Super Story Wednesdays: Issue 4

Rah, rah, rah! Rah, rah, rah! Go Wildfire! Go Nightcrawlers! Oh, hey guys! Sorry, just cheering for my tribe in Tribe Wars.ūüėČ. But, who wants to hear some SSW? And sorry it’s put out so late, I have just been arguing with people on Discord over who’s tribe is the best Um, I mean cheering for my tribe. Here we go, let the story begin! Cheering and Clapping in the background.

Last time on Super Story Wednesdays, Black Widow is attempting to steal The Starry Night from the Early Pop art museum. Black Widow attempted to also lure Orange Shell into joining her side, and succeeds.

Don’t worry, this is all part of my plan to take down Black Widow. She said, “I finally have the Orange Shell on my side! Now to make plans to steal The Starry Night.. hmm, maybe we can make a copy of it, then have someone steal the painting, and replace it with a fake! And, Orange Shell, you are just the one to do it! Bwahahahaha!”

“Umm, m-m-me? I-I don’t really think I should, since I’m new…”

“Of course you can!”

“Uh, okay. When do I start?”



I then went off to go paint, but I was going to make a very crude representation of the painting, and never show Black Widow. When I was finished, I just snuck away and told the Poptropica Police Force what she was up to. They then sent me on a secret mission to put Black Widow where she belongs. I was up for it.

Next day, I took the painting, gave it to my friend who was from PPF, and put up the fake one.

After that, I called my BFF, Yellow Banana.

“Hey, is this Banana?”


“This is Orange Shell.”

“Oh, hi! Didn’t think that was you!”

“Well,¬†I’m not busy right now, wanna go eat at the Soda Pop Shop?”

“Sure! I’ll be right there!”

I walked down Main Street, and Banana was standing on the sidewalk waiting for me. I told her all about my plan to take down Black Widow from the inside.

“But wouldn’t she find the replaced painting and you would be in trouble big-time?” Banana said.

“Uhh, I guess, but better me than the others. She’d torture them.”

“I guess so.”

When I got back, Black Widow ready to attack me. She forced her best spiders on me, but that didn’t affect me because I’m a Nightcrawler.

To Be Continued


Super Story Wednesdays: Issue 3

Hey Poptropicans! Seashell here! First, Poppies were last night, and they were pretty cool! We didn’t win best blog, but TC did, so its all cool ūüėé. Now, this is the Poppies 2016 version of SSW. Enjoy! And, arguably, the best villain EVER is in here!

I really wanted to go to the Soda Pop Shop¬†that day. I’m guessing that you know that I didn’t get to, so once I stepped out of the blimp onto main street, security was rushing up to me.¬†The security¬†guards were saying something.¬†I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but it sounded something like, “Someone’s going to attempt to steal¬†the Starry Night tonight! You have to stop them!” If that was what they¬†were saying, I¬†knew exactly who would steal the painting: Black Widow.

I knew Black Widow. I¬†knew she would try and steal The Starry Night, just like she did with The Scream. I asked the security guard in front of me ” Hey, is the art thief Black Widow?”

“Huh? Ma’am, I can’t hear what you’re saying!” he said. “Follow me and we can talk!”

Great, I thought. He’s probably working for ze Black Widow and is going to tie me up and kidnap me, just like last time. But this is my chance to stop her for the last time.

I followed the man into a dark house. I knew this place. It was Black Widow’s lair. But, I kept following the man, pretending I didn’t know what was going on, in utter silence. The room suddenly goes pitch-black. The lights turn on, and I’m m suddenly attached to a chair. Black Widow apparently knows that when she tried the rope-chair trick on me last time, it definitely didn’t work. So this time, she put hot glue on my butt. It really hurt. So, now I couldn’t move. Well, I could, but it was way too difficult.

A woman’s voice came from the shadows. “Well, well, if it isn’t Orange Shell. We meet again.”

“Black Widow,” I growled.

“Why, you recognize me! How sweet. And wasn’t it just a brilliant idea that one of my servants-I mean, I came up with to hot¬†glue¬†you to the chair?”

“Yeah, great,” I said, with my voice oozing with sarcasm.

“I’m powerful, you’re powerful, how about we take over¬†Poptropica¬†together?”

“Lemme think about it.”

“Come on, Seashell, ya know you want to.”

