Villain Fan Clubs!

Good news! The first villain fan clubs are up! Click here to visit the PTFP’s new Villain Enthusiast Clubs Page. Right now is only a Dr. Hare Club and a Black Widow Club, but more will come soon! 😀

Perfect Dolphin is president of Dr. Hare’s Club, I’m president of Black Widow’s Club, and Tough Spider is going to be president of Binary Bard’s Club when it is made. Join the club of your favorite villain and encourage a PTFP author to start a club of your favorite villain if it isn’t there already! You should probably only join a couple of clubs, like just 2, so you can stay loyal to your favorite villain. 😉

The pages are filled with info, pictures, and more. However they aren’t done yet and will add more things every once and a while, so keep a look out.

Go Black Widow!!! :mrgreen: