Trolls World Tour Ad and #NationalPuppyDay

Hi, Poptropicans! Despite a lack of posts this month so far on the Creators’ Blog, there have been some small updates recently on Poptropica and Instagram! It’s likely that like the rest of us, Poptropica has had to make some major shifts to accommodate with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The first piece of news is that an advertisement game has appeared on the first page of Poptropica map. You can also visit it on right side of the main street on 24 Carrot Island. It’s for Trolls World Tour, a Dreamworks movie coming out April 10th!

Trolls Island

Once you enter, you can talk to several of Troll’s main characters and explore the area. If you talk to Poppy, the pink troll, you’ll go through several dialogue lines and the game screen will appear. Your mission: defeat the rock music trolls with your electric guitar!

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Daily Poppin’ Ads

Hiya, Silver Wolf here!

Let’s get straight into it…the first order of business is the BFG, or Big Friendly Giant, ad!


This ad is basically on every SUI island you will go on right now. This is one of the short ones, though, where you watch two videos and get rewards. The video on the left, where Sophie tells her experiences of the making of the movie, gives you the Dream Trumpet power! The one on the right tells about the language used by giants (it’s actually kind of cool), and you get the Stride By power. You can see what they do below:

Daily Pop

What, a new sneak peek? Three new sneak peeks?! Impressive. We didn’t go over last month’s singular one because, well, it was just a rat (and apparently it took a week to make). Since this is so special, let’s theorize a little bit:

The Wheel Deal: This actually looks really fun! I’m betting the Grand Prize is probably 1/100, though. Unless credits become a prominent feature in the New Poptropica, I’m hoping that some of those slots change… Plus, I never understood the Spin Again slots. You spin, expecting something, then do it again?

ROI: Now, when I first saw this I thought they were referring to a name. Nope! It means “Return of Investment,” which is basically a formula you can use to see how your net cost compares to the original cost. I think this may be a tip of the hat to say everything is going fine financially for Poptropica right now, since there seems to be some rumors going around…

Hay There: This is a real barnstormer. And that pun is a brainstormer to think about. Really, this could be anything. But…what do I see on that barrel…? And the crate…? Is that Funny Bunny? The carrot farm from 24 Carrot Island?! This can possibly mean we have an island relating directly back to 24 Carrot, but it could also mean they are remaking it…

What do you think?

-Silver Wolf out

As a side note, the Poptropica Membership page has changed, possibly the first step to a New Poptropica.


Photo Booth for Phones, Pop Jungle Drill, & More

Hey guys! Spotted Dragon here with another Poptropica recap!

So, first things first! The Poptropica Photo Booth is now available on the app for iOS! Android and other mobile devices should also be updated soon. 😉

phoney photo

The Photo Booth is also coming to Mystery of the Map Island. 😛

In other news, you may have seen some jungle related Daily Pop sneak peeks lately. We thought it was hinting towards a new jungle themed island (and we were kind of right), but it turns out to be a bit different…

new island

This is what the Creators’ said about the new island:

Well, we’re trying something a little bit different this time. We’ve got over 40 full Islands on the site already. That’s great for most players, but some of those Islands — okay, most of them — are very complex and challenging!

That’s why we’re putting our efforts toward a new Island especially for first-time players. It’s shorter than most, with simpler objectives. The idea is to let new players understand how to approach the challenges of Poptropica and give them the tools they need to crack some of the tougher Islands, like Escape From Pelican Rock.

If you’re already a Poptropica expert, fear not! We think you’ll like this Island too. It’s got some fantastic art, great gameplay, and hilarious characters. In other words, everything you love about Poptropica!

We’ll let you know when this new Island is available. It’s coming soon!

So, this new island will basically be a tutorial. I’m assuming it will be similar to the tutorial we’ve seen on Hub/Home Island, but more detailed and useful. Looking at the art in the picture above, I’d say it looks pretty cool! 🙂

The Daily Pops above are perfect examples of what may be sneak peeks for the upcoming island.

Lots of monkey related pictures, huh? What about all the other animals of the world? What about pandas?!? Well don’t worry, Poptropica has got that covered too.

panda pic

Heh, yeah it’s just a new ad for Kung fu Panda. XD

Anyway, moving on. The Creators have been posting a lot of things on Twitter. Specifically, one creator in particular. Why? Because the Twitter account is officially being run by Skinny Moon! Also known as Jessica.

twitter pfp

The Twitter, and Poptropica’s other social media accounts, seem to be a lot more active now.

If you aren’t following the Creators, you should! They post lots of cool things like concept art, sneak peeks, and even things from fans!

concept art 1

Twisted Thicket sketches

Well, that’s all for now guys! Until next time! 😀


We Bare Bears Ad & 2 New Store Items

Hey guys! SD here with a cool Poptropica update. First off, there is a new unbearable ad that has appeared.

bear stack

This ad is for the pawsitively amazing Cartoon Network show: We Bare Bears. You bearly have to to anything to get an awesome Bear Stack hat. All you have to do is watch a short video. 😛

Okay guys, thanks for bearing with me through all of those beary punny bear puns. I thought for sure you would go all grizzly on me. XD

*cough* Aaaaanyway, moving on…

There are two new items in the Poptropica Store, each only 75 credits! First is Hat Trick, which has three different hats included in it, but it’s different for girls and boys. The second item is Capes ‘n’ Cowls, which includes three different capes with hoods.

So go visit the Poptropica Store to check them out! 😀



Odd Squad, BoxTrolls, & Strange Magic Ads

Hey guys! There are a few new ads on Poptropica, which can be found on Main Streets such as those on Spy Island, Early Poptropica, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Let’s look at the Odd Squad ad first. All you have to do is watch a quick video to earn your prize! Boys get the Agent Otto costume and girls get the Agent Olive costume.

ad 1

Another ad is for BoxTrolls, and again, all you have to do is watch a quick video! Afterwards, you will get the BoxTrolls Transformer. When you click “transform”, all the Poptropicans near you will become BoxTrolls!

ad 2

There is also an ad called Strange Magic! The ad can be found on islands such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. All you have to do to earn your prize is watch a quick video (a trailer for the movie). Girls get Fairy Wings and I assume boys get a Staff and Imp Costume. If space bar is pressed while wearing the wings, a short scene will play out where an imp will appear on screen and your Poptropican will fly.

strange magic

That’s it on ads! Keep a lookout for an upcoming Poptropica Realms post!