Updates and More Glitches

Hey guys, RedLizard2015 here. I’m back with some updates  in the glitching realm.

Exhibit A: The talking hack


With this hack, I can make anyone saying anything. However, this hack does not work in common rooms.

Exhibit B: The sumo hack


This is a fun hack to make Poptropicans appear fat. It can be used on any character,(even multiverse friends). However this effect is not permanent.

Exhibit C: The angry hack


Whenever you’re in a bad mood and you feel like the world hates you, your Poptropican knows how you feel. Just like the sumo hack, this effect is not permanent.

Exhibit D: The lightning hack


Get ready to feel the powahhh!!! With this hack, you can be a god too!! And you can use any color you want(provided you have the hex for it). Unfortunately, like the rest of the hacks, this is not permanent.

Last but not least, my site M.A.P 2.0 just got revamped. Instead of filling out a never-ending form field, you can now choose the parts through a drop-down menu and insert the respective ID of the part. Costumizing has never been easier.

It’s nice to be back and I’ll see you next time. Toodles.



What’s Poppin’

Hey guys, longtime no post. Recently in the glitch community, my friend Idk has discovered a way to add custom files to a character. Currently, the only available parts are hats,marks, and overshirt/overpants.

Here’s a sample of what we are up to.


Anyways, feel free to request a certain hat and I’ll do my best to design in Illustrator and have my friend Idk generate a custom asset.



Costume Contest and Thanksgiving

What’s up guys, Redlizard2015 here. So recently, Poptropica is holding a contest for whoever has the best costume entry.You can potentially win up to 6 months of free membership and the selected costume will show up in the store for a limited amount of time.A couple ambitious artists have already made some costume designs and posted them to the twitter @Poptropica.

@popPerfect Sky


Last but not least


So if you haven’t already started, design a costume and post it on social media. #MyPoptropicaCostume

On a different note, Idk and I have discovered an exploit where you can take SUI only items and make them into Old format. We can’t say how we did it, but please feel free to request ASGS on Discord or this comment section.

In the meantime, enjoy this #teddybear handheld.


Hello Guys

Redlizard2015 here. As you might know, I am the creator of M.A.P 2.0 and various other programs. 2 years ago, I embarked on a path to become a glitcher. It all started with ASG, then SUI CEG and few others after that. Poptropica and glitching has gotten me lots of connections and I became quite involved with the community.


This is my character on a transparent background. Besides glitching, I  work with Photoshop to create emojis and memes. It will be an honor working with PTTP.