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PTFP Updates

There’s a lot going on in the Poptropica world, including both on the PTFP and Poptropica itself! Now that Summer’s winding down, I’ll be more active — surprising, isn’t it? Well, Summer is when I’m most busy with vacations and trips, and during school, I’m less busy with homework and studying. Not to mention, we’re working hard on the the TFP, and there may actually be some changes to the list:

TFP number 5 will be changed to: If you have these, you definitely love Poptropica!

Anyway, back to the Poptropica-ness!

Survival: Cabin Fever — Apptastic!

Survival: Cabin Fever, Episode 4, has now been released to the Poptropica app for all of mobile users to enjoy! Although, if you want to experience all the Poptropica islands with wi-fi access on mobile devices, visit our guide to see how. With the app, you can play any Flash websites, and you can play old islands mobile, too! Although, the Poptropica Official App is free to play, so download it if you haven’t! For Google Play users, the Official Poptropica app is delayed again, so sorry for the inconvenience. 😦 What’s taking them so long?

Poptropica Comics

Poptropica Comics, Week 15 has now been released to the public! Make sure to click each image to enlarge it. Here’s your weekly comic coming directly from Poptropica:

Make sure to keep in touch every week, either from the PCB or Daily Pops! What do you think will happen next? Tell us in the comments!

Poptropica Lands Creations

Poptropicans have already started building on Poptropica Lands, but some have already built amazing masterpieces. These Poptropicans have truly achieved over-the-top structures and landscapes in a short amount of time. Here are some awesome buildings by awesome Poptropicans:

Bony Owl's Land

A steamship nearly coming into contact with a submarine by Bony Owl

Cuddly Cloud's Land

A beautiful house built by Cuddly Cloud

Dizzy Popper's Land

An undergroud maze filled with obstacles created by Dizzy Popper

Friendly Singer's Land

A luxurious castle built by Friendly Singer

The Creators mention that they’re “excited to explore even more player created scenes” built in the Poptropica Lands, and before they posted these favorites on the blog, they featured three other creations on the Poptropica Twitter.

popland-shoutout1 popland-shoutout2 popland-shoutout3

Nothing was said about who made these, but we do know that one of our own authors, Spotted Dragon, made the treehouse! Nice work! 😉

Sadly, Poptropica Lands is only available to paying Members, but Black Widow hints it may not always be this way. Hopefully they’ll release it to the public soon! Either way, there are plenty of other things to do in Poptropica, so go explore, collect, and compete, and tell us what you think in the comments. Bai!


More of the return of binary bard!

Here’s some more of the return of the binary bard!
The dragon tank blew fire at them. Everyone dodged it, but it set Ned’s foot on fire.
“Ow ow ow! Fire!” He yelled. He tripped on the ice arrow and it put out the fire.
He picked up the ice arrow and said, “I wonder,”
Then he heard grape say, “Ned, help!” He turned around to see that the dragon tank had cornered Grape and C.J.
“Hey, stop that!” he yelled as he threw the ice arrow into the dragon tanks mouth. It went down its throat and the dragon tank’s head and neck turned blue. It coughed up the ice arrow and said, “RRRROOOOOAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!” It turned around and started going after Ned.
Grape Ran to the dragon tank and started pushing and pulling the lever on its side. The dragon’s mouth opened and closed so rapidly that its jaw was smashing its head. It roared and started going after Grape. C.J. started thinking. She grabbed the ice arrow and looked around at the dragon tank. She saw the spike ball on its tail and thought of a plan. She threw the the ice arrow just the moment the spike ball hit the ground. It worked, and the spike ball was frozen to the ground. When the dragon tank moved forward, it was stopped because there was a chain connecting it and the spike ball. It pushed harder, and harder, and finally the spike ball came out of the ground,but it went flying through the air, and the chain broke. It landed on its neck, and rolled down and started crushing the body. The dragon tank fell on its side.
Everyone gathered around the body and stared at it. It moaned and groaned. Grape turned to C.J. and said, “Give me a hammer.”
C.J gave him a hammer. He started smashing its head until it was just a broken pile of metal and wires. After several minutes, Ned said, “Okay,Let’s get moving!” and the continued walking through the cave.

Poptropica Comics, week 5

Well, we can see the poptropica comics in the game AND with that helpful little trick from the PHB, but the creators insist on posting each week so whatevs.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Poptropica comics, week 5

Here’s the past week of Poptropica comics. Click on an image to enlarge it.

