Super Power Villain Club, Drafts, & More!

Hiya, Silver Wolf here, and this post is specifically to cover all of the updates I’m going to be making to the blog for the next few days! So, if your burning (or not so burning) curiosity is wondering what all this is about and what the drafts are, here we go:

Super Power Island Villains Club! …and Competitions?


Firstly, this club’s owner is Trusty Biker, and she was awesome enough to start another club for all of the Super Power Island villains, and she came up with the amazing idea of maybe making competitions and tournaments for all of the clubs, like the Creators did back in 2011. The logo was also made by Spotted Dragon, so thank you, SD! Anyway, you can see the full extent of by clicking here, but here’s a sneak peek:


If you are undecided about which villain is your favorite, use this section to help you decide!

Sir Rebral

  • His glasses aren’t anything special. They just help him look cool
  • His scar implies that one of his levitation tricks took a wrong turn-straight to him
  • When he thinks hard, his powers kick off. Sir Rebral may be a good student


  • Crusher has the ability to shake the ground, lift heavy objects, and survive a car being dumped on him
  • Your screen shakes whenever he stomps
  • He most likely has anger issues-he stomps his foot a lot


  • The name “ratman” is the name his wife gave him when she learned about his super powers
  • His stench keeps super heroes away…sometimes
  • He has the ability to control all sewer animals

Copy Cat…

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Poptopics! – Mythology Island, Along with a Zeus Club

Poptropics is Poptropica’s newest non-fiction series about things that inspired your favorite islands. The first book (click for Amazon link) is about Mythology Island, and it gives you the “inside scoop” on Greek legends that inspired the island! You’ll even get to discover what the Creators left out of the island! Won’t that be interesting? Plus, it’s not your typical, uninteresting non-fiction book; you may find that truth is weirder than fiction. Also, it looks like the Creators or planning for more by saying:

And keep an eye out for upcoming volumes about space travel, monsters, and the Wild West.

Are any of these your favorite islands? Is there an island you hope they write about? Tell us in the comments! And if you haven’t played Mythology Island yet, go play it! It’s an awesome island with fascinating history. 😉

You heard right. Zeus now has a fan page! Go here to see if you want to join. Plus, reading this book may expand your interest for Mythology. :mrgreen: ~SW out with a mythic announcement

Calling All Double Agents!

The Director D. Enthusiast Club is up! 😀

Fan Clubs - Director D

Being Bald is the Best, yet Bad!

So now we have Dr. Hare, Black Widow, Binary Bard, Gretchen Grimlock, and Director D! Plus Captain Crawfish is coming soon!

So I’m calling all double agents to join Director D! However I’m also president of the Black Widow Enthusiast Club, so if you want to join that too, go right ahead! :mrgreen: Nah, I’m just joking. Join whatever club suits you.

I also want to thank PD/AJ for coming up with this idea in the first place. 🙂

That’s it!


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Hi everyone! Tough Spider here!

You’ve probably already translated the title. It says “Binary Bard Enthusiast Club!” and that’s because the third villain enthusiast club is here! I am the current president and only member of this club so far. You can check it out here.

And sorry that a new Poptropica Universe episode hasn’t come out in a while. Episode 4 is very long, and with both me and FF going on a trip, it’s been hard to work on, but I think it’ll be out by the end of this week.

~Tough Spider