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Welcome to Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans, also known as the PTFP or simply Poptropica Tips! This website is to help you with Poptropica — a kid-friendly, safe site for people of all ages to complete islands, dress in costumes, and battle other players — but we are not the creators or owners of Poptropica in any way, and this is not the official Poptropica blog. Although, we do have “the best tips to be the best Poptropican!” We have island guides, trivia, fun activities, and more, all available for you for free.

We opened up in December of 2012, and we are one of the fastest growing Poptropica blogs on the Internet. If you think we need to add something or you need help, don’t be shy! We will read your comment and try our best to help you with what you need. This blog has a lot of work put into it and needs your help to improve! Make sure to visit our FAQ page for more information, and our Rules page to make sure you don’t get in trouble!

About the Team

Silver Wolf
Role: Administrator/Owner
User: Classified, for Snapshots only!
Website: Poptropica Tips

Silver WolfHiya, I’m Silver Wolf, more commonly known as SW or Wolfy. :mrgreen: I love animals, books, my friends, drawing, writing, YouTube, Steam, and Poptropica. My favorite games are Overwatch, Poptropica, Life is Strange, the Elder Scrolls series, the Uncharted series, Wizard101, Undertale, and any Pokémon game. My favorite island on Poptropica is Mocktropica Island. My favorite villain is Black Widow, with Binary Bard as a close second, and my least favorite villain is Captain Crawfish. I think the easiest islands are Early Poptropica or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; I also undoubtedly think the hardest island is Skullduggery Island, and it always will be. As you can see, I love writing and blogging very much — almost too much! If you want more, just ask me!

Spotted Dragon
Role: Administrator/Guest Author
Username: ooolala13
Website: Adventure Time Pop (currently inactive)

Spotted Dragon Gravatar

Hi, I’m Spotted Dragon or SD. I LOVE playing the internet game Poptropica and watching my favorite TV show Adventure Time. Although my second favorite T.V. show is Gravity Falls. I like to play soccer, hang with my friends, eat pizza, and draw. When I grow up I hope to be an actress, but still love Poptropica and Adventure Time. As you probably know my blog is Adventure Time Pop, I help out with of course Poptropica Tips, and I help out with Poptropica for Dummies. I also visit Poptropica Help Blog a lot. 😀

Previous Authors

The PTFP has had many authors over the time it’s been open, so here’s a shout-out to all of the people who have helped get to where we are: Big Snowball, Cheat Dude, Fearless Fox, Perfect Dolphin, Shy Singer, Samwow5, Magic Star, Slippery Icicle, Fearless Owl, Nameless Undefined, Strange Cat/Sticky Clown, HPuterpop, Pixelzy, Cuddly Lion, Trusty Biker, Cool Smarticle, Michael, Tough Spider, Magic Fire, Brave Sky, Mighty Gamer, Purple Claw, Tall Cactus, Orange Shell, DJVampiGamer, Shaky Skunk, redlizard2015, Sporty Boa, and Incredible Kat.

Other Pages

Abbreviations – Help on commonly used abbreviations on the blog and throughout the Internet.

Chat – The PTFP’s chat, where you can talk about anything, Poptropica-related or not.

Contact Us! – Contact the PTFP staff about questions, comments, suggestions, or exclusive information (glitches, files, etc.).

FAQ – “Frequently Asked Questions” about the blog, which are all answered.

Rules – What to follow when you comment and the average viewers’ policy.

Smilies – The different smilies and how to use them.


473 thoughts on “About the Blog & Help

  1. I bet everyone hates me. 😥 Now you all know why I say you guys are cyber-bullies. No one likes me. 😥 Sayonara. 😥

  2. SW, I know this is off topic, but do you have Super Smash Bros Brawl? I swear it’s the best game ever.

  3. Sorry TS. I should’ve told you that NF is my sister and uses my computer when I’m not looking. 👿 I was finishing something for Father’s Day, and when I came in the room to see what she was doing I saw all of these messed up comments. And yes, I’m sure. Positive. Sorry for the inconvenience. 😦

  4. Okay, now MY comments are glitching. I can’t reply to anyone. This is really weird…
    But, anyway, I have to go. I’ve sent an email to the team about this… weird stuff. Hopefully someone else will come on soon.

  5. SW, I was wondering, would you mind if I made a short post about the last few days to enter the Casting Call on Heroes of Poptropicans? I needed your permission first. If you don’t mind, that is.