We’ll be posting the previous week’s comics every Sunday here in the Poptropica Creators’ Blog. To read each new strip as it’s published,visit Poptropica and check out the Daily Pop!

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And…scene. 😛
~CL, fighting an epic pancake battle
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Hilo, I’m not dead!

Hi everybody, this is Tough Spider. I haven’t been active in a while, so I thought I’d update you guys. I have been SUPER busy. I had to decide what high school (wow, high school already! o_O ) I’ll be going to next year, which was probably the hardest decision of my life. Thankfully, I’m done with that now, but I’m still very busy preparing for a violin audition on April Fool’s day.

I’m not going to be able to come on for the rest of this week, but hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to catch up on the latest posts and comments that I’ve missed! Because of my inactivity, I haven’t done anything with Poptropica Universe, but hopefully Fearless Fox and I will be able to work on it this weekend.

That’s it! See ya!

~Tough Spider

The Tales of Two Icicles, Episode 4

Episode 4

Barefoot Icicle

I sat down slowly. “This-is-AWESOME!” I looked around me in disbelief. Whoever took over Hammerhead’s island seriously knew how to decorate. Five bedrooms, a pool with a hot tub, a vending machine, a ping pong table-you name it, we had it. I was about to run off and jump into the pool, when my parents surprised me. “Oh, B.F?” they called. I groaned, sure they were about to give me some lame rules. “Turn around, son,” Dad called. I turned and I almost was blinded. There was a really big flash of white bouncing off a screen. Wait…a screen? I ran over, no longer miffed. “Yeah?” I asked. I didn’t notice this, but as I was in a trance, Mom waved to Speedy and Slip. They held hands and started walking behind the beach house. “Son, we know you’ve been mad about your phone,” Dad said. “And, um, we felt kind of bad since your sister has such a nice phone. And-and you know the pPhone 10s just came out…and we got it for you.” My eyes widened. My peg leg almost fell off. “Dad-I don’t know what to say!” I exclaimed. He smiled. “You could start off with, ‘I honor you, my lord,’” he said. Then he burst out laughing. I couldn’t help it- I did too. Maybe this vacation would be good after all. Once I finished my sixth bottle of Pop Pepsi, Dad walked over and showed me the ropes of my new phone. It had Pava, Adobe-don’t even ask how they got that into a phone-Piri, unlimited talk, text, and data, and one thousand credits to buy apps. And seeing as an app costed half a credit? Things were looking up. I spent about an hour personalizing my new phone, and then I found out it refilled it’s battery by itself. How cool was that? So I walked over, and that’s when I noticed Speedy and Slip giggling and talking like a couple of third grade girls. She saw me, and the smile was wiped off of her face. “Hold on, Speedy,” she said. He kissed her on the cheek and went swimming. As soon as he was out of hearing range, she walked up to me and said, “Speedy and I are dating now.” Oh, great. Now I had to deal with them all day. “Well, ha ha on you. I just got a pPhone 10s!” I mocked. She facepalmed herself. “Oh god, you’re stupider than I thought, B.F. guilted our parents into getting you that phone.” I stopped laughing. “Oh-um-well, thanks for doing that for me,” I said uneasily. I felt like a jerk. She gave an exasperated sigh. “I didn’t do it for you,” she said. “I did it for me.” I stopped smiling, even faking it. “Wha-what do you mean?” I asked. I felt dizzy. She slapped me. I was so mad-and yet I couldn’t do anything. I felt like the biggest jerk in the world. Now I knew what she meant. That was when I realized where they had come from earlier. She must have talked to Mom and Dad while I was asleep on the blimp. So that she could spend time with Speedy. So that he could fall in love with her. “You getting it now?” she asked furiously. She stomped off, and I felt terrible. But the first thing I did? I called Happy. I can bet you knew what I was doing. I punched in *67 after her number so she wouldn’t know my new number. She picked up. “Hello?” she asked. I grimaced. Here came the hard part. “Happy, it’s B.F. Look, I know this is sudden and I’m only saying it once. I’m breaking up with you.” I could just hear her gasp of disbelief before I ended the call. Happy wasn’t really my type anymore. She was too cheery. Sometimes she felt more like a creepy fan stalker than my girlfriend. I sat and thought about the first day I met her, and where our relationship went from there.


