#PoptropicaArt Winners and Home Island’s Halloween

Hey spooky scary skeletons, TC here! Recently, Poptropica has been celebrating Halloween with some updates to Home Island, along with the #PoptropicaArt winners finally being announced after weeks of finalists. Let’s begin, shall we…

Congrats to Maryann P., who got first place with this out-of-this-world entry!


In second place is Crafty Poptropican, with Super Villain Island fan art that’s like a dream.


And last but not least, Slanted Fish takes home the bronze with this super drawing!


Don’t forget about the honorable mentions!

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Congrats to all the winners, enjoys your memberships! And to all of you who didn’t win anything, don’t worry, I’m sure there will be more fun contests in the near future.

Now, let’s go back to the whole Home Island update.

First of all, the Halloween Photo Booth is back and better as ever, make sure to enjoy it while it lasts!



You may notice some other sp00py changes too…

But the most shocking one has to DJ Saturday Nite’s new hair color, which looks strangely familiar…

So yeah, that’s all for now. Have a happy yet horrifying Halloween, stay sp00py, and make sure to never run with scissors!

-Tall Cactus / Devil DJ

PTFP Villain Showdown: You Voted, ___ Won

The end has come, Poptropicans…


I’m not even gonna bother with making the post unnecessary long to build up suspense, let’s just get straight to the point. The winner is…


Surprising, am I right? No, lol, so many people love Black Widow, I’m one of those people. Even though I must admit, I didn’t actually ever vote throughout this entire contest, and trust me, I did not rig the votes, I repeat, I did not rig the votes.

Now you want proof? Well, you’ll just have to trust me on that, but here’s proof that BW actually won.


Sorry Dr. Hare, you were only one point behind!

By one mere point, lucky her. I’d like to thank everyone who voted, cause of no one did the polls, this series wouldn’t have existed for very long.

But that brings us to the question: what will I post about now since the Villain Showdown has officially ended? I’ll be explaining what will happen with that sometime in the next couple weeks, I need some time to think.

It’s over, isn’t it, isn’t it, isn’t it over? It’s over, isn’t it, isn’t it, isn’t it over? BW won, and you chose her, and I thanked you, the series is gone. It’s over, isn’t it, what do I post about now? 




-Tall Cactus

PTFP Villain Showdown: The Final Round! 

Yup, it’s the final round already…

As you can tell, unlike the Ultimate Island Showdown on my blog, this is not the longest series ever. There are just way more islands than villains, obviously. So, I could go on and on about what I’ll do once the Villain Showdown officially ends, but that’s not till next week, when I reveal the winner!

Speaking of winners, congrats to Dr. Hare, Black Widow, and Ringmaster Raven for making it this far, becoming the finalists!

But as much as I like all of them, only one will remain victorious. This is the final poll, vote wisely…

You will find out the champion in one week, Saturday the 10th of September to be exact. The hype, and suspense, is real.

-Tall Cactus

PS: vote for Black Widow, she’s my fav! Lol, just kidding, you can choose whoever your fav is.

PTFP Villain Showdown: Round 3 (Semifinals!)


Hey Poptropicans, TC here once again for more of the PTFP Villain Showdown! As you saw in the title, it’s already Round 3, AKA the Semifinals.

The winners of Round 2 were Dr. Hare, Director D, Black WidowMademoiselle Moreau, the Mocktropica Ad Woman, and Ringmaster Raven. Congrats to them, and thanks to everyone who voted!

So yeah, I don’t really have much more to say in this week’s post, other than that there are only three polls, which are down below.

That’s all for now, see ya next Saturday for the Finals!

-Tall Cactus

PTFP Villain Showdown: Round 2!


Logo by Shaky Skunk

Hey Poptropicans, TC is back and ready for Bismuth! I mean, business! Heh.

So before we officially begin Round 2, let’s see which villains have moved on, shall we?

Quickly checks results of Round 1, Part 2’s polls.

Hmm, interesting. The second half of winners are Mademoiselle Moreau, the Safety Inspector, the Ad Woman, Omegon, and the Booted Bandit.

Now it’s time for the polls. Round 2 will just be one post, cause why not?

(The last poll has three villains cause odd number.)

-Tall Cactus