Boredom Busters

Bored? Well, there are tons of things to do in Poptropica that’s fun. You just have to investigate! :mrgreen: Here are some ideas:

  1. Go to Wild West [Island] and replay all the old mini-games which are still playable, like the mine cart ride, Slap Jack, shooting games, digging for gold, and so on. ~SC
  2. Try to beat Prepare for Impact as much times in a row without losing! My high score is 30-0! Can you beat it? ~SC
  3. Try to get the high score for the day, week, or month on one of the games in the Daily Pop. ~SW
  4. Try making your Poptropican look like characters from movies, books, shows, and anything else! ~SD
  5. Go back and beat the islands you’ve already completed again and again until you have them completely memorized. ~TS
  6. Try to defeat Skullduggery [Island] in 1 day! ~SC
  7. Jump wire to wire on Early Poptropica, Poptropica Towers, with out falling off until you at least get to the other side. ~SD
  8. Reply the Reality T.V. [Island] games! ~SD
  9. Play Shrink Shot! ~Michael A.K.A. Curious Grape
  10. Play the games on Wimpy Boardwalk [Island] (both the ones on the boardwalk and the other ones such as the metal detector and the bumper cars). ~Michael A.K.A. Curious Grape
  11. Try to discover a new glitch! ~ Michael A.K.A. Curious Grape
  12. Find an online stopwatch, then time yourself playing an island and try to beat it as fast as possible. This may seem easy for islands like Early Poptropica, but when you get to Skulduggery… The current records are at the bottom of the page. Try to beat them! If you are able to beat them, comment below and everyone will try to beat your time! Make sure to use this stopwatch; some stopwatches can be a bit faster or slower than others!
  13. Show how smart you are a and try to make island guides for islands, with out replaying them! 😉 ~SD
  14. When you first enter Time Tangled Island, there is a crab that if you click ten times, will explode. (It’s only temporary.) ~Brave Penguin
  15. Try to make the wackiest costume you can! ~Cuddly Lion
  16. Play Thunder Volt on Wimpy Boardwalk ~Cuddly Lion
  17. Play the Virus Hunter Nano Training ~Cuddly Lion
  18. Play the Game Show Island game shows again! ~Cuddly Lion
  19. Play the Reality TV Games again! ~Friendly Leaf
  20. In the top floor of Dr. Spyglass’s building in Spy Island, click on the gadgets and Dr. Spyglass will come. Run away from Dr. Spyglass; all around the room. Dr. Spyglass will chase after you! ~Cuddly Knuckle
  21. Play Poptropica Realms! ~Cuddly Knuckle
  22. Win Reality TV Island, but there’s a twist. You cannot win any of the challenges until the last one. If you win before the last round, restart the whole thing. If you manage to succeed at this challenge, then CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE WON A GOOD GAME! ~SC
  23. Add friends! They may have cool costumes parts in their closets and photos! ~Bendy Flyer

Current Stopwatch Records:


24 Carrot: 7:09 – Tough Spider


Arabian Nights ep. 1: 11:54 – Funny Sword

Arabian Nights ep. 2 & 3: 1:00:55 – Hungry Feather

Astro-Knights: 47:01 – Hungry Feather


Back Lot: 36:09 – Creepy Hamburger

Big Nate: 12:49 – Cuddly Lion


Charlie & the Chocolate Factory: 31:37 – Hungry Feather

Counterfeit Island: 35:27 – Hungry Feather

Cryptids: 36:58 – Creepy Hamburger


Early Poptropica: 4:59 – Small Flame


Game Show island: 1:19:56 – Hungry Feather

Ghost Story: 38:39 –  Cuddly Lion

Great Pumpkin: 19:06 – Brave Sky


Mocktropica: 58:05 – Hungry Feather

Monster Carnival: 29:42 – Creepy Hamburger

Mystery of the Map: 17:52 – Creepy Hamburger


Nabooti: 35:23 – Hungry Feather

Night Watch: 41:06 – Creepy Hamburger


Poptropolis Games: 27:42 – Hungry Feather


Reality TV: 26:23 – Young Flame

Red Dragon: 1:37:07 – Hungry Feather


Shark Tooth: 3:23 – themadfeather

Shrink Ray Island: 37:21 – Hungry Feather

Skullduggery: 1:37:21 – Bashful Joker

S.O.S.: 30:02 – Creepy Hamburger

Spy Island: 23:58 – Hungry Feather

Super Power: 12:56 – Cuddly Lion

Super Villain: 31:23 – Funny Sword

Survival Island (all): 1:06:47 – Hungry Feather


Time Tangled: 14:18 – Tough Spider

Twisted Thicket: 21:50 – Hungry Feather


Vampire’s Curse: 27:23 – Hungry Feather

Virus Hunter: 1:23:07 – Hungry Feather


Wimpy Boardwalk: 25:36 – Hungry Feather

Wild West: 58:43 – Creepy Hamburger


Zomberry: 39:26 – Shy Panda

If an island is not listed, then no one has submitted their best time for that island. Feel free to submit your time for these islands!

The only rule is that you can look up how to beat the island if necessary, but you may not pause the stopwatch before you see the medallion no matter whatIf you do, you must abort (give up) the attempt. Oh, and you can use the “S” cheat to speed up dialogue. ~TS


220 thoughts on “Boredom Busters

  1. No clue if this is still remotely active or not, but I got 1:20:28 on Virus Hunter, and 46:19 on Astro-Knights. I hope this is still running, I have some great memories of trying to beat the clock to have my (Poptropican) name up on the list!

  2. Here’s a really hard challenge. Win Reality TV Island,but there’s a twist. You cannot win any of the challenges until the last one . If you win before the last round,restart the whole thing. If you manage to succeed at this challenge,then CONGRADURATIONS!!!! YOU HAVE WON A GOOD GAME!!!!

  3. A small tip for Early Poptropica: If you’ve already completed the island,put the jet pack on and restart it. You will still have it and you can obtain the glowstick,the pig and the flag easily that way.

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