Avatar Studio

Welcome to the Avatar Studio page! If you need to know what the Avatar Studio is, you want to add your own Avatar, or how to get to the Avatar Studio, this is the page for you! This is not a friend username page (you can visit that here), but you can forever save an outfit you want on this page.

About the Avatar Studio

The Avatar Studio is a way to look at your own Poptropican and others without necessarily actually having to log-in to Poptropica. You can see how someone is looking at that exact moment by entering their username in a search bar! Their eyes will even follow your mouse if you pass over their Avatar. You can see an example of this to the right under the title named “Silver Wolf’s Avatar.”

Going to and Using the Avatar Studio

There are two ways to get to the avatar studio. One way to get there is by clicking this link:


The second way is not by link, but useful if you’re already logged into your account. If you don’t already have the Gold Card, go to the store and buy Poptropica Avatar Studio. It will be added to your items. Now go to your backpack and scroll through your items until you find the Poptropica Avatar Studio card. Click on it, and you will be at the Avatar Studio. Just enter the username you want to see in the “Username” box, and you’re done!

You can also save it the size you want by adjusting the “Zoom” bar, edit the size by entering the numbers you want in the “Crop Size” section and entering “Set,” or dragging the little squares on the outline of your avatar to the shape you want. Just copy the “Embed” link to put it in a page, or copy the “Link” to share it to others.

Share Your Own Avatar

You can’t really share your Avatar on Poptropica, but you can here! To share an Avatar you want us to put up, just tell us your username so we can take a picture for you! If you don’t want your username shared, just take a picture similar to the ones below (a link won’t work because it’s in a different format). Make sure to scroll over the photo or click it to see when it was taken and who it was taken of:

Note: If you want your avatar up there, comment your username and I will try my best to put it up as quickly as possible.


142 thoughts on “Avatar Studio

  1. Can I ask a question? How would you add your Poptropican to the sidebar of your site? Like yours?
    You mentioned the embed code and all, but how do you actually put it on there, if you know what I mean?

    • Through Gigya Shortcode. You would have to put the “Embed Code” from the Avatar Studio in a Text widget and edit it to fit Gigya Shortcode standards.

      Here’s a link if you need help:

      And here’s what I put in the PTFP’s widget as an example:
      [gigya src="http://static.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/charEmbed.swf?a=aWWwyWGY3U0dGc1pYa3VRUzVUZEdGdWRHOXU%3D" 'transparent' width='169' height='236']

      • I did this to my avatar on my blog too and it didn’t work because when I press space when I typed gigya to type src, it goes to the next line instead. So I ended up having gigya on the first line and src on the next one. And when I’m finished, I go to my site and the result is the embed code being invalid, the avatar not showing.

  2. I am not trying to be rude by the way by my demands, because I think of them as more like possible requests.

  3. You know,I’ve been playing Poptropica in 2008,so I’ve been playing for 6 years.I’ve gotten taught a lot of stuff through it.Now my adventures over.Goodbye Poptropica.

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