We were in second grade. I was zooming along my little toy dinosaurs in pick up trucks, when one of the girls bumped into me. I almost said “Ew! A girl!” until I saw her face. She was gorgeous, and she was studying me too. If perfection existed, this was it. And then the bell rang and I was dragged inside. I never forgot about her. And then in my freshmen year, I saw her in the hallway, looking even better than she had then. I kind of hung around her, laughing when she made a joke, picking up her pencils if she dropped them. Finally, on the second to last day of school, I asked her out.

Would it surprise you if I told you she said yes? I didn’t think so.


And now I was a sophomore, and I was over her. To be honest-there was one special girl I had my eye on, but I couldn’t tell her now. [No, Nameless, it wasn’t you. I’m starting to think you like me.] But things change. To be honest, I hoped it didn’t happen to Speedy and Slip.

Yeah, you read that right.

Speedy was a cool dude, and a guy I’d like to have as a brother in law. [Yeah, I said it, Slip. Don’t tell Speedy though, cause trust me, you don’t want him to change that.] I got up from my thinking spot and went to join the party. Speedy and Slip were making out in the water (avoid the gag repress), Nameless was swimming laps, and my parents were lying on a pair of beach chairs. It was hot-it had to be at least ninety. I was about to jump in when the ground began to rumble. Nameless stopped. Speedy and Slip came up for air. My parents heard nothing. They had music on and a book in front of each of them. We all ran back into the house and yelled for them. But it was too late. The ground split open and swallowed up my screaming parents. “Mom! Dad!” I screamed. Slip didn’t move, even when Speedy shook her. I held Nameless back. And a flash of silver disappeared into the crevice with them. It started to close up. I ran over, but I was too late. The crevice was closed. My parents were gone.


*hello? Is this thing worki-GET OUT OF MY ROOM!* *Sorry!*

Hello everybody! I have a brief announcement. Many of you have read (and loved)…


(credit to HP for creating this on the PPN)

However, I need to talk about it a little. I have recently been accepted at the PPN and PAw because they saw it. So, I’m a little busy. Since TOTI is my main post on here, I decided I will make one a week. And that’s where you guys come in. I will pick somebody each week who gets to decide when the next TOTI comes out. They will choose one day that week, and I’ll do it then. However, I have a couple rules for this arrangement…

1. Whom ever I choose will be shown on this post. If they do not answer within two days, I will pick my own day.

2. Please don’t spam, as with everything. Things relating to TOTI can go on Non-Topica, the page itself, or here. Nowhere else, unless recommending it to someone else.

3. I have a personal life, and my dad has me on Wednesdays, plus taekwando and my sister’s gymnastics, so I can not do Wednesdays-I’m just too busy.

4. Have fun!

So, I hope you like this arrangement (check back in the comments for your name each week!) CL out!!! XD

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The Tales of Two Icicles

“Mom! Dad!” Barefoot screamed. I was frozen. They were plunging, plunging-you know what? Let me back up a little bit.

Episode 1

Slippery Icicle

The name’s Slippery Icicle, but I just go by Slip. I’m a 12 year old girl, and a horrible storyteller. Oh, I’m sorry, did that sound too negative? Let me add on some sunshine and rainbows for you! Um, and I get sarcastic when I’m nervous. So where to start, where to start. I guess here…

