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Book ’em!

It would be great to play Poptropica 24 hours a day, but sometimes your parents want to see you do something else, like read a book. But you don’t have to give up Poptropica entirely to satisfy your reading jones. If you haven’t checked out the Poptropica books yet, now’s a great time to do so!

Visit our Poptropica books page for more information about our illustrated novels, guide book, and activity books. Plus, from that page you can read the first chapter of Skullduggery Island, and download an exclusive Poptropica Mad Lib.

Happy reading!

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It would be great to play Poptropica 24/7… PD out!

Zomberry Guide on the Poptropica App

Zomberry Island walkthrough guide now available

Zomberry Island has been available to everyone for about a month now, but for those of you who are still stuck, help has arrived! You can now download the free Zomberry Island guide on your iOS and Android devices.

To download for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, visit the App store.

To download for your Android device, download from Google Play.

Those zombies aren’t getting any better without your help. Get going!

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I really don’t have a comment on this post… I’m just glad I have something to post about…

New Header!

You may have noticed that there is a new header. Well, I designed it, with some help from Silver Wolf, in favor of Valentine’s Day. If you like it, please comment saying so! 😀 Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