“Ok. Fine.”

This was part of my plan……

To be continued….

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Super Story Wednesdays: Issue 2

Hey, everybody! Seashell here, with the newest issue of Super Story Wednesdays!¬† *audience cheers in the¬†background*¬†Okay, okay, I know, if you were watching last week, you were probably killed with that cliffhanger. Trust me, I get your emotions, it has happened to me before. But if you didn’t watch last week, scroll down a few posts before you read this, because it will NOT make sense. Now, time to finish the cliffhanger!

Last time on Super Story Wednesdays…… Ringmaster Raven disguised himself as Yellow Banana, Orange Shell’s BFF. “I threw the sword right at his head, and….” Ringmaster Raven revealed the location of the real Banana, and she is currently helping Seashell defeat¬†Ringmaster¬†Raven. Join us again in the second edition to see if Seashell and Banana¬†defeat Raven in the ultimate battle at the Monster Carnival Ferris wheel.

¬†Just as he attacked me, I threw the sword at his head, and it deflected right off of him! Now the sword started flying towards me, and I didn’t have time to move.

“Nice try, little one. But I’m invulnerable in my head,”said Ringmaster Raven.

I couldn’t think or move, but somehow, the idea of getting out my shield and deflecting the blow seemed like a good idea. You see, my bracelet is a shield. I know. Kinda hard to believe. But if I jangle the bracelet a few times, it turns into a shield. Well, anyways, I jangled my bracelet and a huge shield appeared, about the size of my body. I raised it up, and the sword deflected off the shield to Ringmaster Raven. So pretty much, we were playing a very deadly game of “Deflect the Sword Until You Miss and Die.” So, I wasn’t really scared at all, as you can tell.

It went on until, well, someone missed. Can you guess who? If you said Ringmaster Raven, you’re right! Well, the sword pretty much hit him in the chest and he dissolved into dust, you know, the way villains and monsters do in Poptropica. Unfortunately, they always come back-eventually. But, he might not even reform in my lifetime. There’s also the equal chance, though, that he might reform in the next hour.

“Hey Banana, you want to go to that ice cream shop around the corner?” I asked Banana.

She replied, “Sure! Seashell, you did amazing!”

“Oh, it was no problem. But, we better get back on the ride, or we’ll be floating here for a while.” So we did, and everything was perfect right then. After the ride — which was pretty fun, I must admit, considering the previous there-is-certain-death-in-your-future thing — Banana and I stopped by the ice cream parlor, and I’m sure you know what we got. Yup, orange sherbet for me and a banana split for Banana. After that, we walked around the peaceful Carnival, and everything was okay. For now.

To be continued…..

So, what did you think of this week’s story? And the cliffhanger probably took a different turn than what you expected. Or did you expect that? And for next week’s, I already have something in mind. And, if you send me PMs or emails saying, “What is the next story? Tell me! Tell me!” I will ignore or delete what you sent me with a reply saying that I have already told you that I am not going to tell, and I will probably (no offense) block you. So yeah. Those are the consequences of if you ask me what the next story is about! But, I hope you liked the story!

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Super Story Wednesdays: Issue 1

Orange Shell here, and welcome to the first edition of Super Story Wednesdays! *audience claps in background* Oh, thank you. Thank you. *more clapping* Oh, well, that’s really unnecessary. Now, time for the story! Note: it might not be that good, but I’m trying to get the series started well. None of the characters in this story except me are real, except the possible chance of a villain in this story.¬†Well, at least I think so. Its really not that good, but if you liked it, ok! More exciting stories should be on the way.

One hot summer day, me and my best friend, Yellow Banana, were hanging out at the new carnival at Monster Carnival island. Yellow Banana asked me, “Why do they call it Monster Carnival Island when there are no monsters? It’s just strange.”

“I don’t know, and that kinda freaks me out,” I said.

“Yeah. I suddenly get the feeling I’m being watched. Maybe we should go.”

I thought about it and decided that maybe it’s not so bad. My mind confirmed this. Suddenly, I realized that there was an ice cream shop just around the corner. I knew that was Banana’s favorite type of restaurant. “Hey Banana, there’s an ice cream shop just around the corner. Want to get some ice cream?”

“Umm, YEAH! I am SO getting a Banana Split!” she said.