    P.S. The Casting Call is for the Nameless Adventures, that was originally going to air on PRAWSMNS.

  6. SW, I recently won SD’s contest and I was wondering if she could email the user and pass to you and if it would be okay if I got it?

    I know you told mew not to say this but sorry for bothering you! 😳

  7. SW! Sorry to bother you again, but I recently became an author on Cheat Dude’s Blog, and I was wondering if you could accept the invitation as soon as possible? Thank you! Sorry again. Let me know when you respond!

  8. SW & SD – Do any of you guys have any dummy usernames? Or any usernames to a rare account? If you do could you please tell me them? I need them for outfit ideas and I’m running out of dummies. Thanks! 😉

  9. I need help. Why when I logged in my account my ranking was a 4.5 as usual, then later after I didn’t do anything it was a 4.4 and now it says the I never lost in Hoops, and Soupwords? HELP ME!!!!!

  10. I know this is a stupid question to ask, but do you by any chance find me annoying? Please be honest. And do you find Nintendo Friend annoying?

  11. Of course you don’t have to, but do you want to here a sad story of my advisory teacher and bunnies?

  12. Oh I almost forgot! Congratulations on the author job on TI’s Blog! I would’ve posted this there, but I don’t have a word press account and I had a hard time making one so I quit. Anyway, congrats! 😀

  13. GUESS WHOS BACK……. NINTENDO FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO BUY A POPTROPICA SHIRT WITH MY AVATAR ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hey are you going to the party tonight? Also could you answer theses questions please? I’ll post my personal answers in a minute or 2.

    A) How old are you?
    B) What grade are you in?
    C) Who is your favorite singer/band?
    D) What color eyes do you have?
    E) What is one random fact about you?
    F) Do you play video games? If you do, what games do you play and on what system?
    G) Are you in gifted/enrichment? (are you in advanced classes?)
    H) What color is your hair?
    I) Okay this one seems kinda random, but what’s your nationality?

    Just so we can all get to know each other. Anyone can answer the questions and please do! Thanks!

    • A) 13 years old
      B) 7th in 1 week is summer vacation for 3 months then in 8th!
      C) Crush 40 (They made almost all of the songs from all of the Sonic the Hedgehog games.)
      D) Brown
      E) I have more than 1 personality. And I have a paradox for you all – It’s normal to not be normal. 😀
      F) Yes. Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario. Sonic – Wii, GameCube, Dream Cast, DS, 3DS. Mario – Wii, and GameCube.
      G) Yes.
      H) Brown.
      I) I’m going to be a little broad on this one, but American and some European.

      • Wow, Cool Smarticle and I have a lot in common! 🙂
        1. 13
        2. 7th, school doesn’t get out ’till June 24. 😡
        3. Lately I’ve been listening to R.E.M.
        4. Blue
        5. Hmmmmmm…..I like ketchup so much I’ll eat it alone. 😀
        6. Yes, huge Nintendo Fan, DSi, 3DS, Wii, Wii U and PS2.
        7. Yes.
        8. Blond.
        9. I was born in America, and my parents are American, but if you mean way way way back, then English, Irish, French, Spanish, and German.

      • A) Don’t want to say. I’m a safe freak. Let’s just say around the same age as SW.
        B) My grade would include my age, so safe freak again!
        C) That’s hard… Singer: Taylor Swift – Band: maybe… Imagine Dragon – Song: You Belong With Me
        D) Blue (Turquoise-ish)
        E) I’m a tomboy. No girly stuff please. 😛
        F) Totally. I like computers a lot. Poptropica of course, but I also like my 3DS. Games like Mario. But I also play Wii and Xbox. I enjoy Call of Duty.
        G) Yeah, ever since it started.
        H) Light Brown. Somewhat blonde streaks here & there.
        I) I’m American. The only other DNA I have in German.

    • A) Don’t wanna say. 😉 (I’m a safe freak).
      B) Same as above.
      C) Hmm… This one is hard. I guess Ke$ha and Nickelback/Rob Zombie (I liked rock even though most friends don’t believe me. I’m not that type of girl).
      D) Blue.
      E) I’m a mix of smart, athletic, shy, weird, nerdy, geeky, and awesome. :mrgreen:
      F) I do play video games. Of course I go on the computer, but I have experience with the Gamecube, Wii, PS, PS2. PS3, DS, 3DS, 3DS XL, and the Gameboy. My favorite video games would be Mario Kart, Call of Duty, and any Pokemon game.
      G) Yes, I am. Ever since you were allowed to (1st grade).
      H) Light brown.
      I) Well, I am mostly American, but I also have a lot of Irish and Scottish. I’m also Native American, Viking (long story), English, and French.

