Quitting,but not this blog

Hey guys,SC here,sorry for being inactive for so long. But I assure you,I did not miss a thing. Although I have to get used to the new smileys. 😛 :mrgreen: 😆 I wish I was here to greet the new ones,and wish the oldies a farewell. 😦 But you must have been worried from the title. What am I quitting from,you ask? Thankfully not this blog. Not any other blog,either. Unfortunately I’m quitting from playing Poptropica- for the most part anyways.

Sorry,but it’s true.My computer is too slow to handle the SUIs (I believe that is the new term) and the glitches are frustrating. I’ll still play occasionally though when it can handle it. And no,I’ll still continue posting here,just more rarely than ever. I just wanted to clarify this,and yes,this is a serious update post thingamajig. And,for the last time,I am not leaving the PTFP. Thank you for listening.


PS.Silver Wolf,I congratulate you in advance for nearly reaching 100 snapshots. I enjoyed the minigame. I wonder what place I am in it now? Also,I would prefer it if you didn’t use my ‘Poptropical Explorer’ costume in the title. My preference would be ‘Fashionisticky Clown’,as Hputerpop calls it.


Poptropica Labs – A Review by Sticky Clown

Hey guys, SC here. Now, as some of you know, a new feature has come to this puny little world of ours! 😀 It is known as Poptropica Labs, and I will make a review on this.

Now, before I start, I want to say that the contest shall continue very, very soon. But for that to happen, I must see if all the participants are still active. For that to happen, I need Spotted Dragon, Slippery Icicle, and Fearless Fox to comment on this post. If not, I need someone who knows them well to comment saying that they are active.

That aside, let’s start.

Poptropica Labs is greatly differentiated by most of the recent islands in one major way – it is in Classic. Yes, you heard me right, Classic! No sound, no glitches, nothing! The aspects of this feature consist of building, exploring, buying, rejuvenating, and mining (in a way).

You might remember that back in 2011, the Creators made a poll asking if you wanted houses in Poptropica. Well, you can make one now! You have different materials like wood, stone, brick, and stone brick. These are used to make platforms, blocks, and pillars and patterns.  Other things include an egg (I’ll tell you what it does in a sec), a ball (decoration), a bomb (destroys anything in its radius, and two more decorations, the air vent and the mattress. Oh yeah, and something you might need for climbing multiple floors. The climber thingy. You can also change the way of the ground and the water level. I built a house, but I don’t think the government would accept it as one since I’m horrible at building. 😆 🙄

However, for most of these, you will have to pay. Literally. That’s where gold comes in. It’s the form of currency here instead of credits or *shudder* Pop Coins. You’ll start with 100. If you lose all of them, then you’ll have to find some more. I didn’t really have to, though, because a bag of 100 gold fell from the air right next to me. 😛 😈 :mrgreen:

There are also little creatures in the island where you are. They serve no purpose excluding their cuteness. You can spawn them using the egg. You can also travel to different islands if you press explore, but in my opinion, they’re so small and imperfect. The ground level isn’t good enough! You can also take a snapshot in different sizes, which it will send to the creators. Oh, and if you leave, you have the option to take a survey. I took it. 😀 🙂

Well, that’s all. Bye.


Hap, Hap…


Yes,it has finally come! :P

Yes,it has finally come! 😛

So, how did you enjoy 2013? It sped up too fast, if you ask me, but extremely enjoyable. This is also unfortunately the last day of my winter holidays. 😦 But enough of it! What are your resolutions? I would have made some, but last year, or the year before that, I made a resolution not to make any more. 😛 And what did you like about 2013? Your favourite day, event, island, what-not, tell us in the commentz (it was a typo,but it lookz cool 😀 )!


-New Year Party Goofer Clown

P.S. Please  do not confuse this with HPuterpop’s post. This has a different title and is slightly different in its own ways.

P.P.S. I’ll be needing your decision on something important soon. Stay tuned for it! 😀

P.P.P.S. This is my 20th total post on this blog! Thank you! 😀

P.P.P.P.S. Wait a minute, the Island Creation Contest is closed! I just realized that now! 😮 Oh well. 😦 Did you submit an entry for it? Well, tell us that, too. in the comments. Well, that’s about it. Bai! Don’t wait for moi! Au revoir! Adios, amigos! Довиждане! Arrivederci! Vale! Αντίο! குட்பை!Slán!अलविदा! Auf Wiedersehen! You get the idea!

*cheesy music plays*

Stop that!

*music ends*


Really Sorry!

Hey guys, sorry that I’ve been inactive, lots of power cuts lately, but now I am back! A lot has been happening, but I want to tell a few things.

First, the power cuts will continue, so don’t think I’ll be any more active. Second, you should check the daily pop. There’s something about a sky island there, and I want to know what are your opinions on them.Thanks and goodbye!

Guess who came back?



Celebrate,or else. It is me,SC. I was deleted long ago because of an imperfect clown and writing in bold too much. But now I was invited back. Hooray. Also,for old timers,my contest shall still continue.Stay tuned for details.