“B.F!” I yelled, pounding on his door, my towel hastily wrapped around me. “What?” he shouted back from the other side of his door. I threw the door open. “Did you put all those dead bugs in my shampoo again?” I demanded. “No. The Hair Fairy did,” he said, rolling his eyes. I went into my room and changed, then I jumped my brother. A girl can’t stay like that very long. Unfortunately, it was pretty hard to throttle him when he had no neck. He shoved me off and massaged the base of his head (which was really pointless, maybe he was trying to make up for his lack of neck). I finally got a good, long look at him as he eyed me warily. Barefoot (he prefers B.F, but who cares) is my older brother. He’s fifteen and a half and he reeks of aftershave. I grabbed his phone and flipped it open. Of course. 13 texts from his girlfriend, Happy Fish. He swiped the phone away. “Give that back!” he said, his face turning red. I was about to prank call Happy saying it was from him, when my parents called up the stairs. “Kids! Dinner’s ready!” They said. I sighed. They got in the middle of some pretty good arguments between us sometimes and then I lost my phone for a week and he got off scot-free. “Race you down the stairs!” B.F yelled. He didn’t even take them, just slid down the stair rail. Figures. By the time I got down, he was already wolfing down his steak. “Kids,” said my dad, Sticky Icicle. He’s a tough looking guy, with sunglasses and a pointed beard. “We have a surprise for you.” my mom, Cuddly Icicle, chimed in. “We’re going to the beach!” B.F was so surprised, he spewed out all of his steak on the table. Nasty. I couldn’t help laughing, or at least not until Dad shot me a dirty look. That shut me up. “Remember last time? Have you lost your minds?” he demanded. Ah…yes. Last time. The only beach is on Shark Tooth, and we went there 6 years ago. B.F had gone swimming and lost his leg to Booga, so he had replaced his leg with a peg leg. That’s probably why Happy started dating him- because she thought he looked like a “warrior.” So, obviously, he was terrified of the place. “It’s alright, son,” said Dad. “I heard they got the shark thing under control. I forget his name…” He looked at my mother for support. “Cuddly Lion,” she offered. “Thirty-seven island completer.” I sighed. That guy was all over the news. Lion this, Lion that, who cares. B.F likes to tease me and say that I like him, but I think he’s really just a normal guy. B.F still looked hesitant. “Are you sure?” he asked Mom. “Positive,” she replied. My brother relaxed. “Fine.” Mom squealed. “Oh, sweetie! We’re going to have so much fun! We rented a beach house on Hammerhead’s island, nice and private-” “-so no one will be able to hear us scream for help as we get eaten alive by a shark,” B.F interrupted. I smiled. That’s my brother. Existing just for argument’s sake. My mom gave him a look and continued “-and we have a flight from Golden Blimp Services, Inc.” That got my attention. I loved riding Golden Blimp blimps. Trust me, it’s not the flying part I love. Air travel makes me sick. Nah, there’s this really cute boy who runs the wheel, and he’s only thirteen-not much older than me! I keep on trying to make my move on him, but Barefoot keeps getting in the way. He’s read all three of my diaries four times, and if he loved to read books as much as he loved to read my secrets, he would be on honor roll. But he’s not. The point is, B.F knows I like him, and he keeps on trying to ruin things for me. But this time would be different. I could feel it in my gut.

Unfortunately, my gut was right-this time would be different. But not in the way I had hoped.


Episode 2

Barefoot Icicle

‘Sup? It’s B.F. I guess Slip already introduced me, so let’s skip right up to packing. So while she packed her thousand pairs of shoes, I stole her phone and played Forgotten Islands for a while. I’ve always been a little jealous of her. I’m the older brother, I’m almost 16, and I get a crummy flip phone. She’s three years younger and she has a pPhone 7s! It’s not fair! Oops, getting off topic. So Slip came in to grab her phone, cause she had left it charging. She saw me playing it, came over, and slapped me. She’s got a fiery spirit. That’s gonna scare away quite a few guys. [Shut, up, Slip, you know it’s true.] She grabbed it out of my hands, and I gave her a crooked smile. Hey, not my fault I’m a jokester. Dad tells us stories all the time about stealing Aunt Grumpy’s phone. She’s not very well-named, Aunt Grumpy’s the nicest lady on Poptropica. “We’re leaving in two hours, Slip!” Mom yelled up the stairs. I huffed. That’s another thing-they treat her like she’s the oldest, and more responsible. It makes me want to vomit. I stomped into my room and sighed. I could almost feel my leg burning, the shark’s teeth sinking into it. But I couldn’t feel my leg anymore. My leg was a big pile of shark poo in the middle of the Shark Tooth ocean. All I had was this big hunk of wood. Whenever I meet someone, no matter how open-minded or polite they are, they always stare at my leg for an uncomfortable minute, mouth open, eyes gawking. I just like to be known for who I am, not that poor kid with the peg leg who everyone feels sorry for. Heck, I’d rather just be totally ignored. This is not fun. I snatched my phone up from the bedside table. “1 hour!?” I said, not believing it. How had so much time already passed? Whatever. I texted Happy. She replied immediately.

Me: What’s up?

Her: Hi sweetie!! Why haven’t you been answering my texts?

Me: Because you sent me fifteen in the last five minutes?

Her: Just wanted to make sure you were doing amazing, baby!

