Mashup Mondays: Star Wars

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What better time to enjoy Poptropica than now? In all seriousness, in the middle of this pandemic, stay safe and stay home! If you’re trying to pass the time, try watching some Star Wars movies, play Poptropica, or if you’re adventurous…combine both! I just finished The Mandalorian, and I have to say baby Yoda is, in fact, extremely cute. Anyway, get ready for some awesome art, costumes, and other Pop Wars trivia. 😉


Spy Wars

First up is this art piece by Cuddly Knuckle, as shown in Spotted Dragon’s Community Creations on the Poptropica Help Blog! The theme for the month was crossovers, so it fit perfectly for a Star Wars and Poptropica mashup. Go check her post out!

Star Wars

Another Star Wars art piece is this invitation/poster by AlmightyOracle, who didn’t seem too pleased with the Star Wars Holiday special… Nevertheless, the poster is impressive! You can tell a lot of work was put into it!


The first costume is this video by Poptropica Glitches & Cheats Help that shows you how to dress as Yoda! A little warning first: you may need to keep your volume down because there’s some loud dubstep music! If you find yourself wanting to learn more about the Avatar Studio, you can always visit our handy-dandy page on tips and tricks.

Kylo Ren

The official Poptropica Instagram even created their own Kylo Ren costume! Unfortunately, there’s no instructions for this one, but it’s cool that they took the time to make it! Not sure how they got the lightsaber, though…


Another Yoda costume, along with a Sith, can be found in this PHB post! There are instructions on how to get the costume, but unfortunately, you may have to mimic it the best you can. Poptropica has had a lot of updates since then, so most, if not all, these pieces are stuck in the old Poptropica islands!



According to Yoda News, in 2014 there was a Star Wars Rebels advertisement on Poptropica. If you watched the video, you got to wear a Stormtrooper Helmet! Pretty cool, if I say so myself.


A second Star Wars advertisement, according to the Poptropica Help Blog, appeared in 2015! If you watched the Star Wars: A Force Awakens ad, you got a cute BB-8 follower! He even rolled around with you.

Yet another advertisement, this time for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, appeared in 2017. If you watched a short clip on Poptropica Worlds, you won Kylo Ren’s iconic lightsaber! If you watched it on the original Poptropica, you once again received a BB-8 follower. You can read all about it on the PHB’s post.

As always, feel free to leave suggestions below! Or, if you feel like there’s a cool Poptropica-Star Wars mashup I missed in the post, comment it and I’ll see if I can add it! As a side note, I may be posting more frequently soon…we’ll see!


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