“Well, we might not be going after all, because the line is WAY backed up.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Maybe we should go ride on that AWESOME-looking Ferris wheel.”

I though that probably wasn’t the best thing to do, because it looked pretty creepy, but Banana was already dragging me off in that direction. The line was very short, but it seemed to take forever. Maybe that was just because I was so afraid about what might happen. As we got on, it started spinning. When it started spinning, everything started to go black. “I don’t think this is part of the ride!” I yelled at Banana.

She yelled back, “Ya think?”

“Wait,” I yelled. “Did you set me up for this?”

“Yes.” Now was it just me, or at this point, did Banana start floating in the air? “I set you up. Because I am the greatest Poptropica villain of all time! And you must know who I am.”

“Um,” I said. “Maybe Black Widow?”

“Nope,” she said.

“Dr. Hare, Binary Bard, Captain Crawfish?”

“I’m not any of those.”

“The Booted Bandit?”

“Try again.”

“Hmm, let’s see here. Who’s ¬†the villain from Monster Carnival island? Well, hold on, let me remember. Ok, so its Ringmaster something. Ringmaster Raven! That’s it! You’re Ringmaster Raven! How did I not figure that out? It was so obvious! But I thought Ringmaster Raven was a boy.”

“Well, I disguised myself as your best friend to destroy you. I hid her from you so that I would become the most powerful villain in all of Poptropica! Wahhaahhaahhaaa!”

Ringmaster Raven transformed into his normal self with one wave of a hand. I felt around my body, looking for a weapon-anything, really- and remembered my dagger in my pocket. I pulled it out, poised to attack. “Orange Shell. Put the weapon down, you don’t really need it. I am going to win anyway.”

“Not if I can help it,” I said. I stretched out my arm with the dagger in it, like I was throwing a javelin. It’s lucky that I had plenty of practice from the Poptropilis Games, because if I hadn’t, I would have been dead meat. But, I threw the knife directly at¬† Ringmaster Raven’s shoulder. He cried out in pain, and I like to say that it was over then and there. But it wasn’t.

Ringmaster Raven said,¬† ” Let me go. If you do, I will give you your friend back. She’s over there. Now you happy?”

I ran over to the real Banana. She was tied up to a chair, with a gag in her mouth. I untied the knots and took the gag in her mouth out. I asked her, “Do you have any weapons on you?”

“Well, just this sword and a small pocket knife. Its not much,” the real Banana said.

“But it’s just enough. Here, hand me the sword.”

She gave me the sword, and I walked into battle saying, ” I think I can beat you, Ringmaster Raven. I have beaten the most ruthless villains of Poptropica, Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, Dr. Hare, and Binary Bard, and lived to tell the tale. I’m positive you will be no problem for me.”

“I am much more powerful than you, popling.”

Just as he attacked me, I threw the sword at his head, and…….

to be continued……

Sorry about the ending, guys. But I did what had to be done. You knew it was coming.

If you want to find out what happened to me and Banana, tune in next week for Super Story Wednesdays! And I didn’t mean for it to be this late.

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Wheel o’ Fortune and Nine Lives Ad

Hey! Orange Shell here! Or, should I say, poppie-fied Orange Shell! More on that later.

So, as most of you may know, since I’m a little late delivering the news, there is now a Poptropican version of the Wheel of Fortune! Spin once a day, unless you land on Spin Again. When you spin, the prizes are 25 credits, 50 credits, 100 credits, 125 credits, 150 credits, 175 credits, Spin Again, and Grand Prize. The Grand Prize is one of the new Bronze Cards, which are listed in the picture below. Note:  it is missing a few cards. I borrowed it from AWimpyKidFan.

They cost a lot more than normal costumes, and they will probably last for about 2 months. And that Dr. Hare costume looks really cool. The Bronze cards were probably the items that were not very popular, or those cool exclusive items that used to be in the store. Moving on.

Nine Lives is the new movie AD in Poptropica, and its pretty cool. You watch this video, and at the end of the video, you get a cat on the head. And when I mean cat on the head, I take it rather literally.

Well, two more things before I leave for today. I am super-hyped for the Poppies on the PHB, and they are going to be on July 26. More news soon!

And lastly, I am having a new program-thing here on Poptropica Tips called “Super Story Wednesdays,” so be sure to tune in for it tomorrow!

Well, that’s all for today, so….


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