Drunk ZombieBy: Spotted Dragon

Drunk Zombie:

  1. Get the Vampire Boy’s hair and shades.
  2. Get the belt gun from Spy Island.
  3. Get the cup with the black liquid from the 24 Carrot glitch.
  4. Get the zombie mouth and scar from the Haunted House Quest prize.
  5. Get the shirt, pants, and jacket from the zombie tuxedo guy from the Haunted House Quest.

Death's MotherBy: Spotted Dragon

Death’s Mother:

  1. Get the nose from the witch in the Haunted House.
  2. Get the cape, shirt, belt, scythe, and pants from the dark-hooded figure in the Haunted House.
  3. Get the hair, mouth, and bolts from the Bride of Frankenstein costume.
  4. Get the green skin from doing the Ctrl+Shift+S cheat [or by using the Colorizer].

Zombie KingBy: Sticky Clown

Zombie King:

  1. Robes and crown: From the King of Arthurus.
  2. Zombie eyes, mouth, and face: From the Zombify item by completing Haunted House.
  3. Jacket: From the Leprechaun costume in the store.
  4. Shirt and pants: From the Frankenstein guy in the Ghost’s Gala (the underground tunnel in Haunted House).
  5. Knife: From the guy with a grey beard on the far left on the Main Street in Astro-Knights.
  6. Scepter: From the Pharaoh costume in the store.
  7. Skin: Turn it purple using the Ctrl+Shift+S cheat, the Colorizer, or the balloons in Poptropica Towers, Early Poptropica.

poptropica vampire detectiveBy: Sleepy Feather

Vampire Detective

  1. Hair, Cape, Shirt – Vampire (Haunted House)
  2. Mouth, Jacket – Vampire Boy (Store)
  3. Scar, Bags – Dr. Jekyll (Haunted House)
  4. Sunglasses, Pants – Secretary (Spy Island – HQ)
  5. Skin – White
  6. Hair – Black

Evil ScientistBy: Michael (Curious Grape)

Evil Scientist:

  1. Keep randomizing your Poptropican (Ctrl+Shift+R) until you get one with a shirt that has a skull picture on it that has grey stripes behind the skull.
  2. Then go to the Haunted House, go to the monster party, and customize Death’s belt.
  3. Then go to Super Power Island and customize the scientist’s lab coat.
  4. Then go to Mount Olympus on Mythology and customize the guy with the wind bags’s hair.
  5. You need the Skull Pirate costume, and customize its peg leg.
  6. Then, get the goggles from the Hypnotic costume.
  7. Use the customize anything glitch on any friends that have a robot face. But don’t take the eye, just take the other robot part (This is optional, but it makes the costume better).
  8. Then go to the Carrot King Diner and make a cup that has black water in it, and then fill it up as much as you can with white without it getting completely white.
  9. Then choose your skin color. You can pick any color, but I prefer PD’s skin color.

Earth Day

Earth SaverBy: Silver Wolf

Earth Saver:

  1. Get the shirt and pants from the Energy Hog card prize.
  2. Get the flower and mouth from the Flower Power costume.
  3. Get the arrows from the Robin Hood costume.
  4. Get the hair/hat and the jacket from the Leprechaun costume.
  5. Electrify yourself green from the Electrify card.


There aren’t any costumes for this category yet. If you have some costumes you want to share, comment it and we will give you credit! 😀


There aren’t any costumes for this category yet. If you have some costumes you want to share, comment it and we will give you credit! 😀


20 thoughts on “Holiday

  1. well, for Christmas first get the nabooti phone and type 1225 to get a santa hat and bag (irreversible) and if you do ctrl +shift+p you get a pumpkin mask

  2. I’ve got a cute Christmas costume for girls!! Just give the credit to Spotted Dragon 2.0! 😉
    It costs 75-150 credits.
    Here’s a username so that you can see the costume: cutechristmasgirl

    1. Get the red dress from the Tinkerbell Ad. It’s quite popular in the common rooms, but if you have trouble finding it, friend cutechristmasgirl and costumize it.

    2. Get the jacket, belt, skirt, and bangs from the Pop Star costume in the Store.

    3. Get the ponytail from the Biker Girl costume in the Store. You could also just use any other short, ponytail like the one from the barista in Queequeg’s on Back Lot.

    4. Get any red lips.

    5. *optional* Put on the Little Candy Cane from the Store.

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