The Tips Don’t Stop With Puterpop

Hi Gs,

It’s time to move on after a three-month hitch and lots of fun.  Nothing personal, and it’s not out of madness or vengeance but I just want to open up other opportunities for blogging. I’ve been on this blog for a while now, and I think I should give other blogs a try. 🙂 I am thinking about at least a three-month commitment to the extended blogs that I have been on but that doesn’t mean that I won’t turn up here again.

I want to thank Silver Wolf for having me on this excellent blog of hers and everyone’s support on the PTFP.

Bye Gs… I hope I may see you again.

-HPuterpop, signing off for now-

SUI Release Dates

Hi Gs,

This post is dedicated to release dates of Poptropica… you may find it boring. 😉


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt like Poptropica had two teams of people making islands at one point.  In my opinion, back in the olden days (like a couple years ago) when Poptropica was making islands like they were out of style, there was a sort of pattern in the island releases.

It started with Shrink Ray island.  Even though I like it, it still isn’t a great island.  Then Mystery Train (good), Game Show (bad), Ghost Story (good), S.O.S. (bad), Vampire’s Curse (good), Twisted Thicket (bad)… of course, this is purely my opinion.

I’ll stop judging after that, because the pattern is inconsistent afterwards.  What do you think about my theory?

Here’s a nice piece of information: most of the old islands have already been remodeled.  How do I know?  Check out this xml file.  It is a list of all the islands that have been updated:

That’s a lot of islands.  And they’re not all on there, so it isn’t just a list of islands to be updated.  Do you remember my failed prediction that Spy Island would be the next updated?  I made the prediction because the island, as far as I could tell, had already been uploaded.  Basically, what I’m saying is, we might be able to track the Creator’s schedule of releasing these SUIs.

Time Tangled was announced to be the next updated November 20, and was released December 10.  That’s a 30 day period in between there.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Thirty days from the time Mythology Island was announced to be updated would be February 7.  I might be wrong, but expect it to be that day.  And Creators, if you choose to change the date just to prove me wrong, I respect that. 😛

Also, it seems like Poptropica may have a language setting in the future!  Check out the .swf file for the SUI settings menu:

There are four different language settings to choose from!  From what I can tell, it isn’t a released feature yet, but this sure is cool! 😀


Re:Daily Pops

Hi Gs,

I can tell you first hand that I love Daily Pops.  So much that I snooped into the system and found ones that haven’t been released yet!  Totally sane. 😛


Chances are, the picture above will be the Daily Pop for tomorrow.  How did I find this?  Simple.  The Creators upload Daily Pops a day early.

Before you go ballistic, asking me “WHY HAVEN’T YOU TOLD US THIS BEFORE?!”, I wanna say that I just figured it out just a day ago, thanks to a lead by raqk.

The title is Everywhere Are Signs, and the descriptionBlocking out the scenery, breaking my mind.  This is obviously because the sign has no background. 😛  How do I find the description?  The XML file, of course.

I’m starting to piece the puzzle of the upcoming island together.  First, we may want to find the boss for the next island — it may reveal a lot.  Perhaps this mechanical clown is of the evil spirit:


Now we know that the pharmacy posts are in relation to the mining posts.  The sign states “Medicine, Chemistry Sets, Minerals“.

Everytime I go through the Daily Pops, I always end up on something concerning Monster Carnival!  The story is being revealed, piece by piece:

In a mountain, you enter an eerie laboratory; on of Doctor Price.  He has mutated himself into a fly, and then created other beings by mutating them.  Meanwhile, a circus master buys them to put on display…

More will be revealed later. xD  Of course, this is pure speculation.  What do you think?

Also, a long time ago I predicted that Gamer Guy would be the villain of Mocktropica.  Turns out I was wrong, but check out a recent Daily Pop post:


We meet again, Abe.


More MCI

Hi Gs,

This is a follow up to Fuzzy-B’s post, so be sure to read his post before you read mine. 😉

Yes, this is just one more Monster Carnival post.  I know most of you are probably quite tired of these, but I believe something is happening, so endure it, my fellow poppers!

But, before you go on, you will need to know about the Haunted Amusement Park Island idea page.  It was posted about a year ago on the Creators blog, and many claim that it is a preliminary page for Monster Carnival Island.  I’m using it to compare with the latest daily pops.  And now, back to your usual programming 😛 :

The latest Daily Pops have been hinting STRONG scents of Monster  Carnival.  I started to get the memo about a week ago, with this post:


This ground looks like a carnival ground.  And the description hints something we don’t see.  Look to the far right of this image.  See anything of interest?


This post shows owls, but look to the left of the image.  What do you see?  Mirrors.  Perhaps even a  Fun House.  Referring to the Haunted Amusement Park Island idea page, it mentions Fun House Mirrors.


The descriptions says “…may choose to reflect…”.  Mirrors reflect.  Just another piece for the puzzle.


These mutated animals sort of look like monsters… and remember the name tags.  Also, referring to the Haunted Carnival Island ideas, it mentions freak show.  These animals are pretty freaky.


Remember the name tags?  They’re here too.  That proves that these pictures are linked.  Referring to the page of Monster Carnival ideas, get this:

hauntedAmusement.jpg (968×1296)

Who is him?  The excerpt says Scare him into a cage.  There is a cage beside this blob.  Something tells me that Monster Carnival Island is coming very soon.

One more piece of proof: These pictures are not just sketches.  They are coded, and colored, and finalized.  So, more than likely, Monster Carnival is coming. 😉

Also, I will be hosting a live Hangout on Air featuring me, HPuterpop, drawing Poptropica Gossip!  Find it here. 🙂  I hope you can make it!


For the New Year,

Hi Gs,

Traditions are catching, so I’m starting my own! 😀

Messy Sinker (2014)

First, you may have noticed that I have updated my Gravatar.  I whipped up this bad boy last night.  For the New Years spirit, instead of a sign, Messy is holding a balloon!  Such genius. 😛

FYI, I will be making a new Gravatar each year to celebrate!

As well as the awesomeness of new profile pics, I want to give you my posting schedule that I hope to follow (bold days are posting days):


That equivalents to a total of three posts per week!  Since I am on 3 blogs at the moment, I am setting the viewer on a little scavenger hunt to find all my new content: 1 of the 3 will be a different post and different content than the others.  Be sure to check all the of my blogs! 🙂