    • A) 11 (12 in july)
      B) 6th
      C) it’s called ‘nobody knows’
      D) brown eyes
      E) I’ve watched ALOT of movies ever since I was 3!
      F) I play minecraft, terraria, mario, and Kirby. I have a 3ds, dsi, and a wii.
      G) classified.
      H) Brownish blond
      I) I’m Australian but my past is Scottish, German, English.

      Btw I’m Fearless Fox nice to meet you I’m an editor on this website 🙂

  15. Okay I hope I’m not going off topic here but, Oh my gosh! I just came back from Navy Pier! I saw the Chicago Sky line, went on the TOP of double decker bus, and watched the new Star Trek movie!!!! We were suppose to watch The Last Reef, but the scheduling got messed up so we watched that instead! It was an awesome movie! Did I mention it was in 3D? And the other group saw The Last Reef instead! Ha ha! But, we were 1 hour late, cuz the bus broke down, but that just meant more time at Navy Pier!!!!!

  16. Thanks!!!!! Me too. I’m not a girly girl. I’m a tomboy!!!! Also, sorry, but I just want to make sure you see this –


    ▓ ▓ ▓
    ▓▓▓ ▓
    ▓ ▓ ▓


    (=’.’=) (=^_^=)

    . . …..’,|;-,.¸ .¸¸ . . . ¸,.,¸.
    . . . . ¸,’ ¸,. . ¸ `-,”~-~’,,.¹-~-._¸,.¸
    . . . . ) . ‘”¨ . .):. .`-,;:.`,’;;’¸,.¹¯¸¸,.-
    . . .,-’ , , , , ,-’;:.. . .`-¸;:.`,’–~’`,¯-.,¸_,
    . . (. ,•¸,-~’¨|;;;::.. .. . “-,;:/,`,-~-~¬;:;;`”~~”:;;
    “““““/;;;:;::… ,, .. …,….. .,…;:;;`”~~” “~ “~
    . . . . . . . . . ;;::.. . “ .:;;;, . . . . . . . . . .::: . . .,’`”~.,~–”`¨”~””~~”~
    . . . . . .¸.-~¬”`,-’;:. . ..:;;::… .. .. . .. … ..:;;. . . .,’ . . . .`”*”`¯
    . . . . . L’:,~-¬`;;:¸.-~¬”“`”¬~–~¬, ..:;;¸-’¨¯`;:.. ./
    . … . . |`|/`”,-’¯ . . . . . . . . . . . . .`,.::;; . . . `,;:.
    . . . . . .l,/`/,.¸ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ).::;; . . . .`¸;:`,
    . . . . . ./ (-… . . . . . . . . . . . . .¸.-”.:,-”‘ . . . . . ;:./
    . . . . . |-~ . ¨ . . . . . . . . . . .¸-’ ¸.-`’ . . . . . . . . | /
    . . . . . ‘-”¨ . . . . . . . . . . . . ./¨`/` . . . . . . . . . . /

    🙂 😦 😉 😀 😯 😎 😆 😳 😥 🙄 👿 😈 ➡ 💡 😮 😕 😡 😛 😐 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen:

    • Hmm… I’m not really a girly-girl if you know what I mean; really a tomboy, so I don’t pay attention to outfits that much. However, if there were some I would recommend, it would be… Gamer Girl, Biker, Wild West Outlaw, Rock Star, and Pop Star… I don’t know if you will like them, but I hope you do!

  17. SW, can u make a post about how I need 6 more likes on the TIB 1 yr Anniversary Post to see the video I made? I want u to do that because u get a lot more visitors than I do.

  18. Hey! I’m Clean Hammer and can I be an author on your blog? It looks really awesome, I have a lot of tips, boredom busters, and ideas to write about! PLEEAASSEE?

    • Hey, Clean Hammer! Can you go to the “Become an Author” page? You look like you could become an author. I just need you to go to that page to answer some questions. 😉 ~SW

  19. Brilliant website, I love it! Looks like you put a lot of work into it. It’s great! I will follow your website and keep up the good work because this website is awesome!

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