goth boy, Reality TV Island

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