January IOTMs: The Time Traveling Genie

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

Skinny Moon released a post last week about this month’s Islands Of The Month, or IOTMs for short. This month is Time Tangled Island and Arabian Nights Island. Due to this, normally you’d get 500 for a first-time finish and 300 for a repeat finish, but since Arabian Nights is an episodic island, you’ll get 1500 for first-time finishes and 900 for repeats.

Also, Captain Crawfish, being the captain he is, decided to make the walkthroughs for Time Tangled and each episode of Arabian Nights.

For Time Tangled, click here, and for the Arabian Nights episodes, click here for Episode 1, here for Episode 2, and here for Episode 3.

That’s it on my side. If you need me, I’ll be watching charity speedrunning marathon Games Done Quick. Keep poppin’ it!

Islands Of The Month: December 2016

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

With another month comes new Islands of the Month. This month, it’s PoptropiCon (all 3 episodes) and Wimpy Wonderland. Captain Crawfish usually makes video walkthroughs for each of the islands, but as of the post on my blog, the TBPH, the ol’ Cap’n has only done the one for PoptropiCon. Click here to get the tutorial for Episode 1, Episode 2 is here, and Episode 3 right here. Or if you want a written tutorial, the PHB has a good one for you. (It helped me, it should help you.)

Anyway, I’ll catch you guys later. I got some Legend of Zelda to play and some Netflix to watch. Keep poppin’ it!


EDIT: The walkthrough for Wimpy Wonderland is out here.

Happy Thanksgiving, Poptropicans!

Hey, guys, Vampi here!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving for America (and yes, I do realize Canada Thanksgiving is in October… hope you Canadians had fun) and there was a bunch of stuff happening, like the 90th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. Everything was cool, especially the Pikachu float for Pokèmon’s 20th anniversary, and Mr. Peanut dabbing. (Someone tweeted it here.)

But in Poptropica, they… didn’t really do anything. The only notable piece of Poptropica news is the Beach Party items added earlier this fall (why) being added to the app.

So with that, I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving! Keep poppin’ it!

What’s Crackin, Guys?

Hey, guys.

Now you see I’m new to this blog. So let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name is DJVampiGamer, but I like to go by Vampi for short. I’m a 14-year-old guy who lives in Texas (yee-haw!), an avid Poptropican who likes to make a whole bunch of references to things most people don’t know about (the title of this post being one of them), and I’m just an all-around random guy. I run Trusty Bear’s Poptropica Hotspot, my personal Poptropica blog; Vampi’s Gaming Haven, where I post non-Poptropica related walkthroughs, gaming news, and more; and Vampi’s Anime News, where I talk about the latest news in anime.

If you ever feel like wanting to get in touch with me, here’s a list of my social media accounts and communication sevices:

  • Twitter: @DJVampiStep
  • Discord: DJVampi#0148
  • Skype: theathenaspawnergaming
  • Gmail: samconry42@gmail.com

I’m always checking Discord and Twitter, periodically Skype and Gmail, but if you see DJVampi or Vampinyl anywhere, just stop and say hi!

And as I always say on the TBPH: keep poppin’ it!