Poptropica, Tumblr, & More!

Hey guys! The Creators have been checking out Tumblr recently and they’ve been taking screenshots of specific posts. Check them out!


Cute! Sadly, there haven’t been any behind the scenes images for any islands. Hopefully these random sketches (made by bored creators) and this buggy video will suffice.

Also, on Night Watch Island for a limited time, there is is a dance party for girls (sorry guys). You can chat, battle, make friends, and get two costumes and a dance party power. Visit it before it’s gone!

dance party

Umm… sparkly… 😛


P.S. The Poptropica Public Preview is on! Good luck in the contest! For now, here are some sneak peeks! 🙂


Ads & Arabian Nights: October 2nd!

Hey guys! We don’t mention the Box Trolls Ad in this post, but two other ads will pop up. Unlike a lot of ads, these don’t come with a “quest” or “game.”

First up is Disney Infinity, which now includes superheroes. You can find it on Reality TV island.

disney ad 1

disney ad 2All you have to do is watch a video to earn your prize, which is a “Bring on the Super Heroes” power. When activated, a screen appears with a few Marvel super heroes, but that is pretty much it.


disney ad 3

The second ad is for Mr. Peabody and Sherman, coming to Blu-Ray and DVD on October 14. You can find it on Steamworks island.

peabody ad 1

Once you find it, all you have to do is click it to earn your two prizes, which are Continue reading

Disney XD Animacation Ad

Hey guys! While just walking around Poptropica, I encountered a new Disney XD ad!


Anyways, when you enter you’ll be sent through this weird portal thing. o_O


So, it’s a common room but there are three other games you can play, and if you win them all you get a prize. Let’s start off with the Funhouse, to your right.


Sooo, it’s like an obstacle course I guess. After you finish it, you’ll get a Steve the Llama Follower.

That’s actually it. I’m not kidding.

That’s uh, interesting. Let’s take it off before I get the feeling someone’s stalking me. *whips head around* Hmm…  Ok, let’s go the next game, Mabel’s Water Race on the left.

Why is this here.

Why is this here.

Anyways, in this game you have to shoot the target and keep it on the bullseye. You can choose a character and just move your mouse over the bullseye.

When you beat it, you get the Animacation Power which makes everyone around you turn that weird shade of blue. I think. XD

Now there’s only one more game left, the 7D Mines which is up on the second floor.


So, just jump on the platforms, avoid the lava and find the 7D. Once, you’re finished, you’ll get the Dwarf Costume. (There’s 3 different ones)

And, the grand prize is…

 The Steve the Llama Bling Necklace! XD And it does this to your screen:


It also switches with gold and pink before it goes back to normal. Sooo, yeah. :3 That ish it! ;D

~Miss Muffin

Mocktropica Bonus Quest Guide

Hey, it’s a Bonus Quest Guide from me, Nameless UnDEFiNed, so let me know if there’s anything I should add, or any bugs I should add a warning for 😉

After you beat Mocktropica Island (Guide HERE), it’s time for the Bonus Quest. If you need help, keep on reading.     Go into HQ, and enter the basement.  Talk to Billy, then into Auto Mode you go. You’ll be told there’s a rogue programmer to chase. Click on the computer you were using as an Island Editor.


Now talk to Bucket Bot, click on the giant computer screen to the right, and follow Bucket Bot into the Arena.

You’ll start with 99.999 Mega Coins, and then you click to start. All you have to do is beat the MFB. Strangely enough, it’s a LOT easier now, than it was before… Just try not to let your energy run out COMPLETELY. CAUTION: Game may freeze at flashing lights. End of Round 1, Match 2. If this happens, you have to log in again. 

NOTE: When you play in the final round, you can still win even if you lose the first round. If you win the first, but lose the second, you go to a “Final Round” and if you win that, you still win 😉 If you lose the first, but win the second, and then win the “Final Round” you’ll win!

After you beat Colonel Hertz, you will go into Automatic, and once you return to Poptropica, some more Automatic 😉 😛 Now, get your Bucket Bot costume! You beat the Bonus Quest!


~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

More Pictures Coming Soon 😉