I sighed. I liked Happy and all, and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but I needed to dump her. She was driving me nuts. I knocked on the door. “Come in,” said Slip. I walked in. “Hey, B.F, guess what? Nameless is coming with us to the beach! And she said that her parents aren’t coming and our parents will probably just be sunbathing, so we get the whole island to ourselves!” I groaned. “Come on. Nameless?” I actually didn’t mind, Nameless is actually really nice. [Yeah, I said actually, Nameless. I notice you don’t interrupt when Slip’s telling the story.] But still, she’s my sister’s friend, so I have to pretend to hate her. She knows it’s an act and likes to tease me and say I like her. [I don’t, Nameless! Drop it!] “Kids!” Dad yelled. “Nameless is here!” Slip squealed and ran downstairs. Unfortunately, she took her phone with her this time. I need to be more careful to see if she’s watching. When I came downstairs, Slip and Nameless were chatting on the couch as my parents threw them a couple of sodas and some chips. They offered me a soda, too, but I said I wasn’t thirsty. As Nameless sipped on her soda, she asked Slip, “How’s it doing between you and that cute guy who runs the blimps?” Slip blushed at that and glanced over at me, trying not to laugh. Her expression changed and it clearly said, “If you embarrass me in front of my friend, you will never see the light of day again.” That shut me up. She’s the expert of dirty looks. She dropped her volume down quite a few notches, and whispered, “I’m planning on making my move this time.” That  piqued my curiosity. It’s fun to mess with her love life. “Let’s get in the car, guys,” mom said. “Gladly,” I replied, with a mischievous smile on my face. Both Nameless and Slip looked at me suspiciously, especially Slip. Three hours ago, I had been saying I never wanted to go again, and now I was acting as friendly as the Pillsbury Doughboy? She figured something was up. She has some good detective skills, I’ll give her that. I ran upstairs and grabbed my duffel bag and jumped into Dad’s car. We drove half a mile before he turned the rearview mirror to face me. “You do like that girl, don’t you?” he asked. Oh, no. Well, at least Slip and Nameless were taking Mom’s car. They would have been torture if they heard this. “No!” I said, my ears turning an uncomfortable crimson and darkening into a deep purple. He nodded skeptically. “Of course you don’t.” But we drove on in silence. About twenty minutes later, we pulled in to the big airport Golden Blimp uses. I saw that guy that Slip likes waving to us as we found a parking spot. As we got out of the car, I cracked my knuckles. Time to get started. “Hey, guys. Glad you could make it!” He stuck out his hand to shake mine. Hooccchh…PTOOO! I spit into my hand and shook his. Dad looked disgusted. “Barefoot Icicle! You apologize this moment!” I turned to him and gave him a mocking smile. “Sorry, bro,” I said. He looked a little grossed out, but he wiped his hand on his jeans and said, “No problem. Hey, isn’t that your sister?” I raised my eyebrow. He almost sounded a little hopeful. “Yes, Speedy,” my dad replied. Ah, Speedy. That was his name. Speedy Tomato. “That’s her. Again, I’m sorry for B.F. Here’s a tip.” He handed Speedy a five dollar bill. As Nameless came over, her eyes widened and she whispered frantically to Slip. She glowered at me, like “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” I shrugged and grinned. She looked about ready to punch me, but she restrained herself. She didn’t want to look bad in front of Speedy. So she came over and gave him her cutest smile. “Hey, Slip,” he said. She looked overjoyed, as if him remembering her name meant “Will you marry me?” I rolled my eyes. Mom jogged over. “Hey, Speedy,” she said brightly. She turned and winked at my sister. “So! Where’s the blimp?” asked Dad. A confused look crossed his face. “What blimp?” He studied our astonished faces for a few moments, then burst out laughing. “Nah, I’m just messing with you. Behind the building.” And, still chuckling to himself, he brought us to it. “Priceless,” I muttered. “Ha ha.”  We climbed into the blimp. I sat next to my dad, who sat next to Mom, who sat next to Nameless, who sat next to Slip, who sat next to-who else- Speedy. We were going up really high when Speedy frowned. “Sorry, guys, we have to go a little higher. I know  it’s warm, but we have to let one of the bags drop.” Meanwhile, I was tying Nameless’s shoelaces to the ropes. Speedy let the bag fall. And Nameless was tugged out of the blimp and started to fall, screaming for help.