The Charming Kirk Strayer!

Hey guys! There’s a new ad in Poptropica! Although it’s not your normal ad. This one is for Back Lot Island. It’s pretty much a photo booth that allows you to take a picture with the recently famous actor… Kirk Strayer! *All the girls faint* Sheesh! He’s not that big a deal!

Audience Member: Come on SD! We know you totally want to get up and dance about him! How haven’t you fainted?!?

SD: What the?!? Who said that! You guys should know me better! I’m not girly! 😡

Audience Member: Yeah? Why you getting so mad then?

SD: Because you should know me better.

Audience Member: Oh yeah? *Gets cut off*

SD: Security!

Okay then. Now that that’s out of the way, back to the ad. *Clears throat* The cool thing about this ad is that you actually get to keep the photo you took in your album!

poptropica photo Wow! A Photo With Kirk Stayer!

See? Time well spent! 😆  Although the photo is listed as a Night Watch Island photo for me. It should’ve said Back Lot Island or AD. Weird… 😕


Ad Guide

There’s a new ad! Here’s the walk-through:

Middle School My Brother is a Big, Fat Liar

First, a girl tells you how someone sabotaged her best friend, Georgia. Time for your help! Here’s the instructions:

Absolute Truth! Someone poured orange juice into the mashed potatoes! Prove Georgia’s innocence by finding clues!

First, head to the trash can to the left. You only have 75 seconds, so hurry! Push the question mark (do this for every question mark; click it). Wait until the bar is completely the color green. Next, go to the chair to the right and click the question mark. Now, click the other question mark to the right behind the chair. Click the other question mark behind the ice-cream cart. Do this for every question mark until you have all of the clues!

Warning: If you pause the game, the timer stops, but once you un-pause the game, it deducts the seconds!

Prize for the Girls:

GeorgiaMashed Potato Toss

I think the boys get Georgia’s brother as their costume and the Mashed Potato Toss, too. If not, please say what you get in the comments! You can also talk to all the characters, too. You can play the game again by talking to Georgia’s best friend and saying, “Can I help?” You can also click the poster that says beside it, “Rafe was here. Click me,” and it will change! 😯 How can a poster change?!?! If you want to do something random, just go to the water fountain and click it to see water spurt out. Click the poster that says, “Get a Sneak Peek Inside the Book HERE,” and just click it like it says. You can watch a video, too.


The Croods Ad

Not much to it, just watch the video and get a sloth that hangs on your waist! Okay, I had this glitch with the sloth where if I had it on, I couldn’t customize things. (It wouldn’t load). Make sure to take it off by using the random customize glitch! (Ctrl+Alt+R).

The Timmy Failure Ad

This ad can only be found on certain islands (one island is Lunar Colony). Well, you can get the prize without doing anything, but if you want to do other things too, you can. First, you can watch the video to the left side of the building. Second, you can read what the story is about by going to the sign that says, “Timmy Failure Mistakes Were Made,” and pushing the button that says, “Story,” under it. Thirdly, you can play a game! Here are the answers:

  • Timmy Failure is a: Detective. (C)
  • Detectives should always bee on the lookout for: Clues (C)
  • Timmy Failure’s business partner is a: Polar Bear (A)
  • In “The Case of the Missing Halloween Candy,” which are likely to be important clues? Candy Wrappers (C)
  • Now I believe someone is purposely __________ the agency. Sabotaging (A)
  • If a detective is following a suspect or is on a stake-out, it would be wise for him or her to wear a: Disguise (C)
  • Real detectives do ___________ the old-fashioned way. With their own two eyes. Surveillance (C)
  • I have filled a ___________ with the Better Detective Bureau. Complaint (C)
  • I have decided to publish this history because my ___________ is invaluable to anyone who ever wanted to be a detective. Expertise (C)

Yay! You’re done with that now… Got to the left and click the Failuremobile to get it! That’s your prize! Now, if you want to, you can talk to all the characters.

Peter Pan Ad Guide

~Sticky Clown, Poptropical Explorer~

Go in and talk to Peter. After a short cutscene, you’ll start flying to Neverland in a fashion similar to the RTV minigame hang glider. All you have to do is to avoid the obstacles and make it there. Stay up to avoid roofs, chimneys, trees, and birds. After you go past the clock tower, cannonballs will burst out of clouds randomly, so the easiest thing to do is stay down.

When you’re done, you’ll win Pixie Dust Power (sends you flying in the clouds with Tinkerbell for a few seconds) and a new costume: Captain Hook (for boys) or Tinkerbell (for girls)! Before you head back to London, you can fly around with Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy, John, and Michael using Tink’s pixie dust.

You can find this ad on Zomberry Island, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, and any new islands. I’d like to thank Sticky Clown, Poptropical Explorer for this guide. 😀